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It’s a beautiful moment when we have a pretty cat at home. We find the best for her although it is toys or food. Today we found Heartland farms cat food which is made with natural and fresh ingredients. Are there any health benefits of Heartland cat food? Is it any good for my cat? 

Ingredients and suitable levels of elements make a rich and natural cat food. Heartland Farms cat food creates their own reputation in the pet food market and provides some quality recipes which come in different flavours and tastes. 

What kind of cat food does Heartland Farms offer? Heartland Farms designed dry cat food recipes for cats and kittens. They selected seafood such as salmon and tuna fish which is quality protein and suitable fat for cats. Also, they use chicken and turkey in cat food recipes that are recommended for our carnivores. 

Top 3 Heartland Cat Food Reviews

MyBestCatFood Reviewed three cat foods by Heartland Farms. We have research, analysis, reading thousands of customers reviews, hand uses for cats if possible, and asking from neighbours. After collecting this essential information we are writing on cat foods. 

1Heartland Farms Cat Food Seafood Review
2Heartland Farms Dry Kitten Cat Food Review
3Heartland Farms Cat Food Ship ‘n Shore Review

Heartland Farms Cat Food Seafood Review

It’s available in a 10-pound size that is made from fresh seafood. Heartland Farms seafood recipe is rich in antioxidants such as omegas 3 and omega 6 that supports a healthy immune system. 

This cat food by Heartland is a high-quality protein that grows muscles and fatty acids helping cats skin and coat.


  • Americans cat food
  • Big packing size 
  • Fresh and natural ingredients


  • No customer reviews

Heartland Farms Dry Kitten Cat Food Review

This is specially made for kittens by Heartland Farms that are rich in protein and fat. Heart kitten dry food contains taurine which is good for cats eyes and immune health.

Also, all essential nutrients in it make it an option for kittens. Heartland always contains some questionable ingredients like chicken by-products which are parts of the chicken that are not easily consumed by cats. 


  • Only single food for kittens by Heartland Farms
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Rich source of protein


  • Lack of ingredients information
  • Less customer feedback

Heartland Farms Cat Food Ship ‘n Shore Review

Heartland Farms ship n Shore dry recipe comes in 4 flavours for cats such as salmon, tuna, chicken, and turkey. Lack of customers reviews but these 4 flavoured cat food by Heartland Farms got 16 reviews with 3.5 stars on their own site. 

However, salmon, tuna, chicken, and turkey are the best ingredients that every vet recommended for cats as primary food. Heartland 4 flavoured cat food best for adults, and senior cats who have good teeth and healthy conditions. 


  • Great protein sourced food
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Support cats healthy life


  • Less popular 

Heartland Farms Cat Food Recall

Many cat food has been recalled but we don’t find any information on Heartland Farms recall. Heartland dog foods recall in recent years but cat food doesn’t. 

Heartland Farm Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Heartland Farms cat food ingredients are good but the customer isn’t happy with it. Because they use products such as soy, gluten meal, and whole wheat rice which are not ok for cats as their primary diet. Cats eat in moderation.

The first ingredient is “chicken by-product meal.” Normally, this is chicken trash. The parts that some cats can’t consume. This includes bone, Grissel, skin, feel, etc. It’s not healthy and it’s the main ingredient. 

The second ingredient is “corn gluten meal.” This is crap. Corn gluten is the glue that holds the cat food together. It has no nutritional value. And it’s not good for the body. It is not of value for cat nutrition.

The third ingredient is soy flour. Another food substance that is heavily processed confuses the endocrine system and provides the body with a variety of imbalances.

A few minerals and vitamins were added to add a bit of nutritional value to cats. Heartland Farms crunchy treats for cats made with some healthy and questionable ingredients. But a healthy cat can easily eat it but cats who have suffered from food allergies can choose a vet recommended recipe. 


Is Heartland Farm kitten food good for kittens? 

Heartland Farms kitten food is average in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Kittens need high protein and fat that grows them but food with carbohydrates can develop multiple health issues for them. 

Who sells Heartland Farms cat food?

Dollar General dot com sells Heartland Farms cat food.

Is heartland cat food natural?

Yes, it’s made with fresh and natural ingredients. The heartland brand claims that their food is safe and recommended for cats.

Conclusion – Is Heartland Farms a good cat food?

Overall, all foods by Heartland Farms moderate amounts of nutrients and made with chicken, tuna, salmon, and beef flavours. Compared to other artificial coloured cat food, it is recommended for cats. But Heartland Farms have less customer experience and availability. 

Also, many other best cat food alternatives of Heartland Farms and made with fresh and natural ingredients. 

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