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There are wide varieties that provide Nulo Brand for cats, but today we provide Nulo Medal series cat food review that is constantly asking by our cat owners. Today, we have cover three foods for cats and kittens created by Nulo Medal Series. 

When it comes to cat food types, we forgot some popular brands that become famous in cats. Cats want and love those commercial foods in their diets, and the Nulo cat food brand is one of them. Nulo MedalSeries offers different dry and wet cat food with a high protein diet. Duck, ChickenChicken, and turkey are excellent animal protein sources that MedalSeries uses in their foods. 

No medal series brand made quality diets and sourced natural ingredients for cats like potatoes and chickpeas. Ingredients with low glycemic and carbohydrates help a lot of cats to be healthy.

What is the main difference between NULO freestyle and Medal Series?

There is no significant difference in Nulo freestyle vs. Medal series cat food; the main difference is that freestyle cat food includes no chicken or eggs, while medal series provide chicken in their formulas.

Also, no big difference between nulo vs freestyle Nutritionals and ingredients. Both cat foods is made with fresh and natural ingredients. Some nulo vs blue buffalo vs instinct cat food have similar taste and protein levels.

Nulo Medal Series High Meat Indoor Cat Food – Duck & Cod Review

It’s a healthy option for those cats who have maintained their lean muscles without eating calories in their meals. Nulo Medal Series cat and kitten cat food high in protein stored 82% animal-based proteins and low carbohydrates content. 

A fine for your picky eaters that includes healthy and top ingredients. Also, cats want high protein in their food that helps their body and immune system. 

Things that you like to know about Nulo Medal Series duck and cod cat food;

Primary Ingredient: Duck

Life Stage: Adults

Type: Dry

Caloric in Food: 439 kcal/cup

Key Ingredients: Deboned Duck & Cod, Turkey & Chicken Meal, And Chickpeas


  • Grain-Free food that quickly digests and friendly with a cat’s immune system
  • Made with high animal meat protein that is yummy and tasty 
  • Maintain your cat’s body weight and boost strength
  • Low carbohydrate Formula


  • Less Customers Experience
  • Not easy to afford for every cat owner

Nulo Medal Series Cat and Kitten Cat Food Review

We know our cats love turkey and Chicken when we feed them. Nulo Medal Series, turkey and wet chicken food for cats, made with high protein levels and added with probiotics that are used in human nutrition and healthy for cat’s digestion. 

Nulo Medal Series cat & kitten cat food does not contain Grain, gluten, corn, wheat, soy, potato, meat by-product, GMO and artificial flavour, colour and preservatives. Turkey and ChickenChicken in cat food brands are the best and vet recommended options that provide a full meal when you serve.

Things that essential to know for you as a cat owner;

Primary Ingredient: Turkey

Life Stage: Kitten and Cat

Type: Wet & Canned

Caloric in Food: 183 kcals in per can

Key Ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Turkey Liver, Turkey Broth, Tuna, and Natural Flavor

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  • Balanced fat levels that promote a healthy body weight for your feline
  • It helps indoor cats to be active and frequent an
  • Support digestion health and immune system
  • Delicious taste that cats want 
  • Added with vitamin C & E that support cellular health
  • Contain Omega 3 and omega 6 for skin and coat


  • Costly

Nulo Medal Series Trout & Duck Cat Food Review

No Trout and duck flavour made without Grain and a high protein formula in the Medal Series. This medal series cat food contains 80% quality proteins. Also, low carb ingredients give your cats energy and help them to fit.

There are four cat food brands by the nulo medal series, which become popular in cats. According to some customers reviews, the nulo medal series is much better than nulo freestyle cat food.

Primary Ingredient: Duck & Trout

Life Stage: Adults

Type: Wet & Canned

Caloric in Food: 430 kcals in per cup

Key Ingredients: Deboned trout, duck, turkey meal, chicken meal, peas, and lentils


  • Grain-Free made without white potatoes and tapioca.
  • insoluble fibre promotes the feeling of fullness of your feline
  • Low in carb and glycemic 
  • Contain with amino acids that help lean muscle mass and healthy heart


  • Less Popular when compared to other nulo cat food brands
  • Not much customers reviews and recommendation

Nulo MedalSeries Cat Food Ingredients

Nulo medal series made with great ingredients named duck, cod, turkey, chicken, and trout. These are high in protein and fat which is good for cats and kittens.

Cats and Kittens need a quality of protein to spend a healthy life, nulo cat food provide a complete diet for carnivores cats. customers reviews on nulo kitten cat food are excited. They demanded it for their kittens to grow.


Is NULO cat food high quality?

Nulo is recommended for all cats and kittens and is a higher quality cat food than other cheap brands. Nulo cat food provides plenty of recipes for cats, so it’s not easy to find one of them.

Has NULO ever been recalled?

Nulo cat food was never recalled. The company came into the market in 2009 and became a leading manufacturer of cat foods. They use fresh and natural recipes for cats.

Is NULO safe for cats?

Yes, it’s made with high-quality ingredients and Nulo is safe for cats. Nulo cat food is grain-free and formulated as a high protein diet for cats.

Conclusion – Is Nulo Medal Series Cat Food Good or Bad For Felines?

When we look at Nulo Medal Series ingredients, we have gone for it, but this food is new in the market and not much experienced by cats. You can try a small portion for few days. If your cat loves the medal series, then you buy it for the long term. Write proper feedback below if you like our Nulo Medal Series Cat Food Review.

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