Purrform Review – Is It Good Cat Food?

Purrform Review Summary – Finding the best cat food or picking the top food brands for our kitty can be a tedious task. There are millions of products available online, each with different ingredients that can confuse you. Finding the best fit for your cat is very necessary, and several factors are involved depending on what type of cat food may turn up for you.

One of them is Purrform Cat Food, a premium cat food, high in protein it is highly digestible and therefore your cat. The official name of Purrform cat food is PURRFORM LTD. Purrform feels that all cat companies deserve a varied mixed diet of fresh ingredients that create healthy, happy pets and satisfied cat owners, and Purrform produces only a raw variety of this cat food.

Their mission is to spread the word about natural complete raw feeding to all cat owners across the UK. They feel it is vital that you are provided with the information to establish what to feed your cats. 

To comprehend Purrform Cat food Review, we have covered a whole article. In this article, you will read about the ingredients, recall, ratings, top reviews, and many other topics that you need to know, and it will help you choose the best and most nutritious product of this brand and it.

Is Purrform A Good Cat Food?

Purrform Review 2022

There is no suspension about the Purrform cat food if we say this is a good meal for our cats. It’s a perfect or complete food that means it contains all essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals necessary for your cat to live a healthy life. This food qualifies all the parameters and follows all the guidelines given by FEDIAF.  

Many different types of processed foods contain only a tiny amount of meat. In addition, the heart has usually been cooked, which destroys many of the essential nutrients, thus causing the need to add in extra ingredients to top the nutritional requirements. 

But the Purrform cat food brand also contains high-quality ingredients. As we know, cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need certain nutrients that they cannot synthesize. These nutrients are only found in meat. Taking all these into account, Purrform formulated food with a certain amount of calcium and meat in its diet. The presence of bone is essential to provide the calcium required, and crunching the bone is suitable for a cat’s dental health. And also, she will get all the nutrients from the meat that her body needs to live.

Purrform Sourcing And manufacturing

Based on the research, some members of the PFMA produce frozen and freeze-dried raw foods for cats and dogs, with ‘complete’ and ‘supplemental’ varieties available in a range of convenient formats.

These products help owners feed their pets raw diet responsibly. ‘Complete’ pet food is specifically formulated to provide a cat or dog with a nutritional balance in their daily diet, whereas a ‘complementary’ pet food must be fed with another food source.

The pet food label will tell you whether it is ‘complete’ or ‘supplemented,’ as well as handling and feeding instructions. Owners who feed ‘complete’ commercially prepared pet food (conforming to the feeding guidelines on the packet) can be confident that they are meeting all of their pet’s nutritional needs. PFMA raw pet food manufacturers are always happy to provide further help and advice with their products.

Purrform Cat Food Ingredients

A happy and healthy cat requires a high protein diet composed of fresh ingredients. As a carnivore, a cat’s digestion is uniquely adapted to utilize the ingredients in raw food, and it always uses 100% human-grade meat, offal, and finely ground bones. The most common ingredients are farmed rabbit, ground bone, minced turkey, turkey liver, turkey heart, raw chicken, heart & gizzard. Their meals are grain-free high in protein, with no added preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

It contains all the vitamins and minerals your cat requires daily as a complete food. The ingredients which purrform contains are high in protein and highly digestible. The rabbit meat is one of the most nutritious meat available that is high in protein and has only 8% bone. All recipes are carefully balanced to contain the correct meat to bone and offal ratio.

The best part of these recipes is that it does not contain any grains, fillers plant enhancements. Cats can use up all the ingredients in the food, so there is less excrement in the feces which means less odor and fewer litter trays and therefore less expensive litter charges.

Purrform Cat Food Recall

Based on the research, Puffrom cat food is a recall-free brand and has never been recalled. This is an impressive record as the brand is sold across the UK. Maintaining recall-free records and avoiding issues like contamination and mold is of the utmost importance for a brand like Purrform, given that most of its customers are already sick or vulnerable.

