Pretty Litter Reviews In 2022 (Good or Bad Reviews & Analysis)

After reading thousands of customer reviews, asking from vets, and using our friends’ own, we write about pretty litter reviews. Know it is a good or bad choice as an owner for you. Do Vets recommend this type of litter box?

Usually, cats are known to hide their illness and symptoms. It’s not uncommon for a cat to act completely fine unless something is wrong. Cats tend to hide their problems. While this helps them in the wild, it also means that we may not know when to seek veterinary care.

Pretty Litter is an attempt to resolve this problem, and it is on the next level of crystal cat litter. It contains pH-detecting particles that cause the litter to change color when exposed to urine. 

Pretty cat litter detects the chemicals in your feline’s urine. Some of these chemicals are connected to specific health problems. It is designed to show that changes in your cat’s urine acidity can be a sign of common health problems such as kidney tubular acidosis, struvite crystals, or urinary tract infections.

Although Pretty Litter is not intended to diagnose your cat’s condition, it can help you catch developing issues early while they are still treatable.

This article will discuss these topics, such as reviews, ingredients, price, and their colors. We have tried to give all the answers to the question regarding this topic.

History of Pretty Cat Litter

Pretty Litter is a lightweight litter invented in 2015 by an American pet wellness company by Daniel Rotman, which also goes by the same name. After her cat passed away, Daniels developed the idea of ​​an early-detection, health-monitoring litter rather than alerting cat owners before a potential medical problem became a serious problem.

The PrettyLitter technology was developed with veterinarians and pet health scientists. And in April 2015, the pretty litter company participated in the Silicon Valley startup program DraperU, which guides early-stage companies through the process of researching and building their products or services.

Pretty Litter was one of the winners and earned an initial pre-seed investment from Draper Associates. While participating in DraperU, Pretliter participated in the TV reality competition StartupU, which aired weekly in August 2015 on ABC Family.

Along with pre-seed investments and participation in the show, PretLiter launched a pre-order campaign in late 2015 for the first PretLiter orders that began shipping to customers in December 2015.

In August 2016, the company participated in Gen8tor, a highly competitive startup accelerator with less than a 1% acceptance rate.

In December 2016, PretLitter closed a venture capital round with high-profile investors, including Brian Lee, Sam Yagan, Tim Draper, Chris Abel, Corazon Capital, BAM Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, and CSA Partners.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

Pretty litter is manufactured in China, and some consumers consider this an automatic strike due to economic or quality concerns. Although there are no crystal-based litter manufacturers based in the US, PretLitter says that because they have the utmost respect for your pet’s safety and health, they perform extensive quality checks to ensure they meet their standards.

Pretty Litter is manufactured at one of the world’s largest and most trusted kitty litter plants, sourcing its silica microgels using carefully selected mineral sources. In addition, our manufacturing facility uses the highest quality control standards.

It was specially invented for cat owners to give them peace of mind knowing that they can keep daily tabs on their cat’s health. 

Pretty litter is made of super-absorbent Silica gel, combined with a proprietary formulation of indicators to help you monitor your cat’s urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside the average range, plus the visible presence of blood.

Silica gel, or synthetic amorphous, is a form of silica (SAS) that has been widely used in topical and oral medicines, food, and cosmetics for decades.

Ingredients Used in Pretty Litter

Unlike traditional litters, PrettyLitter is made from a highly absorbent Silica gel, not clay. It comes as lightweight, fine-grained, dust-free granules, and it is non-clumping and instantly removes odor and dries up the moisture.

It looks fine, has bright sand, and it’s also very lightweight, which makes it easy to handle the bag and litter box – an essential consideration for those owners who have mobility or strength issues.

Silica gel, which you’re most familiar with, and you will almost see in those little packets tucked away in shoeboxes to keep moisture out, is used because agar offers better odor protection. The water in your cat’s urine evaporates, while all that’s left is absorbed into the silica crystals—odor and all.

Pretty litter is not made out of clay but tiny silica gel beads, and it doesn’t clump. You can only scoop out the feces, and the urine needs to be mixed with the rest of the litter to disperse the beads used. You should change the box once a month for one cat, twice a month for two cats, etc.

Where can you buy a Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter Reviews

If you want to buy a Pretty Litter, you can only buy it from the online website as it is a subscription service. To get started, log on to the website and choose the number of cats you have (one, two, or more).

We ordered a one-month supply for our two cats to write this review. We received it six days after submitting our order, and once we complete the trial, it’s easy to cancel the subscription. Pretty Litter makes it easy to manage your account online.

