12 Best Cat Food Without Chicken (Top Wet & Dry Chicken Free Options)

Selecting appropriate cat food without chicken is vital for cat owners. In certain cases, cats need a special diet due to their medical concerns like food allergies, reduced appetite, protein needs or food sensitivities. So in case, your cat is not able to digest chicken or due to some other factors is not able to consume cat food chicken. Then you should try chicken free cat food which would be good for your furry partner’s health.

Which are the best chicken free products available for cats in the market?

In case you are looking for a chicken-free diet for your cat. Then we will help you find the one which suits your feline dietary requirement.

You can choose between two types available:- 

  • Dry chicken free cat food 
  • Wet chicken free cat food 

Chicken is a rich source of protein so it should be replaced with proper protein-rich alternatives. Always consult your vet for the exact protein requirement of your vet.

The 12 Best Chicken Free Cat Food (Reviews)

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey, Turkey Meal & Duck Formula Dry Cat Food
Instinct Limited Ingredient Cat Food, Limited Ingredient Diet Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
ZIWIPeak Air-Dried Cat Food  
Purina Pro Plan Entrees in Gravy Adult Canned Wet Cat Food
Weruva B.F.F. OMG – Best Feline Friend Oh My Gravy! Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food Pouches, Original Tuna Recipes in Gravy 
Wellness Core 95% Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food 
Taste of the Wild Canyon River Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 
American Journey Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
Nulo Freestyle Turkey & Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food
Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Real Duck Pate Recipe Canned Cat Food
CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Limited Ingredient Salmon Recipe Dry Cat Food
I and Love and You Lovingly Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon & Sweet Potato Dry Cat Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Turkey, Turkey Meal & Duck Formula Dry Cat Food- Review

This turkey flavoured cat food has high protein content from turkey and duck along with other nutrients and added nutritional supplements. This superfood helps in the proper nutrition of your beloved cat.

The high-quality ingredients make it a perfect diet that cats love to eat and can eat for a time. The intake of diet boosts the energy level of cats.


  • The wholesome ingredients help in attaining lustrous skin and coat. They also aid in digestion and strong immunity.
  • Cats put on this diet have healthy eyes.
  • It contains required amount of minerals for health urinary system


  • Some cats throw up when fed this diet.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Cat Food, Limited Ingredient Diet Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food- Review

This is a grain-free diet perfect for cats with sensitivities. It has limited ingredients which have one protein and one vegetable. 

This diet is made with simple ingredients like a farm-raised rabbit. These ingredients are easy to digest. The protein content of this recipe is simple which provides all the required amino acids. They aid in muscle growth.

The diet is available in both dry and wet form made out of real ingredients.


  • It is a unique diet in which every piece of kibble is coated in freeze dried raw for nutrition and taste. 
  • The ingredients are whole food rich in protein and are not processed too much.
  • It is a no grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives diet.
  • Favourite in the Uk


  • Customers do not approve of the new version of the recipe.

ZIWIPeak Air-Dried Cat Food- Review

This is a low carb diet fit for all breed cats that have some sort of allergies. All the ingredients are authentic and air-dried and quality is the first priority of the food line.

The organic kelp along with New Zealand green mussels aid in proper digestion and maintenance of appropriate weight. No cheap quality products are used such as fillers, grain, potato or peas, which can result in obesity or other medical issues.

This recipe can be used as a topper or complete diet.


  • The diet helps in joint health and reduces shedding.
  • It also contains essential taurine to promote heart and brain health.
  • The diet’s intake results in silky fur and shiny skin.


  • The recipe is quite hard so water needs to be added before serving.

Purina Pro Plan Entrees in Gravy Adult Canned Wet Cat Food- Review

This is a gravy recipe rich in beef, carrots and rice. Real beef helps in the proper health of a cat.

It helps attain healthy skin and coat which is a major benefit of this diet. Cats who consume this diet have a good immune system which gives them the strength to fight diseases.

If your cat has skin and stomach sensitivity then you can go ahead with this diet. It is a one hundred per cent balanced diet with excellent texture and taste.


  • This diet helps to support the cat’s unique nutritional requirement.
  • It has sufficient water for processing. 
  • This recipe helps in gaining weight among cats.


  • Recently there has been a little drop in quality. So the food line should take care in having a consistent quality.

Weruva B.F.F. OMG Natural Wet Cat Food Pouches, Original Tuna Recipes in Gravy- Review

The gravy contains tender pieces of red meat with juicy flavours. Cats simply love and relish this recipe. This is a grain-free, gluten-free, & carrageenan-free recipe that helps your furry partner stay active throughout the day.

It is a balanced diet with added vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants. 


  • This food helps in keeping a healthy urinary tract. 
  • The wholesome ingredients are liked even by finicky cats
  • This is a substantial diet with low carbohydrate content.


  • Packing is not of good quality.
  • The food is inconsistent.

Wellness Core 95% Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food- Review

If you are looking for a natural recipe for your cat then this is a good option. The high rated ingredients include lean meats, healthy fats, fruits and veggies that lead to all-around nutrition.

