Unbiased Redford Cat Food Review (2022): Recall, Ingredients, and Ratings

Redford Cat Food Review Summary – Nutritional and affordable cat food that is high-quality and nutritious can be challenging. We examined pet food standards, labels, and ingredients to help you choose the best diet for your cat.

Redford Naturals offers wet and dry cat foods for owners who want the best for their pets but don’t necessarily want to break the bank to get it.

In addition to being reasonably priced, the foods are free of fillers and additives such as corn, soy, wheat, and artificial colors or flavors. These traits you’d typically find in high-end foods, yet Redford Naturals is well within most owners’ budgets.

The food is made in the U.S.A., although some ingredients are imported. It uses responsibly-sourced ingredients whenever possible, allowing you to feed your cat a healthy diet without negatively impacting the world.

About Redford

Redford Naturals cat food has the same nutritional content as their dog food. Since it varies significantly from average to above average, we recommend you research the recipe you are considering.

The dry cat food recipes from Redford Naturals frequently have a high carbohydrate content. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they don’t need a lot of plant-based food in their diet. Instead, a diet rich in animal and fish-based foods would be preferable.

Where to buy Redford cat food?

Redford Naturals is a Pet Supplies Plus store brand that is unavailable through significant online pet food retailers such as Chewy or Petflow. It is, however, accessible online at Pet Supplies Plus.

Is Redford cat food good?

This brand is intended for cat owners who want to feed their cats a natural diet that isn’t too expensive. It’s a middle-of-the-road product in terms of price; there are better foods that cost more, but Redford Naturals is superior to many of the low-cost, mass-produced goods found at your local big-box store.

Redford cat food ingredients


Beef Lamb Meal Duck Venison Chicken Chicken Meal Salmon Turkey Meal

All of the meat and fish items stated above are of excellent grade. They offer dogs bioavailable protein and fat to fuel their active lifestyle.

Redford Natural uses a variety of meat meals, including chicken meals. Meat dinners may put off many people, but they can be beneficial. The moisture has been removed from beef meals, making them more protein-dense than whole meat chunks.

Any Redford Naturals food contains some lean protein, commonly chicken, turkey, beef, or fish. This is always a good indicator because cats are obligate carnivores; thus, most of their diet should consist of healthy meat. Most of its foods contain more than 35 percent protein, which is significantly more than the national average.

The cuisine comprises a variety of dishes in addition to these lean cuts. Meals are mash-ups of organ flesh, pulverized bones, and other animal components. These may appear repulsive to humans, but they are a treat to cats, and meals typically contain nutrients not found in thin pieces of meat.

Animal fats are also found in its foods, and this is beneficial because animal fats contain omega-fatty acids and potent antioxidants. These foods frequently contain additional sources of omegas, such as flaxseed or fish oil. Generally speaking, more is better.

Rice bran and pea protein are some low-grade ingredients that are added sometimes.

Pea Protein is just one of the various Pea By-Products found in dog food. These Pea By-Products are low-quality ingredients, and Pea Protein can deceive consumers by inflating the overall protein content of a recipe. Pea Protein can also be utilized in an ingredient splitting technique.


Redford Naturals has a lot of healthy vegetables, which is nice but unnecessary. Because cats prefer meat, fruits and vegetables are “nice-to-haves,” not “must-haves.”

These foods usually contain vegetables like peas and tomatoes, and that’s about it. Its recipes frequently have only a few vegetables, primarily used to produce fiber, though they also offer other health benefits.

Redford Naturals’ products contain 3-5 percent fiber, which is beneficial. You’ll find more fiber in their dry kibble than in their wet food, which is one of the reasons we advocate feeding your cat wet and dry food.


Most of these foods contain some form of starch, which could be an actual starch like tapioca or starchy food like brown rice. Another good source of fiber is starches.

The recipes for sensitive stomachs are high in starches. Because diets like oatmeal, brown rice, and other similar foods are mild (and filling), your cat can finally eat its fill without throwing it up.


Redford Naturals includes many vitamin supplements in its foods, such as vitamin E, niacin, taurine, and more. This is a good thing because you want to ensure your cat gets all the nutrients they need.

However, if your cat is eating lean enough, healthy meat, they shouldn’t need any extra supplements in most cases — after all, you don’t see wild cats carrying around vitamin bottles. These supplements are likely just a case of Redford Naturals covering all its bases, but it could also mean that it’s not including enough meat to give your cat the necessary nutrients.

is Reford grain-free cat food?

Grain-free diets for cats, dogs, and people have grown extremely popular recently. Many individuals believe that grain-free diets are healthier for animals since they are more natural, lower in carbohydrates, and easier on the stomach than grain-based diets.

There is no proof, however, that all grains are harmful to cats, and most cats are capable of processing them. Furthermore, they typically include several nutrients that benefit cats.

The carbohydrate count can go either way. Some grain-free foods are fewer in carbs than ordinary foods, but others substitute high-carb fruits and vegetables for grains, resulting in a product that is even higher in carbs despite being grain-free! The statistics on the components list, not just the claims on the label, must be compared at the end of the day.

It’s a mixed bag for being kinder on the stomach. Some cats may have grain allergies or sensitivities, but this is uncommon. Many grains, such as rice, are commonly used in cat meals because they help soothe troubled tummies.

