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Today our topic on Wysong Cat Food Reviews, a brand manufactured foods for dogs and cats. This article only for information purposes, and it’s not written by a vet or cat specialist.

About Wysong 

The Wysong was created by Dr Randy Wysong in 1979 and is based in Midland, Michigan. The Company cares about its added ingredients and claims to manufacture scientifically formulated recipes cooked on extra advanced facilities. They designed food for dogs and cats and made it with fresh and frozen meat like chicken, turkey, rabbit etc. 

The ingredients are exported from a few countries, including the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Omega-3S acid is synthesized and exported from China.

Wysong Uretic Cat Food Reviews

Is Wysong cat food good or bad? What customers think about Wysong? We have analyzed Wysong Uretic foods for felines and reached those cat parents and asked them about their experience, which is totally recommended Uretic dry food over canned.

We have read and noticed thousands of reviews on Wysong Uretic cat food, and surprisingly, we collected some good or bad news on it. There are many inspiring recommendations on chewy and amazon on Uretic, which help us make buying decisions. On the other hand, cat owners who experienced Wysong Uretic for his feline put up drawbacks. Let’s compare Wysong Uretic through this picture.

Overall, We calculated and analyzed that Uretic Dry Food is Better Than Wysong Uretic Canned Cat food. Customers who experienced these two reviewed most Uretic dry food.

Wysong manufactured uretic cat food in two varieties such as canned and dry, about ingredients’ quality, feature, and benefit.

Uretic Dry Cat Food Review

Hundreds of cat parents trusted the Wysong Uretic recipe and fed their feline from the last few years. Now it is one of the most delicious dry foods among cats.

According to Wysong, uretic dry food attained extraordinary results in tens of thousands of cats through multiple generations for the last thirty years. It was created by Dr Wysong(owner of the company) and owed its popularity solely to the veterinary recommendation. 


  • Easy to afford
  • Made with rosemary extract to fight allergies
  • Taurine best for eye and heart disease
  • Naturally preserved food free of artificial colours, flavours and by-products
  • All life stages cats feed it
  • Best diet of urinary tract conditions


  • Few cat owner argues about quality and eating.

Uretic Canned/Wet Cat Food Review

There is no maintenance option for your feline to provide the exact recipe designed by a vet to ensure she gets the best quality of nutrients available. 

Wysong Uretic canned cat food is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and added micronutrients and nutraceuticals to help the immune and urinary system.


  • Created by a veterinarian
  • high in meat and very low in carbo formula
  • good for immune and urinary systems
  • Boost energy levels, health and maintaining overall life


  • Little expensive
  • One forth reviews argue about food

Wysong Epigen 90 Cat Food Review

One of the fine cat foods includes 63% protein from chicken meal, organic chicken, and other ingredients. Wysong Epigen 90 is low in fibre and average in fat, which means it gives extra energy to your feline. 

This dry cat food by Wysong is a starch-free formula containing superfoods like chia seeds, apple protein, and chicory root. Also, it is beneficial for probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


  • Highly protein food and meat-based diet for feline
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to afford
  • A proper and complete meal


  • 6%-8% of people are disappointed and argue about food

You can also check Wysong epigen 60% Protein Food.

Overall, it is a good high protein formula creates by Dr Wysong. Cheap and easy to afford for every cat owner, you can check it as a short period of time if your cat likes it and you can go for long term purchasing. Also, over 90% of chewy reviewers who review Wysong cat food and use it for her feline suggest this product.

Wysong Vegan Cat Food Review 

Vegan by Wysong fully meatless cat food is an excellent choice for your cat. According to Wysong, Vegan holistic cat food has achieved extraordinary results in tens of thousands of animals for over thirty years. 

The food contains high protein and fat levels from brown rice, soybeans, and other ingredients—also, a comprehensive spectrum and higher micronutrients and nutraceuticals, including enzymes, omega-3 and antioxidants and more.


  • It suitable for all stages of cats
  • Coated food with probiotic and enzyme
  • Natural veg cat food for cats
  • proudly made in the USA
  • Cheap and easy to afford


  • Few argue that cats are carnivorous and don’t like this. 

Overall, 92% of cat owners who put reviews on Wysong Vegan on Chewy are recommended this cat food. On the other hand, nearly 10% of cats don’t eat it.

Is Wysong good cat food?

It depends on food, but few cat foods perform very well among cats, and cat parents like to purchase it repeatedly. According to reviews on selling sites their, uretic, vegan, epigen are highly reviewed products, and we have also analyzed that it is bought by most customers these days.

What is Uretic cat food?

Wysong Brand manufactures uretic, and a brand created dogs and cats recipes from 1979. Wysong named on its owner Dr Wysong who created and designed foods for animals.

Where can I buy Wysong cat food?

You can buy it from Chewy, best and one of the fine online dealing stores. You can also check it on Amazon, but most of the time, Wysong foods are unavailable.

How many kcals/cup Wysong uretic cat food contains?

It depends on the food; you can check the calories content on the label. All foods have different kcals per cup according to their protein, fat, and fibre.

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