Despite this recall-free record, we would always recommend that consumers remain vigilant for any future recalls from Purrform or any other pet food brand to ensure that their pets stay healthy and safe. Recall free foods are best for our pets because they do not have any food complaints.

Purrform Cat Food Ratings

All customers can freely assume their experience through star ratings and reviews. This is a great way to evaluate its users’ value. Also, it helps us with what a product lacks and its benefits. A rating is most valuable because it discloses both the positive and negative sides of a product. A rating is most valuable because it reveals both the positive and negative sides of a product.

Purrform has got good ratings. Some cat food of this brand has got 4.6 out of 5 stars, and some recipes got 4.1 out of 5 stars. Customers are satisfied with the Purrform cat food recipes, and there are overwhelmingly positive reviews.

One says: Our cat loves Purrform. When we take a Purrform pouch out of the fridge, it’s the cutest, grumpy, cuddly cat ever. We are so glad that we have found something that he likes. He is looking very healthy, and his fur is shining. Delivery is always on time and very well packed. There are a variety of flavors to choose from. I couldn’t be more pleased with the Purrform choice!

We will rate it 4.4 out of 5 stars based on ingredients if we are supposed to rate it. Since there are no added preservatives and artificial components and there are not any plant ingredients. It is concerning while feeding it. 

Purrform cat Food Alternatives 

Purrform Review

Unfortunately, the puriform cat food can only be purchased in their supermarket grocery stores in the UK. Still, if you want to buy these products online, you can easily buy these from online websites like pet foods, pet shops, or any other website. But if you are looking for alternatives, their alternatives are available in the supermarkets, online stores, and many other places where you can buy these products. We have found the top 5 options for you that are the same as Purrform cat food, and you can search for them also. So, now let’s take a look into it:

Smalls freeze dried raw cat food9/10
Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Cat Food9/10
CountryPet Naturals Pasteurized Raw Cat Food8/10
Feline Natural Chicken & Lamb Feast Raw Cat Food8.6/10
Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Raw Cat Food9/10

Top Purrform Cat Food Reviews

  • Purrform Beef Trim with Ox Heart 250g
  • Minced Chicken & Ground Bone with Heart
  • Purrform Minced Raw Chicken and Ground Bone with Chicken Liver, Heart & Gizzard
  • Purrform Minced farmed rabbit & ground bone Pouches
  • Purrform Minced quail, farmed rabbit, ground bone with liver & kidney

Purrform has a cat food range of raw recipes, and all recipes are made using rabbit meat and chicken using the core ingredients. However, it only produces natural cat food using a precise bone for good calcium.

We have created a list of the top 5 Purrform cat food that you can consider before buying for your cat. We have straightforwardly presented the information, and our recommended recipes are hand-checked from ingredients to taste and smell before being listed.

We have spent hours and a large team researching these products. The research included reviewing and rating products, talking to cat owners, and asking about their experiences. Also, we considered the nutrition levels according to a cat’s diet. Let’s not wait for long.

Purrform Beef Trim with Ox Heart 250g

Purrform Beef Trim and Ox Heart is a complementary natural raw cat food containing only the ingredients listed above. Purrform Beef Trim is 95% lean, human-grade meat. Therefore, it has no bones and is suitable for both kittens and adult cats. 

It can be fed once or twice a week, as an alternative to other whole cat food products, to give your cat some variety in her diet. The minced beef trim in this recipe is 85% and 15% Ox Heart. This recipe is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, and it does not contain any plant ingredients. All ingredients make this recipe great for cats and kittens and very delicious.


  • Human grade meat
  • Minced beef trim
  • Natural raw cat food
  • 15% ox heart
  • Free from additives
  • No plant ingredients
  • Specially formulated for kittens and adult cats


  • Nothing at all

Minced Chicken & Ground Bone with Heart

PURRFORM Chicken meat and Bone with Chicken Heart is a complete natural pet food for adult cats that contains chicken with bone and chicken heart. This recipe is high in moisture with 17.7% protein, and the level of fat in the food is 12.6% with 1% crude fiber.

