Is Royal Canin Cat Food Shortage In 2022? – Only These Foods Available

To maintain optimum health, a high level of cat food is required to feed them. Not just any type of poor-quality cat food. Here is the Royal Canin, which aims to make cats foods, pets need for their dietary needs. why does Royal Canin cat food shortage become a problem for cat owners and how do you face it?

The demand growth for Royal Canin products raised so that it put additional strain on the Royal Canin. Royal Canin is unable to meet the supply enough to incredible growth in demand for cat food products. Royal Canin mentioned that their entire team prioritizes the diets, which are most critical to health. This is one of the reasons they don’t have enough supply to meet product demand.

Royal Canin has worked in the pet food market since the 1960s. Some of the cat foods have a reputation for treating specific medical conditions. However, Royal Canin has expanded its team to resolve the supply challenges with customer care service operations.

Royal Canin provides cat foods for cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds. We will explore a vast discussion about the Royal Canin cat food. We have covered all about Royal Canin, like history, ingredients list, sourcing and manufacturing, and any recalls. Also, there are the best-recommended products for your cat if you want to purchase.

About Royal Canin

The journey of Royal Canin began in the 1960s with Jean Cathary, a veterinary surgeon operating vet practices in a village of the Gard region of southern France. At that time, Jean found bad skin and coat conditions in local pets. Considering the situation, Cathay tried several experiments to make homemade food to solve this allergic issue.

After failing in many recipes, Cathary found a cereal-based recipe that improved skin and coat issues. That success was named Royal Canin and entered the pet food business.

An extruder was imported from the United States and became a popular pet food company in Europe. In France, Royal Canin was the first to use an extruder and introduce dry pet food.

However, Royal Canin was sold to the Guyomarc’h group, and it expanded to many countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark in 1972. But after three-decade of growth, the company was sold to Mars and incorporated in 2001.

For Royal Canin, the journey was tough between 1972 to 2001. Now Royal Canin is a big company with production facilities all over the world. The main headquarter is still in Aimargues, France. Now Royal Canin cat foods are the most recommended brand by vets and cat owners.

Royal Canin cat food ingredients

The best way to know the quality of cat food is to know the ingredients used in them. On looking at the ingredients list used by Royal Canin recipes, We found five main ingredients: chicken by-product, pork by-product, chicken liver, pork liver, and salmon.

As cats are carnivorous, cats need fresh animal sources to complete their dietary needs. The ingredients mentioned above are the source of proteins. It’s good to see five sources of proteins in recipes with a wide range of amino acids for a cat’s health.

However, if noticed, the first two ingredients are by-products. It might be somewhat concerning because by-products are not the best choice for proteins. Also, there are two animal livers, which can be great nutrients for your cat.

Royal Canin makes many different cat foods, even for cats with a health disorder. However, all recipes of Royal Canin contain grains, wheat flour. It is somewhat controversial; these recipes are good for cat health.

Royal Canin sourcing and manufacturing

Royal Canin Cat Food Shortage 2021

Royal Canin is a French manufacturer of cat food, but the company makes their cat foods in factories worldwide. Royal Canin has not exposed the information about the country origin of sources or suppliers, but ingredients are sourced worldwide.

The production of Royal Canin cat food is done in company-owned manufacturing facilities placed around the world. Some of the factories are located in the United States, Canada, France, Russia, China, South Africa, Argentina, Poland, and the UK. The manufacturing plants of Royal can be found in areas of North America such as South Dakota, Missouri, and Canada.

In 2001, Royal Canin Company was owned by Mars Petcare, the largest pet food brand in the world. Many manufacturing facilities are under the control of Mars.

Royal Canin Recalls

Royal Canin Cat Food Shortage 2021

Royal Canin is focused on providing cat foods that assist you in keeping your cat fit and fine. All the recipes are formulated with the cat’s lifestyle in mind. Royal Canin offers age-specific cat foods for kittens, adults, and seniors with breed-specific as well.

However, Royal Canin has had three recalls over the past 15 years. The last recall occurred in 2007 When the company announced a recall of eight sensible dry dog foods and seven Kasco dry dogs. In April of 2007, dog food was affected only by the recall and only one type of cat food.

The recalled products were found with a high potential level of melamine in the recipes. High melamine levels are harmful to cats and dogs as well. The melamine found in the recipes is derived from the tainted rice protein concentrate.

Another recall took place in February of 2006. This time the reason behind the recall was the food contained too much vitamin D3. The mainly affected food was pouch and can of cat foods along with a few dog foods. During this recall, many reports also came that many dogs and cats became ill after having food.

Is Royal Canin cat food good for cats?

Royal Canin once said they focus on the nutrition a pet needs for optimal health, not the ingredients. However, Royal Canin cat food is not ideal nutrition for cats’ dietary needs. However, Royal Canin cat foods are better than other brands in providing all the nutrients for your cat.

Royal Canin cat foods are formulated in such a way to help sick cats. Also, veterinarians suggest while curing a cat. But Royal Canin cat foods include grains, rice, and flour. So cats also consume carbohydrate-heavy plants, low-value proteins. It may increase the chances of chronic problems in cats.

