Sainsbury Cat food Recall(2022): Is It A Good Brand?

We cannot say Sainsbury is a good cat brand because those pet owners who fed this food to their cats all got infected with the dreaded disease. But it’s best to know before feeding these kind of food read our article about Sainsbury cat food recall.

It’s a hypoallergenic food for felines; their batches Applaws and Ava are at the center of Food Standard Agency Investigation, after a spike in cases of the deadly disease called Pancytopenia.

Thousands of cats are feared to have died from this Pancytopenia disease in the past few months. Several cat food has been recalled from shop shelves due to concern over a dangerous disease in the pet’s body. 

The probe focuses on the possibility of products manufactured by Fold Hill Foods for major retailers, including Sainsbury’s and pets. At home, it contained mycotoxins, a dangerous type of mold.

In this article, we will discuss the recall of Sansbury’s brand, manufacturing of this product, and recent recalls, including FAQS and conclusion to provide you complete information regarding this.

Sainsbury Cat Food Recall

Sainsbury Cat Food Recall

Sainsbury’s failure in the process to notify customers about product recalls left many customers unaware that they may have purchased poisonous cat food, currently under investigation, causing hundreds of cat deaths across the UK.

In the retailer process, emails were sent by the Marketing Department, which means that people who exit Sainsbury’s Marketing Communications did not receive alerts to remember the product by immediate July, even if the first warning was out on June 16, 2021.

This quarter, a warning was announced for many products, especially after noting its concerns on cat deaths.

The recall covered many products produced by Fold Hill Foods, which supplies Pets and Pets on AAA of Sainsbury and Apples.

The Food Standard Agency (FSA) and Royal Veterinary College (RVC) started an investigation after a significant increase in cat death due to Pancytopenia.

RVC said that 539 cats were diagnosed with the disease last month, representing a jump from one per week in March to 100 per week in June. 

However, estimates suggest that thousands can have an actual number of deaths because many owners choose to pay for autopsies, and only a small percentage of vets pass data to RVC.

The investigation team found the 539 pets had been fed similar hypoallergenic foods, which contain small amounts of mycotoxins, a dangerous type of mold. After six weeks, they have not yet set a link between pet food and a cat’s death.

More About Sainsbury

Fold Hills Foods told SM it is working with FSA and RVC to investigate the issue and understand the anger of pet owners in the UK. 

They said that they continue the investigation with FSA and RVC on all potential causes of the pancytopenia cases, feed and non-feed related. They thoroughly understood how upsetting and stressful the situation was and urgently needed to establish why there has been an increase in cases of Pancytopenia in the UK.

Over 100 cat owners have contacted Law Firm Leigh Day, which is considering taking legal action based on the investigation results.

Are there Any Recent Recalls On Sainsbury Cat Food?

Sainsbury Cat Food Recall

Yes, there are recent recalls on Sainsbury cat food, and it recalled the cat food after the death of more than 130 cats. In April 2021, cat owners were warned by Food Standard Agencies(FSA), and Defra said that they should not give their pets cat food made by Fold Hill, as there is an alarming number of cases of feline Pancytopenia.

Pancytopenia is a rare bone marrow condition in felines. The number of blood cells (red, white, and platelets) rapidly decreases, causing severe illness, resulting in loss of appetite, bleeding gums, bruising, fever and nosebleeds.

The government is working with authorities across the UK and the pet food supply chain, the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), and the Animal Plant and Health Agency to investigate the possible link between specific cat food products and feline Pancytopenia.

A government spokesman said: “At this level there is no definitive evidence to confirm a link. And they also added that “no unsafe cat food has been identified, but based on the investigation so far, manufacturers and brand owners are taking precautionary measures to recall and recall cat food products associated with affected cats.” taking action.”

Cat owners are urged to purchase optional pet food and seek immediate help if their animal has ingested any of the recalled products and is unwell.

About Fold Hills Foods

Fold Hill Foods recalled products from Sainsbury’s hypoallergenic recipe range and Pets at Home’s Ava range. Applaws products, sold by Amazon and other pet food stores, may also be unsafe for your pets.

Fold Hill Foods said it was their priority to ensure the safety of pets, explaining how the recall was “the safest course of action” until an exact cause was identified.

Home spokesperson of Pets At also said that the health and wellbeing of pets was its “top priority,” adding: “This is a precautionary measure while further investigations are carried out, and we are working with the FSA, the RVC, and the wider industry.” working together.

Here is some Sansbury dry cat food that has been recalled:

  • Sainsbury’s Hypoallergenic Recipe complete dry cat food with salmon 1+years 800g
  • Sainsbury’s Hypoallergenic Recipe complete dry cat food with chicken 1+years 800

Who Makes Sainsbury Cat Food?

Fold Hills Company, which makes cat food, has recalled more than 20 cat food products in total over fears because it might cause Pancytopenia.

Fold Hills company includes Sainsbury’s own-brand pet food and AVA, which is sold at Pet At Home, and Applaws, which can be purchased in Waitrose, Pets at Home, and Amazon.

Veterinarians from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) launched an investigation that found an increase in cats presenting with Pancytopenia, a severe decrease in all major blood cell types.

The spike in cases began in May, and since then, veterinarians across the UK have been collecting data from affected cats to establish a cause. More than 500 cases have been identified so far.

Based on preliminary evidence from RVC, some cat foods manufactured by Fold Hill Foods were recalled. Recently, the FSA said it had not established a causative link between the outbreak and products made by Fold Hill.

Is Sainsbury Good Cat Food?

Your pet’s diet is essential to maintaining their health and happiness. So, we’ve worked with pet nutritionists to make sure we’ve created delicious and healthy recipes for your pet. 

We’ve sourced quality ingredients to provide a delicious, nutritious meal for your mature cat. Chicken and all the vitamins and minerals needed for optimum nutritional goodness were explicitly developed to support healthy joints in older cats.

It is formulated without wheat or artificial colors and flavors. As we can read the features of the Sainsbury brand, but overall we cannot say,” it is suitable for our felines” because by feeding this food, more than 150 cats have been sick from Pancytopenia disease.

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Sainsbury’s cat food killing cats?

Three brands of hypoallergenic cat food sold at Sainsbury’s and pet shops such as Pets at Home were recalled after more than 130 cats died from feline Pancytopenia between April and June.

Is Sainsbury bad for cats

Yes, because pet owners, after feeding this food to their thousand of PETA, have feared to have died from the disease in the past few months.

What should we do if your pet’s health is unwell?

You need to contact your vet so they can examine your pet’s health and discuss further investigation as necessary.

Is supermarket food bad for cats?

Some supermarket and pet shop cat food brands may cause severe illness, lameness, diabetes, obesity, or anemia.


Although there is no causal link to pancytopenia cases in tests and analyzes to date, the investigation is ongoing. Still, we tried to provide all the information and updates about the Sainsbury recall.

Cats Protection recognizes the crisis caused by this disease in recent months, and we extend our sympathies to the owners who have been affected. We suggest that you do not feed your pet this brand’s food.

We have here to support the owners who are concerned about their cats’ health and share the update regarding the issue.

Hope you will like this article; kindly share this with those concerned about their pet’s health, and anything you don’t like anything, please share that with us.