Thrive Cat Food Recall & Review (2022): Is It A Good Brand?

We all want our feline friends to be the best. Many of us want to switch to high-protein cat foods to meet our cat’s natural dietary requirement for an above-average percentage of protein. 

So, you can feed them Thrive cat food, which contains plenty of high-protein. Many cat food brands have human products and Thrive is one of them known for their cat food in the Uk. It is a wholly balanced premium quality food, and it tastes delicious. Their pet food includes dry and wet food, treats as well. 

Thrive currently offers three dry foods, 12 wet foods, 10 treats, and one topper. Their foods come in various flavors, including beef, chicken, chicken and liver, chicken and turkey, sea fish, salmon and herring, shrimp, tuna, tuna and salmon, and whitefish.

Thrive says their meals are delicious and are very much loved by pets. Since they use “real” food in their recipes, their products cost more.

Thrive says they use “human-grade” cuts of meat or fish with no substitutes and no “animal derivatives.” Their wet food for cats is completely pure and free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, added sugars, wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, and GM ingredients.

In this article, we would like to discuss important topics such as review, history, sourcing and manufacturing, ingredients, and many other points that will help consider the Thrive food for your cat.

Are There Any Recent Recalls On Thrive Cat Food?

No, there has never been a recall, according to our research. It was confirmed on their Facebook recently.

History Of Thrive Cat food

Thrive Cat Food Recall Review 2021: Is It A Good Brand?

It was founded in 2000 with the introduction of the thrive brand. In the past 18 years, other brands have been added to the group, and we now have a comprehensive range of foods and treats, and products that help and aid the health and wellbeing of all Cats & Dogs.

According to the company, the people of Thrive previously made food for humans. At some point, they had a look at pet foods and decided they could turn their expertise to cats and dogs.  

The company says their dry cat food has the highest meat content of any chicken pet food globally, with 90 percent meat. Their packaged foods are packed with extra vitamins and minerals to be nutritionally complete and balanced, unlike other packaged foods.

The treat is made with 100 percent meat or 100 percent fish and then freeze-dried, which is a gentler process than others. Thrive says their meals are “animal-approved.” They explain this to mean that their products have been recommended and sold by more than 1,000 veterinarians since 2003. They develop every recipe with their panel of expert nutritionists.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

Owned by Pet Project Limited, Thrive Pet Foods is headquartered in London. According to the information we found online, the company was established in 2000. (His Facebook page says 2005.)

Thrive uses freeze-drying to preserve its natural meat. We had difficulty finding information about where Thrive is manufactured and where the ingredients are sourced. We eventually found outdated (2014) information suggesting that Thrive was manufactured in Thailand, where many canned foods are made today.

You can read more about cat food prepared in Thailand in this article. Thrive is not included in the list, and the information we found is out of date, so their food cannot be made in Thailand at this time. 

You can decide whether this information contradicts the company’s award as an ethical company.

Thrive is made in Thailand, with an excellent reputation for poultry production quality and welfare.

Ingredients of Thrive Cat Food

Thrive Cat Food Recall Review 2021: Is It A Good Brand?

While a packet of high protein cat food might look like the best choice, the only way to know is to take a closer look at the ingredients list:

Thrive cat food is formulated by human-based ingredients – not the dodgy bits! It uses the very best ingredients and processes them gently to ensure their foods are nutritionally based.

For example, our Chicken and Shrimp Treats are just that: Whole Peeled Shrimp and Chicken Breast. These are the same ingredients that go into salads, soups, and sandwiches that you’ve probably eaten yourself. 

The tuna in our Tuna Treats are caught by pole and line, and our Thrive Complete Wet Food uses only responsibly fished tuna.

This highest quality ingredient also includes meat or fish in dry or wet cat food as its first ingredients. And also does not contain any artificial colors, sugar, or preservatives necessary for your pet’s health.

While the percentage of protein will be high and the quality of the meat meal will be as good as real meat.

Top-3 Thrive Cat Food Reviews

In this paragraph, we would like to cover the top-3 best cat food of Thrive brand. It also provides your pet a healthy nutritional balanced diet with essential vitamins, minerals, and high-protein. But the main question is,” which pet food of this brand is better for your feline?” 

So, don’t worry, the information given below with top reviews will help you choose the best one for your furry friend. You can continue reading it.

#1. Thrive Complete Chicken and Chicken Liver with Vegetables Cat Food Review

It is a completely balanced food, easy to digest. It includes no preservatives, fillers, or artificial gelling agents, and it does not contain any added colors, sugars, or artificial flavors.

Its total ingredients are Chicken, Chicken Liver, Brown rice, Tomato, Pumpkin, Water, Vitamins & Minerals. This wet food comes in a variety of sizes. The weight of Thrive Complete Chicken and Chicken Liver is 0.75 grams tin is just £0.99 on the Thrive website. 

The source of meat protein in this food is chicken and chicken liver, and it is crafted from real chicken – not meat or animal derivatives or by-products.

Brown rice provides more nutrients than white rice because it retains the bran of the rice. Tomatoes are a good source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, and potassium. Pumpkins provide some carbohydrates, and they are an excellent source of fiber.

We noticed that this food has a higher ash content than most wet cat foods, which is not good. The raw ash content of pet food refers to the minerals that remain after the food has been burned.

It won’t harm your cat, especially if it’s prepared well when used in cat food. Overall, this food contains lots of leftover minerals, suggesting that it contains many bones.