Also, Royal Canin cat foods are expensive compared to other brands with similar ingredients. Why is it so high priced? It is because it provides condition-specific cat foods. Also, many veterinarians recommend it. Royal Canin has a reputation in the pet food market and justifies its price.

So Royal cat food is good for a cat-based medical condition, but it may develop the illness if provided more than moderation.

Best Royal Canin Cat Food Without Any Shortage

Royal Canin produces over 100 different varieties of cat food. Each cat food product is formulated for specific health issues. So to make it easy for cat owners, Here we have curated a list of the best Royal Canin cat food. The products recommended are judged based on reviews, nutrition information, and the past as well. Hope it will help you to make a purchase.

Royal Canin digest sensitive chunks in gravy canned cat food

If you found your cat’s litter box stingy, it may signal the digestive issues that your cat is suffering. Your cat needs a different cat food with good digestion. Considering this issue, this recipe is formulated for cats having sensitive digestion.

This formula makes use of chicken and pork meat. However, several other ingredients are by-products. Vets also suggest this recipe to help your cat’s digestion. It also prevents fecal odour from coming from the litter box by providing highly digestible proteins. Also, the proteins present in this recipe helps to support the cat’s lean muscles.

This product is a complete and balanced diet for your cat. However, it contains low-value plant ingredients like wheat flour, wheat gluten. That is not good for cats. However, the formula seems to be primarily meat-based. Some ingredients used in the recipe are controversial. But it’s produced for a specific purpose to provide the dietary needs of an adult cat.

This comes with tasty gravy, which is irresistible for your cat. Also, moisture is essential for good digestion, and it has a good amount of animal moisture. A balance of vitamins and minerals to support health and make your cat fit and fine.


1. Support digestion

2. Moisture

3. Maintain lean muscles

4. Well balanced diet

5. Vet’s recommended

6. Animal ingredients


1. Use of grains

2. By-products.

Royal Canin feline adult instinctive thin slices in gravy

Perfect cat food for adult cats with a complete and well-balanced diet. This formula is designed for adult cats to provide a wide range of protein sources and amino acids to maintain health and wellness.

This recipe is created with an optimal balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to supply the necessary palatability. The thin slices present in the recipe are composed of meat and meat by-products such as chicken by-product, pork by-product, chicken liver, pork liver, and salmon.

This recipe contains wheat flour, wheat gluten, modified cornstarch, and carrageenan with meat ingredients. Such ingredients used in the recipe are questionable since none of them are essential for a cat’s dietary needs.

Also, the carbohydrates level is 21% which is more than enough for a cat. However, this food is made to help maintain weight and digestion. Moreover, it’s formulated by veterinarians and many other food experts. It comes with gravy having more than 80% moisture.


1. Picky eaters like it.

2. Well balanced diet.

3. Help digestion.

4. Moisture

5. No added preservatives


1. Pricey

2. Contains grains

3. High carbohydrates

Royal Canin indoor adult dry cat food

This dry cat formula is specially designed for adult cats with less active lifestyles. For such cats, this food is helpful to maintain weight to prevent obesity. Also, now you can say goodbye to the stinky litter box because it helps to reduce the odour of your cat’s stool.

Cats also suffer from the problem of hairballs. Cats swallow the dead hair of their bodies while grooming their body; then, it gets stuck in their throats which is harmful to cats. This recipe contains a combination of fibres that eliminates hair. This cat food helps with hairball issues.

This recipe also contains a few carbs that are not necessary for a cat’s diet. Besides it, it is pricier than other brands but cheaper than other Royal Canin formulas. Also, the protein source is only chicken meal with a natural flavour. The carbs level is more than protein and fat.


1. Reduce odour of cat stools

2. Maintain a healthy weight

3. Prevent hairball issues

4. Complete and balanced diet

5. Easy to digest


1. Carbs

2. Pricey


Why do vets recommend Royal Canin cat food?

Royal Canin produces a wide range of cat foods with specific purpose health solving problems. Also, the recipes of Royal Canin are passed through over 100 tests.

Did Royal Canin change their formula 2021?

Royal Canin seems to be promoting by-products in their recipes. The pet food of Royal Canin uses chicken by-products instead of chicken meal as cat food. Chicken by-product meals also contain the same amount of protein as a chicken meal, but it may be concerning that it also contains waste meat.

Does Royal Canin source from China?

The twelfth production facility of Royal Canin was fully built at the end of 2009. It was located in Shanghai, China. There is no more information except it.


Overall, Royal Canin is a reputed cat food company and is recommended by vets and experts. Since Royal Canin cat foods are expensive other than the brand, their cat food has valuable nutrition. There is also proof of how the recipes of Royal Canin were helpful to their cat’s health and wellness. Also, at a time, Royal Canin was unable to provide enough supply for increased demand. So it’s worth trying.

Hope this article was helpful for you, and don’t forget to share it with other cat owners. We will meet next week in our next article.

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