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Wild Calling Cat Food Reviews Summary, they provide wet and dry cat food.

Sadly, it looks like there is not much stock left on Amazon and various parts of their website are down / broken. I’ll say you should switch to another cat food (try our guide here) to make sure you don’t let your cat get addicted to these and be unable to find them.

However, there are a few options left on Amazon … Here are the best cat foods out of all of Wild Calling’s formulas – for dried kibble, as well as canned wet cat food.

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Positive Cat Food Review Wild Calling

My cats love this stuff. I also give them a taste of turkey. They also like chicken and rabbit, but that turkey wobbles completely. I am happy with the ingredients and the company that makes them. It is a family business that really cares about giving great food to our four legged family members. I appreciate the consistency between the flavors, the cans are completely full and there is no dry or smoothie

Negative Cat Food Review Wild Calling

The calling wild jumping salmon closes all the boxes we want for our pets, but my three picky cats run away.

What is the wild calling?

Made with the idea of ​​offering real meat rather than artificial by-products filled with emulsifiers and harmful fillers, Wild Calling is a Colorado-based food for cats and dogs. All of Wild Calling’s products are meat based and instead of mixing artificial flavors, the company actually uses the real flavors of the ingredients found in their food.

The manufacturer focuses on proteins, vitamins, natural oils and flavors from livestock, poultry and fish. Plus, Wild Calling cat food is grain free.

In other words, feral cat food meets the dietary requirements of felines without adding harmful emulsifiers, grains, herbs, and preservatives. If you’ve never heard of the company before, it’s simply because you won’t be able to find your products at your local pet store. One of the reasons is the high price of kibble and wet preserves.

However, as all pet parents know, owning a cat can be quite expensive on litter and food. But that’s no reason to compromise on quality and choose the cheapest food that might not meet the nutritional needs of your beloved furball.

Is Wild Calling still active?

After almost eight years in the market, Wild Calls have gone out of business.

This is not the first time that wild calls have come out of the market. In October 2017, the company filed for bankruptcy. The brand was briefly discontinued, but in mid-2018 Barkstrong, LLC announced that it had acquired Wild Calling.

The acquisition kept Wild Calling alive until the spring of 2019, when Barkstrong, LLC also filed for bankruptcy. An article in the pet trade explained that the owner of the business, A.K. Sands had passed away and the family chose to dissolve the business instead of doing without Sands.

As of May 2019, you can still buy Wild Calls online, but stock is limited with the company shutting down.

What Kind of Cat Food Provides a Wild Calling?

Producing and manufacturing a wide variety of high quality pet products for cats and dogs, their manufacturing and production processes aim to provide the highest quality nutrition, always keeping the latest innovations in mind.

This family owned business is dedicated to providing you and your pet with premium, highly nutritious pet food. Non-vegetarian, all of their recipes are sugar and grain free. It helps to provide a balanced diet in terms of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Not only can we be sure that your cat will meet all of their nutritional needs, these products also provide them with a delicious meal.

Dry Cat Food by Wild Calling!

Despite their status as a major supplier of cat food, they offer a limited selection of dry cat food products. They only have three products to choose from, but all three dishes will contain naturally acidic proteins such as turkey, salmon, or rabbit.

These will also be supplemented with a grain and gluten-free digestible carbohydrates like lentils or sweet potatoes. All dishes are filled with natural flavors and guarantee a balanced and nutritious diet for your pets.

It’s also important to note that each dish is called a rotating feed. To make sure your cat is reducing the risk of food sensitivity. It is recommended to rotate between a series of closely related formulas. Here are three dry cat foods that Wild Calling has to offer.

  •  Cat rabbit and sweet potato recipe
  •  Cat recipe with salmon and sweet potato
  • Turkey and Sweet Potato Cat Recipe

Canned/Wet Cat Food by Wild Cats!

Despite the limited number of dried cat food products, this contrasts with the fact that they provide nine different canned food products. Each of their canned products is also grain and gluten-free and will contain at least 96% of the high protein ingredients.

They have added vitamins and minerals to ensure your pet has a healthy and balanced diet.

  •  Magic meadow
  •  Cabin Fever
  • Bit Rabbit Burrow
  •  Inland Waters
  • Cowabunga
  • Jumping Salmon
  • Trot N Tommy
  • Triple delight
  • Alley-Gator

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Wild Calling food was made in the United States when it was owned by the Peterson family.

Early in the company’s history, he partnered with Evangar as a producer. You can learn more about Evanger’s colorful history here. If you don’t have time to read all the details of Evanger’s recall history, FDA run-ins and other legal issues, just know that many customers will be disappointed with the choice of build partner. by Wild Calling. . Wild Call eventually ended the relationship and became a new producer.

Wherever it was made, the company used the material in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, refusing to source from China.

Where to buy wild cat food?

As of May 2019, wild food is still available in some stores. Wild Calling partners with independent specialty pet retailers in many US states and Western Canada. It is sold in stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New York and British Columbia, Canada. Click here to find a retailer near you.

If you live in any of these states or provinces, you can buy wild calls online through Chewy.

Are there any wild call reminders in 2020?

His team is particularly proud to run their business according to old-fashioned values. They strive to be open, honest and transparent in all aspects of their business. They maintain a transparent policy on how their products are produced, openly sharing how to choose the quality of their ingredients and how to prepare their dishes.

He is particularly proud to run a family and family business despite his success. In comparison, these two things are not guaranteed to continue. When it comes to honesty, transparency, and quality, but when you’re trying to create and maintain a high quality product, the rest of the family work for that company.

Until now, he has never remembered his pet food in his business history. This simple fact helps to maintain its position as a leading brand in the market.

Overall, is the wild calling food is a good option for a cat?

Wild Call canned cat food is different from the crowd. They are high in meat and follow a macronutrient pattern inspired by hunting. They contain a lot of protein and animal acid fats with minimal carbohydrate content. However, their selection is limited and there may not be enough options for every household.

Dry food calling wild isn’t particularly effective, but it can be a good option for kibble addicts who require a limited diet of ingredients.

Overall, as a brand of pet food, Wild Calling makes a high quality product for their pets at all stages of their life. The brand is dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets, and they are known to take this responsibility very seriously. The source is the highest quality meat and other fresh ingredients available.

All dishes prepared by Wild Calling are flavored and rich in high protein ingredients. None of them contain artificial additives, grains and contain no gluten. Both canned and dried wild foods are specially prepared using recipes to ensure you are getting individual minerals or supplements to balance your pet or supplement their diet. No need to worry about adding to the diet.

More importantly, if you are following the recommended rotational diet for keeping your pets healthy, canned, and dry feral cat food is great for maintaining that system. How is our article on Wild calling cat food reviews? Tell Us!

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