  • No preservatives, fillers, or artificial gelling agents.No added colors, sugars, or artificial flavors
  • Thrive has never had recalled
  • Uses real meat and fish
  • The company freeze-drys their foods for gentler processing
  • Foods are widely available


  • Difficult to find information about where foods are obtained and manufactured
  • Thrive may cost more than many cat food
  • Recent customer reviews seem to be trending down

#2. Thrive PremiumPlus Salmon & Herring Dry Food for Cats

If you want to feed your cat dry cat food, there are more options to choose the best one: Thrive PremiumPlus Salmon & Herring Dry Food for Cats, Thrive PremiumPlus Chicken Complete Dry Food for Cats, and Thrive PremiumPlus Chicken with Turkey Food for Cats.

All of this food is grain-free, but we decided to look at the salmon and herring dry food to give you an idea of what Thrive’s dry foods are like.

It contains 70% fish with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is free from cereals and grains and includes some carbs from sweet potatoes or potatoes. 

They are low fat, hypoallergenic, and easily digestible — ideal for cats with wheat intolerances or sensitive stomachs.

This food has an outstanding ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 oils are widely available, but many foods do not contain a good percentage of omega-3 oils.

  • Omega-6 Oil 0.9%
  • Omega-3 Oil 4.5%

These ingredients should be easy for your cat to digest. Thrive uses 100 percent real fish, and Thrive’s foods contain no added colors, sugars, or artificial flavors.

Overall, we found a small amount of low-glycemic sweet potato and potato to bind the protein together. These ingredients are low fat, hypoallergenic, and easily digestible – ideal for cats with wheat intolerances or sensitive stomachs.

As it figured on dry matter basis, this salmon and herring dry cat food formula contain 43.3 percent protein, 18.9 percent fat, 2.2 percent fiber, 11.1 percent ash, and 24.4 percent carbohydrates.

We didn’t find the calories provided by Thrive, but we estimated that the food contained about 113 kcal per ounce.


  • No preservatives or fillers. No added colors, sugars, or artificial flavors; Contains no soy or wheat products
  • It has never been recalled
  • Thrive uses real meat and fish
  • Customers seem to prefer Thrive’s dry foods


  • Difficult to find information about where foods are obtained and manufactured
  • Available only in the UK
  • The company needs to provide complete nutritional information on its website.

#3. Thrive Complete Wet Food Beef with Vegetables Cat Food Review

Thrive Complete Wet Food Beef with Vegetables is a protein that features beef, and it uses 100% real meat without animal derivatives or by-products. This food is cooked in its juice with added vitamins and minerals to help your cat get a complete and nutritionally balanced diet.

You can feed it alone food or mix it with other Thrive PremiumPus. Thrive Complete Beef with Vegetables is wheat and gluten-free. Thrive Complete Beef with Vegetables is wheat and gluten-free. Contains no preservatives, fillers, or artificial gelling agents.

And, as with other foods of this brand, it has no added colors, sugars, or flavors. The essential ingredients of this food are beef and pumpkin, so it is easy for your cat to digest. On a dry matter basis, this beef and vegetable formula contains 64.7 percent protein, 11.8 percent fat, 5.9 percent fiber, 11.8 percent ash, and 5.9 percent carbohydrates.

Overall this food is perfect and provides an essential benefit of high protein beefy meat to your feline, and according to the company, this food has about 59 kcal per 100 grams, which provides nutritious energy.


  • No preservatives, fillers, or artificial gelling agents. No added colors, sugars, or artificial flavors
  • Never recalled
  • Thrive uses real meat and fish
  • Foods are widely available


  • It may cost more than other brands 
  • It appears to be a famous formula for Thrive, but some customers did not like how it looked in the can.
  • It isn’t easy to find information about where foods are obtained and manufactured.

Is Thrive A Good Food Brand?

We initially had a reasonable opinion of Thrive, but we found a lot of critical reviews on Amazon. Customers reported that the wet foods contained a lot of liquid and that the cans were too small. Many people haven’t been happy with the look of the food until recently.

Judging by the numbers and ingredients, Thrive looks like good cat food. However, customer feedback is worrying. If you consider Thrive for your cat, you may want to buy just a small amount to form your own opinion.

Feeding Guide

We recommend feeding 2-3 tins a day, depending on your kitten’s activity level and individual needs. At around three weeks, kittens start eating solid foods and are completely weaned at around eight weeks.

At first, they need smaller meals more often (about four or five a day), but twice a day is usually fine by about six months. This can continue throughout their adult lives, depending on your cat’s preferences.


Is Thrive wet cat food good?

On this basis, we can highly recommend Thrive. It is complete and an excellent choice of wet cat food with a high content of high-quality meat.

Is Thrive a complete cat food?

It is a wholly balanced and Premium quality wet cat food, gently processed in its juice.

Can we feed our kittens Thrive food? 

Yes, You can feed them this food, and we recommend 2 – 3 tins a day according to their activity.

Is Thrive a raw cat food?

This is the second-best to raw food but without the risk of pathogen-infected meat. We give her one tin of food twice a day with some Thrive treats in between the meals as she is an active cat.


After feeding both cats with a mix of wet and dry food in the past and occasionally treating them with ‘junk’ wet food pouches, we were concerned that they would turn up their nose at the clean, healthy option. We don’t have to worry; both cats love it!

On this basis, we can highly recommend it. Thrive Complete Cat Food is an excellent alternative to wet food for your cat, with a high content of high-quality meat and no additives or fillers. 

Thrive is not the cheapest at under £1 per 75ml tin if bought in bulk (you can buy packs of 12 tins from, but the quality of Thrive’s cat food speaks for itself. We think it’s definitely worth the premium.