Pretty Litter Crystal Cat Litter with Pros And Cons

Pretty Litter Crystal Cat Litter with Pros And Cons & Reviews

Pretty Litter comes in a surprisingly small cardboard box, and the supply of this litter arrives within a week of order. It also includes a printed insert that explains how the product works and provides valuable tips for how much litter to pour, how to get your cat used to it, and how to maximize odor control.

We have already tested the quality of Pretty litter, and after that, we are informing you—Pretty Litter’s first test when we put it in our litter box. We found the litter to be a little less dusty than other Crystal Cat litter, but it still produced a noticeable cloud of dust.

Later, when we were scraping the cat litter, we found it dusty, so it is not dust-free. In addition to being a little dusty, Pretty Litter got a little stuck on our cat’s paws. Then we find that we have to clean the area around our cat’s litter box a few times a week.

It is essential to remember that crystal cat litter doesn’t produce the same dust type as clay litter. It is amorphous silica dust, not crystalline silica dust, which does not have the same reputation for causing lung problems, and it’s more of a nuisance than anything else.

After filling the litter box, our cats immediately took them to the Pretty Litter. Pretty Litter has a delicate and sandy texture that our cats found comfortable on their paws. 

We were testing out another silica gel litter simultaneously, and our cats preferred Pretty Litter. In terms of performance, Pretty Litter provides robust odor control, even in a multi-cat household. 

The key, however, is to properly maintain the litter box by filtering solids daily and shaking the litter from time to time. Litter box maintenance was also simple, considering the super-fine texture of the litter that made it super easy for us to scoop.

Pros Of The Pretty Litter:

  • Monthly subscription automatically delivered to your door
  • Unique color-changing quality detects potential health problems
  • Highly absorbent and provides excellent odor control

Cons Of The Pretty Litter:

  • It May does not absorb liquid as perfectly if the cat uses the same spot over and over
  • Non-clumping litter but sterilizes solid waste
  • Very expensive compared to most cat litter, costing over $3/pound
  • Some users found it didn’t last for a whole month

This litter comes in a 6-pound bag and is designed to last about one month for a single medium sized-cat. According to the number of cats in your home, you can purchase multiple bags as needed.

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Litter should be cleaned daily, with the solid waste being removed by the scooper, and when you are cleaning the litter box, you will notice colored patches which indicate where your cat urinated. Here’s how to decode the colors of pretty litter.

  • Dark yellow or olive green: Indicates normal urine.
  • Orange (Acidity outside normal range): Maybe a sign of metabolic acidosis, presence of bilirubin, kidney acidosis, or calcium oxalate crystal information.
  • Blue: High alkalinity may indicate either FLUTD, kidney issues, or struvite crystal formations.
  • Green: Abnormal acidity that may indicate FLUTD, calcium oxalate crystals, urinary blockage in male cats, or kidney problems.  
  • Red: The presence of blood may indicate a cat’s lower urinary tract disorder (FLUTD), kidney stones, bladder stones, bladder inflammation, kidney disease, or clotting disorders. In rare cases, it may also indicate bladder cancer or internal injury.

It is necessary to note that sometimes a cat’s urine color change can occur due to his new diet, change in environment, or temporary stresses that can cause a cat’s pH level to rise or fall.

So, if you notice your cat’s urine color other than dark yellow or olive green, PrettyLitter instructs that you should closely monitor your cat’s behavior and urine for the next 24-48 hours. If the color changes continuously, you should consult with your vet.

How Much Does A Pretty Litter Cost?

A single bag of 6-pound pretty litter resale for $22 on the company website, and depending on how many bags you purchase in one in one time, you may receive a discount. 

For example, two bags cost $40 and three bags cost $60. Instant shipping is always free. Pretty Litter often offers discounts and promotions, plus you can contact the company via email to inquire about wholesale deals. Still, Pretty Litter is quite expensive.

It’s also noted that one bag may not be enough to fill a giant litter box and may not last the entire month in a multi-cat home.

How Pretty Litter is Relatively Expensive?

It made with silica crystals at an average price per pound of almost $2. It would cost around $60 in a month, so significantly higher.

The makers of pretty litter say that you do not need to change the full crystal of a litter; you can only remove those crystals that have turned yellow. 

You want to save money, and you don’t have much waste of your pet in the litter box. However, it is estimated that if you are using Pretty litter, then the annual cost would be around $250-300.

Good & Bad Reviews For Pretty Litter

As of now, we have been testing pretty litter for the past 2-3 days. We still have another 1.5 weeks to go before we toss and refill. We have got, already after 14 days, the litter is odor-free. Some other reviews claim that there is no urine smell.

However, we have only one cat and use one large litter box. We’ve read in other reviews with many-cat families that crystals no longer absorb the smell of urine, as with many cats. However, PrettyLitter points out that many cats need their litter box (plus, you need to monitor each cat’s urine, so sharing isn’t ideal anyway).

