Pretty Please Cat Food Review (2021): Ingredients, Price, and Pros & Cons

No Doubt pretty litter is good for cats, but what about their cat food. Pretty Please cat food brand owned by daniel Rotman which is the founder of pretty litter and providing quality litters and food for cats. In this article, we analyze Pretty Please cat food reviews and look at its ingredients, nutrition information and pros, and cons that you don’t know.

Many cat food brands are famous for providing value for cat owners at a good price. Pretty Please is one of them that offers cat food and litter boxes for cats at an affordable price. Where is Pretty Please cat food made? Pretty Please cat food is manufactured and made in china. 

We look at cat food labels and find a suitable recipe that cats easily eat. On the market, plenty of cat foods are available and thousands of cat brands are sold every day. Good owners know how to look at cat food before buying it. We do research and analysis on Pretty Please cat food after asking consumers who buy it and vets who tell us what is special in Pretty Please products.

Pretty Please Ultra Premium Cat Food Review

Every cat owner wants great food which is good in ingredients and also easily affordable. Pretty Please cat food made with chicken is a great option for cats when we compare it to other cat food brands. The recipe is available in ultra-premium.  

Pretty Please premium cat food made with chicken as the primary ingredient. Also, they added chicken meal and turkey meal which is a quality protein for cats. 

Cats are obligate carnivores, Pretty Please is designed as a good source of protein, average in fat and carbohydrates. Compared to other brands, we give 7 stars out of 10 for Pretty Please Cat Food. Also no customer reviews we found on it but cat owners that already experience it can confess it is an average cat food brand.

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Pretty Please Cat Food Ingredients: 

Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Dried Peas, Dried Chickpeas, Tapioca Starch, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols), Natural Flavor, Tomato Pomace are the first 10 ingredients which tell you a story about Pretty Please. 

Also, Pretty Please added tapioca starch which is not good for cats who suffer from diseases and are older

The following Image is nutritional information from the cat food manufacturer.

Pretty Please Cat Food Ingredients


  • Made with chicken (a high source of protein)
  • Good taste
  • Contain vitamins and minerals
  • Good for digestive health’
  • No Additives


  • No customers feedback
  • much carbohydrates content

Pretty Please cat food Size and Cost

If you have two cats, you should pay almost $40 every month for Pretty Please cat food. It means your one cat eats food for only $20 which is good value.

Pretty Please cat food size is bigger compared to other cat food brands with the same price. It shows that you can easily buy it from Pretty Please own website that provides free home delivery for cat owners at any extra cost.

However, Pretty Litter cat food is bigger than cat food which is 16 inches long. 

Pretty Please cat food discount code

According to our research, we don’t find any discount codes on pretty please cat food and litter. It’s best for you to pay the full amount and buy litter and cat food on their own website that offers free home delivery. 

Is Pretty Litter Cat Food Good?

Overall, we give 7.5 ratings out of 10 to Pretty litter cat food. The ingredients they include are good for cats and recommended as a quality protein diet. Our Pretty Please Cat Food Reviews are based on our research, analysis, personal uses, and vet recommendations.

We don’t have vets and brand influencers who offer you any kind of food. We just review ingredients, price, value for money, nutritional information, brand name, and overall quality after we write information and provide value for our visitors. 

Is Pretty please good for kittens?

Kittens need high-quality protein to grow, Pretty Please cat food is not recommended for kittens who have grown now because it’s average in protein. If you have a kitten, we recommend high-quality protein cat food that supports and boosts their health without any fear of bad quality products.

Pretty Please Cat Food vs Blue Buffalo

Blue buffalo manufactured a wide range of cat foods but Pretty Please by Pretty Litter designed only single cat food. Also, blue buffalo cat foods according to cats age, pretty please only for adult cats. 

Blue Buffalo cat foods are made in plenty of flavors. On the other hand, pretty please cat food has only one taste. 

Pretty Please Cat Food Alternative

Unfortunately, Pretty Please cat foods are not available in the market but the following 10 cat foods are the best alternatives for it.

Conclusion – Pretty Please Cat Food Safe or Not Safe

If your cat is fully fit, we recommend you Pretty Please cat food. In case, they face any health problems other than a consultation with your vet or offering them high-class cat food that is beneficial and made with good ingredients. 

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