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We wrote an article on Royal Canin Calm Cat Food Reviews and this is only for information purposes and it’s not written by a veterinarian or cat specialist. 

Royal Canin is a brand of cats and dogs food products that provide varieties of foods with different-different tastes and conditions.

Today, we discuss one of Royal Canin Cat Food and its name is Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Formula Dry Cat Food. 

The Calm cat food by Royal canin is designed as a veterinary diet, which means it is so special for some cats who are suffering with something.

In this article, we analyzed Royal Canin Calm dry cat food reviews. And at the bottom of the article, we solve your question Is calm cat food worth the money? Is Royal Canin Calm cat food good for your cat? Why is Royal Canin Calm cat food best for your cat?

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Formula Dry Cat Food Review

This is the unique and best nutrition for your cat, which is made with natural and tasty ingredients. The Royal Canin Calm food for cats and carried as a dry flavour. Which contains complete and balanced nutrition, especially for adults. 

It is add by those ingredients which is helpful for anxiety and other behavioral issues in your pretty cat. 

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The Calm Royal Canin holds natural and powerful derived amino acids, Alpha-casozepine, L-tryptophan, B vitamin, Nicotinamide that is beneficial for calming effects. 

It is also a highly digestive food by Royal Canin that cats easily digest. Moreover, it supports and is helpful for hairballs which affects stools. Also, this Calm dry food promotes bladder health for your cat. 

Royal Canin Calm cat food contains 3438 kilocalories of ME(metabolizable energy) per kg or 330 kilocalories ME per cup on a feed basis.

The first five ingredients of Royal Canin Calm cat food is chicken by-product meal, corn, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, wheat. Which makes a delicious recipe for your cat.

Features and Benefits of Royal Canin Calm

  • It is high in protein(34%) and carbohydrates(43%) but low in fat(9%) formula.
  • Designed for adults
  • It is a special diet of sensitive digestion, pea-free and veterinary diet.
  • Chicken by-products is the primary ingredient.

Benefits: Uniquely created by vets to promote and help in every breed of an adult cat. It keeps cats with anxiety or behavioural issues calm and recipes with the use of natural calming aids. It’s make with highly digestible and palatable food to encourage the appetites of even finicky cat eaters.

Overall Customers Reviews on Royal Canin Calm Dry Cat Food

We have counted every single review of cat owners who experienced Royal Canin Calm Cat Food. Surprisingly, we found that the majority of cat parents and their cats, love this food. That is why they are satisfied with the ingredients and results of this recipe. Royal Canin specially made this food for claiming and customers don’t have any option of other cat food which is perfectly suitable for their cats.

When they compared other brands with Royal Canin Calm dry cat food, their first and final alternative is Calm by Royal Canin.

Here read some verified reviews on Calm Royal Canin cat food.

Most Recent

Sheley says(highly recommend) I had four cats on this for months due to behavioural problems after one had a dental and fighting ensured.

This Royal Canin is a wonderful food that really overtime helped calm all my 4 cats down. I did have to use GABA protein on my one cat but overall, this works very well and great. 

Cici Nola says(Effective) I’ve been using Royal calm dry cat food for almost a year now and it’s made a big difference. My five year old cat was suffering from anxiety-related bladder infections, we know that it can be deadly. I switched to this food and have not had a single incident. It also controls weight.


Regine says(Try if your cat has anxiety) my poor senior cat is super anxious and it causes so many health problems for her. My vet recommended calm cat food from Royal Canin that helped my cat a lot. She has no problem getting used to it and calmed down a lot.

Raven says(Definitely calming) maine coon cat a bit temperamental and this was a great help. 

Most Negative

I tried this for my temperamental feline and I haven’t seen any changes. My cat still continues biting suddenly with no reason and she becomes aggressive with my other three cats. Also, she found the food difficult to eat or something because I have to feed her piece because otherwise, my cat doesn’t eat.

FAQ – Royal Canin Calm Dry Cat Food

How long does Royal Canin Calm take to work?

Like other Royal Canin recipes, Calm by Royal contains extra vitamins, minerals and easily digestible fibers. These all provide added advantages for example as boost digestibility in cats, maintenance of skin health and the reduction of hairball production.

Is royal Canin Calm cat food good or bad?

This formula designs by Royal Canin veterinarian and cat experts. Here everyone knows that Royal Canin manufactured and provides unique recipes from a couple of decades and a well-trusted brand in some countries. Also, the majority of reviews on Royal Canin calm cat food suggest this cat food for your cat.

This food available in wet or canned food?

No, royal Canin makes only this in dry food only and it’s not available in cans.


In this regard, we have analyzed that Royal Canin Calm Cat Food balanced and perfect for adult cats. We have highly recommended this cat food for a short time tasting, if your cat likes it then you should try it for a lifetime.

Over 90% of customers or cat parents who put a strong opinion on this cat food highly suggest Calm dry cat food for cats.

By our analyses, this Royal Canin cat recipe got 9 out of 10. It is best and recommendable for only adults. 

How is our article on Royal Canin Calm Cat Food Reviews? Tell us? Have you tried this for food for your friend?

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