Through this diet, you can increase your cat’s moisture intake which results in the proper functioning of the urinary tract. This diet acts as an energy booster and complete well-being of the cats. Cats enjoy this diet and the cat owners are completely satisfied with this diet.


  • The whole body is taken care of with this superior quality diet.
  • The energy level of cats is high after they are put on this diet.
  • The recipe is fresh and minimally processed.


  • It does not smell nice. 

Taste of the Wild Canyon River Dry Cat Food- Review

This diet is loaded with novel proteins to meet the energy needs of cats who cannot digest chicken. It has natural ingredients like antioxidants and fruits and vegetables and dried chicory roots. This all results in prebiotic support and healthy digestion.

The taste is approved by most cats. The diet is good for cats with food sensitivities and helps to have healthy bone joints with a sound body.


  • The diet has required an amount of minerals along with amino acids to optimize their absorption.
  • The superior ingredients ensure maximum benefit, for complete and balanced nutrition.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics are added in this diet.


  • This food recipe is quite expensive.

American Journey Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food- Review

This recipe helps to support the active lifestyle of your beloved cats. This diet is natural with no poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives. Real deboned salmon is included which provides good nutrition to cats.

This dry food is loaded with wholesome ingredients sourced from all over the world. The antioxidants make the immune system efficient so your cat will stay healthy.


  • The recipe has omega fatty acids for skin and coat health.
  • It also takes care of the heart and eyes.
  • Cats with prior allergies recover when put on this diet.
  • It is affordable.


  • Taste is not very good. 

Nulo Freestyle Turkey & Duck Recipe Dry Cat & Kitten Food- Review

If you are looking for a diet that does not have an extra diet and helps in lean muscle development then this diet can be considered. It is a majority animal protein-based diet with no white potatoes, grains, or tapioca. This food is perfect for kittens as well as adult cats.

The formula has disc-shaped pieces and the taste is delicious with good texture. The first four ingredients are deboned turkey, turkey meal, menhaden fish meal and deboned cod. All this makes it a well-balanced diet for which your furry cat will go crazy.


  • This diet is grain-free, gluten free, low glycemic, and high-protein.
  • Vitamin C & Vitamin E are included for good health.
  • It is rich in amino acid for lean muscle growth


  • This food is not pocket friendly, it is expensive.

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Real Duck Pate Recipe Canned Cat Food – Review

This is a simple diet that has high protein content from duck as the first ingredient. This diet requires a number of antioxidants, omegas plus vitamins, minerals and taurine. 

The recipe is free of preservatives making it a delightful meal for your pet. 

It is a limited ingredient diet for cats with some allergies or health concerns.


  • It has all the essential nutrients to provide energy for playful time and healthy muscle.
  • The moisture is appropriate for hydration.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid is present in diet.
  • The diet helps to regrow hair at bald patches


  • Over time quality has fallen down.
  • The food is quite sticky.

CANIDAE PURE Limited Ingredient Salmon Recipe Dry Cat Food- Review 

It is a seven ingredient diet made especially for sensitive cats. However, there is no compromise on taste and texture. The recipe has real salmon as the first ingredient and also has whole food.

The diet is free of corn, wheat or soy and also refrains from using gluten, grains, antibiotics and hormones so is easy on the stomach and helps in fast digestion. 

These recipes include ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas and chickpeas which take care of the daily nutritive requirement of your kitty. The cat enjoys the taste along with being benefited overall.


  • The diet has a probiotics mix.
  • The ingredients are nutritionally dense.
  • It helps cats stay full the whole day.


  • Carbohydrate content is high.

I and Love and You Lovingly Simple Diet Salmon & Sweet Potato Dry Cat Food – Review 

This limited ingredient diet is packed with high-quality animal protein. The cats fed on this diet enjoy active, lean muscles.

Prebiotics and probiotics present in this diet help in sound digestion and so your cat has a happy tummy. This diet provides complete nutrition to cats who are not fit to consume chicken.  The handpicked ingredients ensure the cat is active and agile. Along with it cats have healthy coats and skin.

This recipe helps the cats which generally have loose stool due to some allergies.


  • Dry kibble is a good healthy option for cats with some tummy issues.
  • Helps to solve the fur ball problem.


  • Some cats do not like the taste.


How is a limited ingredient diet helpful to cats with sensitivities?

If a cat has some allergies then a limited ingredient diet helps to not trigger those allergies and prevent their reoccurrence. Mostly these diets contain a single protein source. But do cross-check the ingredients before buying it.

What can be used as a source of protein in place of chicken?

Eggs, beef, turkey, lamb, rabbit, trout and salmon related meat types can be good alternatives for cats who have some digestion issues with chicken.
These all ingredients are a good source of amino acid which acts as building blocks for cats and consequently an indispensable part of the diet.

What are the symptoms of chicken allergy?

chicken free cat food
chicken free cat food

In most cases, cats develop some skin problems and stomach related issues.  Other symptoms include:-

  • Excessive scratching, especially around the neck and face
  • Rash around the face and ears
  • Excessive licking, especially the paws, stomach or legs
  • Red and/or itchy ears
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea

 Once you observe such persistent issues in your cat consult your vet who will advise you to switch to a chicken-free diet.

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