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Our article on Coshida cat food reviews is only for information purposes, it is not written by a vet or cat specialist. Today, we cover Coshida’s Brand Cat Food, which is an interesting topic on the internet.

Coshida is one of the fine brands from last some years. The company manufactured different type of foods for cats according to age. Mybestcatfood all important data on it.

Mostly the company focus in the United Kingdom. the cat parents of the UK are loves and purchased Coshida cat food.

We found not much information about Coshida’s Brand but we explain it’s a best and unbiased review in our article.

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Unbiased Coshida Cat Food Reviews

There is no single customer review find on selling sites of Coshida cat food but we collect some guiding reviews from Twitter.

Thornback Mountain says that Coshida wet cat food is the stinkiest cat food and I have ever had the misfortune to smell, Pete likes it through!

Edel wadman says that My sixteen years old fussy madam just devoured a pouch of Coshida cat food, Can’t think of a better recommendation.

Prehensile Tadger says that Lidl Uk has the non-basic Coshida wet cat food been discontinued? the stuff with tomato, carrot, and egg in it? my cats prefer it to any other cat food but I have not been able to find it in multi branches for weeks.

BlazeBlock3Rach says that LidlGB you may want to recall your cat food. We bought this yesterday and have gone to give a pack to our cats this morning to find a long piece of Rubber of some description mixed into the cat food. I am so glad we noticed it before giving it to them!

Keith Bone says Hey Lidl Gb big fan of your work but today my twelve packets of coshida cat food were only 11 packets of cat food. Gonna have a hungry cat on my hands.

Terpsichore says There’s awful dry cat food at Lidl called Coshida mix cat food and for some reason, the name is just stuck in my brain. At random intervals, throughout the whole day, I think “coshida crunchy” lol, really wish it would stop.

Miss Von Trapp says My Cats are loving Coshida cat food and it has actual peas and bits of carrot in with the gravy.

Lidl Coshida Cat food Reviews

The Coshida cat food created a dry and wet recipe with a lot of benefits for your cat. Their food contained natural ingredients, which made it delicious and unique.

We have reviewed the 5 best cat foods by Coshida. Check Here:

1. Coshida Cat Food Pouches(Lamb & Beef) Review

This Coshida dry cat food is made with tasty ingredients. We know cats love beef, which is also the main ingredient in this cat food.

The food features various benefits. The second ingredient is lamb, the combination of lamb and beef is delicious in this Coshida cat food.

It is manufacture in Germany, under Coshida. 

2. Coshida Cat Kitten Food Pate Selection Review

The Coshida wet cat food of pate selection is for kittens. Beef is a major ingredient of this food and other ingredients make it tasty and unique. 

This cat food features pate, Which is a good sign.

3. Coshida Cat Food Pate With Beef, Turkey, Poultry and White Fish Review

Beef is the first ingredient in this cat food. The cat food designed for adult cats. Coshida provides white fish, turkey poultry in this dry recipe. 

They are very tasty cat food that contains protein, fat and carbohydrates it. 

4. Coshida Cat Food In Jelly Mixed Selection Review

This cat food is design for adult cats. The Coshida mixed a lot of ingredients that make its name and mixed selection recipe.

Here are some features of Coshida mix selection:

  • they no added color or flavors in this food.
  • Company added vitamins in this food for cats, which is beneficial.
  • They added Zinc in food.

5.COSHIDA CAT FOOD In Gravy Meaty Selection Review

This meaty flavour is mixed cat food by Coshida design for adult cats. Food has many benefits. 

It is a tasty and delicious recipe for cats. Cats are carnivores so they need a special diet.

Company no add artificial colors in this food but added vitamin and Zinc.

FAQ- Coshida Cat Food

Where can I buy Coshida cat food?

Truly, there is not much information regarding Coshida cat food products, We analyzed not many online stores in the UK selling Coshida cat food. Hopefully, you can purchase it from eBay, which is one of the finest online selling websites in the United Kingdom.

Is Coshida cat food good or bad for my cat?

Yes, Coshida provides a few good cat foods by ingredients but there are no services or customer’s experience we find. Very soon we update this article in proper detail.

Who manufacture’s Coshida cat food?

The Coshida Lidl cat food manufactures it and it’s a brand that is famous in a few countries. Most information is that it is manufactured in Germany under Coshida.


There is not much information available on the internet on Coshida Brand but we think we have satisfied you with our data. We have published a well-knowing post on it very soon and you can stay with us. We have hope that this is complete information that satisfies our audience.</p>

Besides this Coshida is a fine brand we reach some cat owners through Twitter and asking about Coshida. Some cat parents say that the ingredients of this food are good but it is not available and used for the long term. You can buy it for a shorter period of time than use than if your feline is satisfied with it then Repurchase it.

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Are you experience Coshida for Your Kitty?

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  1. My fuzzy cat loves coshinda food. Unfortunately I am finding it difficult to purchase the pouches so I bought the tins. I was surprised to see lamb and mint flavour!!! Why mint for a cat, had to bin it she won’t eat it, even the feral cat agrees.

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