This recipe is specially designed to support immune system allergies, and it makes skin and coat glossy. Also, all the vitamins and minerals are at an appropriate level to help all joints and keep your cat active. Overall this food provides an excellent source of balanced nutrition for adult cats. Its recipe does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


  • Highly-moisture
  • A good amount of protein
  • Support immune system, allergies
  • Balanced nutrition
  • 1% crude fiber
  • Taurine
  • Easily digestible


  • Not at all

Purrform Minced Raw Chicken and Ground Bone with Chicken Liver, Heart & Gizzard

PURRFORM Chicken Meat and bone with chicken is a completely natural raw cat food for adult cats. The minced used in this recipe is ideally suited for cats over nine months old, and at the same time, the double minced is for kittens up to 9 months. The main feature of this recipe is minced chicken with ground bones as its first ingredient in 80% quantity. 

The chicken liver in the meal is 10%, chicken heart 5%, and chicken gizzard 5%. It contains all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for their healthy and happy lives. The level of protein and fat in the recipe is 16% and 11%, with 70% moisture. The experts suggest that the experts feed this meal in a proper amount of this food. For a 3.5kg cat, approximately 120g of food is required to keep your pet in lean, healthy condition.


  • Best for adult cats
  • Minced chicken with ground bone
  • Balanced food
  • 70% moisture
  • All nutrients
  • Free from additives
  • Support lean muscles


  • Some cats don’t like to eat

Purrform Minced farmed rabbit & ground bone Pouches.

PURRFORM farmed rabbit is a complete natural pet food for adult cats that contains 100% rabbit. However, rabbit chicken and bones have been included for additional protein sources. Fat is used to provide fat content, and there are no such ingredients included that can harm the cat’s health.

There are no grains and plant-based ingredients included in it. Also, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Crude fiber is 1% that helps your cat prevent hairball, and it contains a high level of moisture to keep your cat hydrated. There is taurine present to support the heart function of an adult cat.


  • 100% rabbit
  • High moisture
  • All vitamins and minerals 
  • Grain-free
  • No added components
  • Support the heart function


  • It contains only 70g in one pouch

Purrform Minced quail, farmed rabbit, ground bone with liver & kidney

This is a complete natural meal for kittens with single minced, and all tubs are 450g. The main feature of this recipe is 60% minced quail with ground bone and 30% farmed rabbit with ground bone. This is a good vitamin and minerals recipe, and moisture is 66.9% contained for your cat’s better health.

It also contains taurine, rabbit liver, and other nutritional components beneficial for your cat. It does not have any harmful elements such as colors, flavors, or preservatives. Also, it is free from grains and plant-based ingredients such as soy, corn, or any other grains.


  • Compete diet
  • Grain-free
  • No added preservatives
  • Taurine
  • High -moisture
  • Minced quail with bone


  • Not at all

Purrform Feeding guide:

In this feeding guide of Purrform cat food, we will learn how to feed this raw meal to our pets. You need to provide 2% to 3% of the total body weight of your cat by spreading it over two meals morning and evening, and this portion also depends on your cat’s appetite.

9-month-old kittens can eat twice as much per gram of body weight as an adult cat as they are growing. When feeding your cat, set a routine whereby meals are given in the morning and evening, preferably at the same time each day.

If the cat is feeding properly, it does not need to search for more food or eat more during the day. You can remove the uneaten food after 30/45 minutes, cover it, and it can be stored in the fridge for later.

Conclusion – Is It safe?

With this, we conclude our review of the top cat food brands. With them being our pets, we must give our cats the best they deserve and ensure their good health throughout their lives. We have compiled a comprehensive, unbroken list of the top cat food brands available. 

In conclusion, we believe that Minced Chicken & Ground Bone with Heart Cat Food, with its high moisture content, vitamin A and taurine ratio, is the best choice for both you and your cat. However, not all cats may have the same taste or taste, so if they don’t like it, you can certainly try the smaller amounts above and make the best substitute available.