Is Purina Gentle Cat Food being Discontinued? – Recalls & Shortage

Nestle Purina PetCare was created in 2001 after a merger between Ralston Purina, which began with the aid of William H. Danforth in 1894, and Nestlé’s Friskies PetCare organization based in 1985. Both discern manufacturers were a hit within the pet meals industries in which they had been based totally, and merging both of them made them more robust and more dependable. They now offer more than 25 product lines with dog food, cat food, pet snacks, dog & cat litter, and animal health merchandise.

The brand has a broad kind of recognizable cat food manufacturers such as Purina Pro Plan, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Purina beyond, Purina Muse, and a lot more! The brand is among the great! They have a lot of products and recipes that might make your head hurt looking for the right choice for your feline.

Does Purina have any recalls?

Is Purina Gentle Cat Food being Discontinued

Purina Gentle has several shortage from the past, from 1978 to 2019. We will be listing everything down below for your ease.

In 1978 – reports claimed that there was a possible PCBs contamination in their products, due to which Purina voluntarily discontinued its affected products.
Purina Cat Chow was discontinued due to the allegations.

In 1983, a labeling mistake caused discontinuing of a certain number of products. The label “150 can of cat food “mistakenly got labeled as Chicken of the sea which made people confused that it is for humans or cats.

In June 2011 – there was potential salmonella contamination for which 850 bags of Purina Grillers Blend Dry Cat Food and some packs of Purina Cat Chow Naturals were discontinued voluntarily.

In March 2012 – by FDA reports, it was claimed that there were low amounts of thiamine (necessary for controlling the body’s metabolic rate) in Purina Veterinary Diets of OM Overweight Management Canned Cat Food.

In 2019 – there were reports for founding rubber particles in Purina Natural Gravy Chicken Recipe and was discontinued shortly after the claims.

Did Purina Gentle Cat Food ever get discontinued & Shortage?

Even though many products of this brand got discontinued, its gentle chow cat food never had any recalls till now. The Purina Cat Chow gentle cat food is made using premium protein and herbal probiotic fiber without artificial colors or components. This facilitates assist your cat’s digestive health while supporting her stay nourished and healthy. In case your furry feline buddy has a sensitive stomach, try this product out. The product is available for all stages of cats.


Is Purina Gentle Cat Food being Discontinued

Adult dry cat food consists of natural prebiotic fiber, which will support digestive health, followed by omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

It also has high-quality ingredients, including farm-raised turkey, that will help in giving the support your cat needs to thrive for an excellent protein source.

It is easily digestible for cats with a sensitive stomachs. This product is specially formulated for easy digestion to help cats with sensitive systems feel good inside.

Sensitive adult dry cat food with tested ingredients and has no artificial colors or flavors for your cat.
It includes all 25 essential vitamins and minerals adult cats need to thrive along with all the nutrition they need for a healthy body.

Is Purina Gentle cat food a good choice?

Purina cat foods are less costly easy to find in shops around the sector, and cats generally love the manner they taste. Although, they aren’t the safest or the maximum species-suitable desire.

The agency has initiated a minimum of 5 recalls and one marketplace withdrawal because 2004 and its recipes contain some synthetic components and lots of plants remember.

If you choose to shop for Purina food, choose their moist meals with higher meat content material, decrease carbohydrates, and provide the hydration cats want.

Purina Muse stands out as their most straightforward moist food, while some canned pro Plan and beyond recipes may also be a good choice. Purina Friskies and Fancy Banquets are excellent alternatives to keep in mind if you’re on a budget. While they contain animal through-merchandise and artificial components, those foods are extra carnivore-suitable than full dry meals and a few top rate wet meals.

Customer Reviews:

The product has a lot of positive reactions; some say that their cat has a sensitive stomach, and after switching to this brand, their cats have loved it.

Many customers claimed that their overweight cats have also been thriving in Purina’s products and having a good weight balance. Many say that their product concept is also great, so this product never had any recalls till now.

Especially The gentle chow cat food has been a godsend product for our cats with a sensitive stomachs. Apart from some allergens, this product is an excellent choice for our cats.


Universal, Purina is a good cat food brand with many product lines that attempt their quality to meet your cat’s nutritional desires at all lifestyles stages. And although they have a lengthy listing of recalls, their cat food brands are not culprits compared to other cat food businesses out there.

As a minimum, some products have no longer been recalled at all. It additionally tries to apply top-class elements in some recipes of Purina. Still, it is fond of controversial components in most of its formulation, so usually recollect reading carefully before shopping.

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