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Rawr is a cat food that provides by eatlikealion dot com. It’s balanced, nutritious for cats and offers everything for cats healthy and happy life. Rawr Cat Food every meal is carefully handmade in Oakland, and California. They used fresh bones in whole proteins from local stores and made cat food without hormones and antibiotics. 

Rawr cat food claims that their food is made with organic vitamins and minerals whenever possible. Also, the Rawr team provides fresh and natural cat food for your cats that maintain overall health.

We have covered Rawr cat food and research and analyzed their recipe. In this article, you can learn about is Rawr reviews, ingredients, nutritions benefits and drawbacks, and recommendations. 

Unbiased Rawr Cat Food Reviews

Andrea say I have been feeding Rawr cat food to my cat, for almost one year now and my cat so much healthier. Her fur is soft and she is thin and sleek. All staff of this diet better for my cat. She doesn’t get irritated or bite-like she used to before meals. Sabrina, my cat is kind enough to deliver the food right to my door. twice in a month with reasonable prices. If you love your pet cat you should feed RAWR. 

Wendy from San Francisco says I’ve been fostering motherless kittens for the last few years. One of their common health issues is digestive problems. Sometimes kittens can’t recover from this. I try Rawr cat food for a kitten whose health and life is feeding. I was surprised that Rawr cat food saved the kitten after medications, fluids and prayer. 

Janis From Woodside say I have 4 cats that Have been eating Rawr cat food for the past last year. the food is always fresh and my cat thriving on it. Rawr is the high-quality food that I have ever found. It is affordable cat food packed for ease to use. 

Rawr Cat Food Recipes

We found 4 cat food recipes by Rawr which come in Duck, Turkey, Rabbit, and Chicken. Rawr Cat food is rich in quality protein. Cats are carnivores so they need meat first. Ingredients that are used by Rawr are high in quality and recommended for cats. 

Check Rawr 4 Foods:

Rawr Chicken Complete Meal Cat Food
Rawr Turkey Meal Cat Food
Rawr Rabbit Cat Food
Rawr Duck Cat Food

Rawr Chicken Complete Meal Cat Food

It’s the most famous dinner option for cats. Rawr chicken is a complete and balanced diet for cats. You can feed 2% and #% of the bodyweight of your cat. Also, you can divide it for morning and evening meals. 

It’s necessary to frozen Rawr cat foods. it’s useable for 2-3 days only.

First Five Ingredient: Whole Chicken (Skinless Necks, Heart, Liver), Chicken Gizzard

Overall, Rawr chicken meals are high in protein, average in fat and low in fiber.

Rawr Turkey Meal Cat Food

This recipe is higher in fat than chicken and less from duck and turkey by Rawr cat food. It’s the best alternative for cats who do not like chicken.  

First Five Ingredients: Whole Turkey (Heart, Liver, Gizzard), Water (sufficient for processing).

Overall, Rawr Turkey cat food is high in protein, average in fat and low in fiber.

Rawr Rabbit Cat Food

Rabbit is great for kittens who have seasonal allergies, stomach sensitivities or poultry allergies. 

First Five Ingredients: Whole Rabbit, ( Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lung)

Overall, a good source of protein, average in fats and high in moisture(81.33%).

Rawr Duck Cat Food

It’s the best cat food by rawr for classy cats. Purrfect for felines with sensitivities to chicken, and turkey.

First Five Ingredients: Whole Duck(heart, liver, gizzard), water, egg yolk.

Overall, rawr duck cat food is high in protein, good in fat, and low in fiber but high in moisture.

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