Why is My Senior Cat Laying in The Litter Box?

Why is My Senior Cat Laying in The Litter Box? It might seem odd that your senior cat can be found sleeping in the litter box since cats are super picky, whether it is cat food or a sleeping area. Also, cats are so sure to keep themselves clean. However, it might be astonishing to see your senior cat laying in the litter box.

There are several reasons behind if your senior cat is lying in the litter box. If senior cats feel unsafe, cats start to seek out a territory that smells like them. Of course, cat litter is the most minor and smelly place for cats.

So laying in a bit of a box is standard and makes them less vulnerable. Some cats have a disease called dementia due to senior cats being unable to find their sleeping location.

Other reasons could lead your senior cat to this type of behaviour. To understand the reason, let your senior cat sleep in the litter box for the long term and let them expose themselves. You need to read all the following reasons and compare them with the behaviour of your senior cat. We have also mentioned some of the ways to stop your cat from lying in the litter box.

Why is My Older Cat Sleeping in the Litter Box?

senior cat laying on litter box

Here is 6 reasons that we found why older cats sleeping and laying on litter box:

  1. May Have Medical Conditions
  2. May Have Urinary Problems
  3. Newly Adopted Cat
  4. Feeling Anxiety and Stress
  5. Pregnant Cat
  6. Marking Territory

1. May Have Medical Conditions

Sometimes cats suffer from underlying severe medical problems. These medical problems make cats stay in the litter box. Your cat may not be feeling well, and it is laying in the litter box to feel the peace and safety there. One of the medical conditions that lead a cat to sleep in the litter box is cognitive dysfunction. In this condition, cats feel restless and tend to have extensive sleeping. Also, unusual vocalization triggers this condition.

There are other diseases like feline metabolic diseases that occur in the organ or blood that affect cats’ metabolism, such as Diabetes Mellitus. The most crucial thing cats tend to hide when they are suffering from diseases. If you suddenly notice such odd behaviour in your cat and other symptoms, you must bring your cat to the vet before it becomes a more severe condition.

2. May Have Urinary Problems

Cats may get urinary tract infections, and it is a common medical reason behind if your cat is laying in the litter box. Urinary tract infections inflame the lining of the urine bladder that makes cats urge to pee even with the small amount of urine collecting in the bladder. Therefore, cats spend a very long time in the litter box.

The second urinary problem can be urinary crystal information. In this situation, crystals and stones accumulate in the urethra of cats and cause blockage of urine. Crystals and stones formed to make it difficult to pee in the litter box for cats. It can be harrowing for cats if not cured on time.

You can notice the symptoms like spending a long time in the litter box while there is no urine in the litter box. Also, cats drink water unusually. Immediately meet a vet for your cat’s good health.

3. Newly Adopted Cat

If your cat is newly adopted in your home, it may take time to accustom to the environment of your house. Cats are susceptible to their environment. It could be overwhelming for a cat to move into a new home if there is a lot of sound, different views, different smells. Also, the vast space is fearsome for cats.

4. Feeling Anxiety and Stress

Cats are so private about their sickness. Similarly, senior cats tend to hide when they feel stress and anxiety. The reason for their concern could be something happening in your home. For example, bringing a new pet to the house may make your cat feel jealous. Since they are unknown, your senior cat wants to terrorize the litter box. Also, it could happen due to the excessive sound that may make you feel irritated.

5. Pregnant Cat

If your senior cat is female, she might be pregnant. If she is getting close to delivery, she might stay and lay more in the litter box. A litter box is perceived as the safest place for a pregnant cat to give birth to new kittens if you haven’t provided a private box to her.

For pregnant cats, it is better to provide a safe and closed box with some soft cushions. Also, keep it close to the litter box for easy access.

6. Marking Territory

If two pets live in your home, your cat may be lying in the litter box to claim it as its territory. Cats are very attentive and defensive in their life. So by marking territory in the litter box, cats want to keep others’ pets away.

If there are multiple cats and use the same litter box, one might be guarding the litter box. Cats also don’t like to share things with other cats and pets. To rule out this problem, there must be separate litter boxes at their favourite places.

Is the Cat Laying in the Litter Box Bad For My Feline?

Why is My Senior Cat Laying in The Litter Box

Cats take naps were cats, please. Also, we have seen the reasons why cats sleep in the litter box. You may think sometimes it is an everyday activity like laying in the litter box. However, it may be due to the diseases.

Even if your cat is healthy and spends a lot of time in the litter box, this behaviour is not good. Your cat may pick up bacteria and infections. Also, it may spread everywhere in the house. The litter box is the place for breeding for other illnesses.

How to Stop My Cat from Sleeping in the Litter Box?

The litter box is a private and safe place for cats. If your cats start and sleep in the litter box more than unusual, try to interact with the cat more and help your cat feel safer by your side. It may take time, but it is worth it. However, the solution depends on the situation, what’s causing your cat to do this behaviour. To determine the cause of this behaviour as mentioned above.

Check the Health of Your Cat

One of the biggest reasons behind it could be the health issue. Your cat may be sick. It could be UTI problems, and symptoms include straining to urinate, urinating outside of the litter box, blood in urine, frequent urination in small amounts, frequent licking of the urinary opening. It is a painful condition for your cat. A vet is needed for this problem.

Other medical symptoms for dementia are Wander around the home aimlessly, Pace without reason, unusual vocalization. Senior cats also get tired and may have a lack of appetite. Without a vet, your cat won’t get fine.

Offer Mobile Accommodation

Arthritis is a common mobility issue in older cats. In this situation, the bones of older cats rub against each other around joints. So cats refuse to move far from the litter box. Older cats with arthritis experience a more challenging time on the surface. To notice symptoms like not jumping and ignoring the stairs, spending more time resting, less grooming, skipping on call.

To make your senior cat, provide some mobile accommodation. It can be stairs to the litter box, a comfortable sleeping area for your cat. More the comfort, your cat will feel better.

Provide a Better Alternative

Cats love to stay in a closed and small place. Since your home is wide and open, it may stress your cat. It’s better to provide a cat cave and cat bed near the litter box. In this way, your senior cat moves quickly and smells its old place. It is also helpful for pregnant cats.

If you have multiple cats, cats may try to make territory; separate litter boxes are needed at different places to solve these. Also, focus on the environment around the cat-like in your home. Maybe your cat won’t like the background of your homes like noise and smells.

Conclusion – Is Sleeping on Litter Box Bad for Cats?

Why is My Senior Cat Laying in The Litter Box

In short, cats are susceptible and hide everything. If your older cat suffers from any problem, it will hide from others to suffer pain alone. It is the responsibility of cat owners to make the cats feel better in their older times. For this, cat owners must know the reasons that cause such behaviours, like laying in the litter box. Act according to it. Also, most of the solutions can be provided with the help of vets.

Hope this article helped you to understand the problem that your cat is suffering. Don’t forget to share with your friend.

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