Types of Redford cat food

Redford Naturals’ cat food selection is somewhat less than their dog food selection, but it still offers enough variety. You can choose to provide your cat with wet food, dry food, chunks of gravy, or a combination of all three.

It includes a basic range of dishes, such as foods for kittens, and elders, sensitive stomachs, weight loss, and so on.

This selection includes both dry and canned cat food. Once again, some of the recipes in this collection include grains, while others do not. There are also recipes for kittens and weight control/weight loss.

Redford cat food ratings 

Redford Naturals Grain Free Salmon Recipe Adult Cat Food Review

The first ingredient on the list is salmon, followed by a turkey meal. This gives you an excellent, comprehensive spectrum of protein, and you can feel comfortable that your cat is getting sufficient protein because fish meal and chicken fat are stated. Indeed, the entire protein content is roughly around 38%.

It contains fiber from tapioca starch, dried peas (for a total of 4%), and tomato pomace to help prevent urinary tract infections. Aside from that, there isn’t much in fruits and vegetables.

What you’ll find are vitamins in plenty. At least 2/3 of the components are nutritional supplements, and it would be preferable if those nutrients were obtained from whole foods.

Redford Naturals Grain Free Salmon is a beautiful starting point, especially for the price. It’s not perfect, but we’re not sure how many enhancements the company could make while still staying within budget.

Calorie breakup

Protein- 36.1%

Carbs- 29.3%

Fat- 34.6%

The Advantages and Disadvantages are-


  • It is protein-dense
  • A good selection of animal goods
  • UTIs are prevented by eating tomato pomace.
  • Supplemented to the max


  • The food is carbohydrate-dense
  • It would be preferable if nutrients

Redford Naturals Kitten Wet Cat Food Review

This food is divided into two categories: kitten food and tinned food. It’s an above-average cuisine that could be better, like with most of the brand’s other items.

Chicken, chicken broth, and turkey liver are among the first ingredients listed on the ingredients list. That should provide enough protein (overall levels are about 10% above average for a wet meal) and moisture for your cat.

A few items later, you’ll find a chicken meal, which helps to fill out the dish’s nutritional profile.

Brown rice is the first non-protein item on the list, and it benefits young cats’ stomachs. With this cuisine, you shouldn’t worry about an upset stomach. However, it does increase the number of carbohydrates consumed.

We’d also like guar gum to be slightly lower on the list. While it’s a crucial component of any wet food — and can provide significant health advantages in and of itself — it’s best used in moderation since too much can prevent your cat from absorbing other nutrients. It’s the sixth element listed here that causes concern.

Calorie breakup

Protein- 32.7%

Carbs- 17.2%

Fat- 50.1%

The Advantages and Disadvantages are-


  • The protein content is adequate for a portion of wet food.
  • a wide variety of protein sources
  • Brown rice can help with gastrointestinal problems.


  • Carbohydrate-dense
  • We don’t like guar gum very much.

Redford Naturals Grain-Free Chunks in Gravy Turkey & Chicken Recipe Review

This dish differs from the others in that it consists of pork chunks served in sauce. However, it is still a whole meal for your cat, so don’t mistake it for a treat.

Given how simple this dish is, the ingredients list is surprisingly long. The first ingredient is turkey broth, which isn’t ideal, but it helps ensure that your cat gets lots of hydration. Then there’s turkey, chicken, chicken liver, and dry egg products, all of which are high in protein.

However, some cats have trouble digesting eggs, so keep an eye on your cat to ensure they’re not sick.

The vegetables are next on the menu: peas, carrots, and potato starch. They’re nothing out of the ordinary, but they’re a good source of minerals and fiber.

You’ll also discover high-quality fruits here, which is unusual for this brand. Berries, for example, are both high in antioxidants. They’re especially effective when combined with the flaxseed, sunflower, and fish oil included inside; your cat shouldn’t be deficient in omega fatty acids if they consume this.

Overall, Redford Naturals Grain-Free Chunks in Gravy is a nutritious meal that your cat will like. However, to fill in some gaps, we recommend mixing it with kibble.

Calorie breakup

Protein- 46.5%

Carbs- 14%

Fat- 39.5%

The Advantages and Disadvantages are-


  • The majority of cats enjoy it.
  • a large number of protein sources
  • High-quality fruits are included.
  • Antioxidants in abundance


  • The first ingredient is turkey broth.
  • Dried egg products may cause an upset stomach.

Redford cat food recall

Redford Naturals is a new company; it’s not surprising that it hasn’t had any product recalls. It doesn’t get bonus points for this; if it had managed to cause a recall in less than five years of existence, it would be a significant red signal.

Even though it hasn’t had any product recalls, it has been sued for misleading advertising. A woman from Illinois has launched a class-action complaint against Redford Naturals, alleging that the company’s cat foods do not contain ground flaxseed as claimed on the label.

As far as we can determine, the lawsuit is still pending, so there’s no way of knowing whether this claim is valid. It could, however, be something.


Redford Naturals was formed with a single objective: to provide nutritious cat food at a reasonable price for their owners. It’s difficult to argue that it hasn’t met that objective.

That isn’t to imply that this isn’t excellent pet food. Instead, it’s a decent meal for the money. You can indeed find better options for a little more money, and you can probably find better options in this price range if you look, but your cat will not suffer from eating this food.