For us, a 4-lb bag for one cat for one month is pretty accurate. So far, the only setback is that our litter box has less siding (obviously not the pretlitter’s fault). And for the prelitter to be most effective, you need a litter 2 inches deep.

Meaning, when our cat likes to dig like crazy, he throws some glitter to the sides. Luckily this is easily fixable; all you need is a litter box pan with high sides, especially for cats who like to dig a lot.

Lastly, their customer service is cheerful and overall great, but they are ready to assist you with your order. If you have any problem, you need only to contact them.

Pretty Litter Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We can easily see the importance of this litter. It’s a great idea on paper. But if you are wondering about the usefulness and efficacy of the product, keep reading this Pretty Litter review.

We researched ratings and in-depth accounts of users’ personal experiences with the brand. Pretty Litter brand has an a rating and 3.7/5 stars on the Better Business Bureau—an average which is pretty high considering the BBB, a place customers usually go to complain, not praise a company.

Of the 318 buyer reviews for Pretty Litter, most of them expressed praise for the disease-detecting kitty litter, “amazing customer service,” and “no smell” formula. The brand appears to have relieved the stress of many owners and saved their pets’ lives.

Initially, the reviewer cleared some doubts and tested Pretty Litter for “a few weeks on several cats.” After testing the invention, they said their “cats took to it with ease, and we were thrilled with the liquid-absorbing and odor-control power of the litter.” So, it appears that the litter performed well.

This brand has a” lack of product variety and non-clumping,” resulting in a lower overall score. Clumping is undoubtedly essential, but the litter does dehydrate solid waste, which is a benefit.

This brand’s website shows a 4.9/5.0 star rating, given by 14,199 buyers. That’s a pretty incredible number. So, let’s read one 5-star review.

[This] box is easy to clean, and I appreciate the color not only for detecting potential medical issues but also for quick cleanup because it’s easy to figure out where to scoop. Some benefits come with the unique formula.

Is Pretty Litter the Best Litter for Cats?

We found it to live up to its promises very well in testing Pretty Litter with two of our cats. Not only did it offer robust odor control, but the color-changing health monitoring system performed predictably in our experiment.

When we were finished, it was easy to cancel our subscription. We found that a bag of Pretty Litter didn’t last a full 30 days, but we were using it in a multi-cat household.

The crystal litter did a great job absorbing liquid, and it made solids easy to scoop, so we are confident in saying that one bag would probably last a whole month in a single-cat household.

Overall, Pretty Cat litter is a pricey product, but the health monitoring system makes it worth itBut if you are paying that money for a cat, it will help save your cat’s life. Cats have no issues when they are using it. It’s important to note that the texture is different from the options you can find at pet stores.

Do Vets Recommend Pretty Litter?

Yes, vets recommend it. Pretty Litter is highly safe for our cats, and it is specially developed by a team of veterinarians and scientists who keep them for cats. It is made from silica gel which is super-absorbent but does not swell in the presence of moisture and will not be absorbed by the gut if accidentally swallowed.

PrettyLitter also stresses that color changes should be used as a guide when speaking with a veterinarian and that only a veterinarian can diagnose disease in their cat. 

(The company has veterinarian-in-chief Geoff DeWire, DVM-on staff, so it’s no surprise that veterinarians are a part of the product’s instructions for use.)

Pretty Litter says its product is completely safe for our purring friends—even when ingested—as the website states that it “is not absorbed by the bowel, does not swell in the presence of moisture.” and poses no risk. Of blocking the digestive tract.” Pretty Litter is also chemical-free and biodegradable.

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

How often should you change Pretty litter?

Pretty Litter recommends daily scooping, mixing, and changing the box once per cat month. Since you’re not removing as much, you should be able to use less over time, which means less litter ends up in landfills.

How can you cancel your order of Pretty Litter?

It will not return charges based on incorrect product use or not being compatible with a new litter of cats. And If you wish to cancel your subscription, you may do so by emailing in Pretty Litter Website.

Can you add baking soda to your cat’s litter?

Most litter deodorizers are made with baking soda, and they can help keep your cat’s litter smelling fresh. It is just a light sprinkle or spray of the litter deodorizers so that you can do this trick.

Is Pretty Litter toxic for cats?

No, Pretty litter is non-toxic and is safe even if your cat swallows it. It is eco-friendly, landfills safe, and better than dusty soil litter.

Conclusion – Is Pretty Recommended For Cats?

Pretty Litter is a unique cat litter. You can compare it with little as it offers the unique advantage of tracking your cat’s health. If you’re worried about your furry getting sick, this is the best (and only) option on the market.

There’s no competition when it comes to the health-tracking benefits of this litter.

However, there were some complaints about this litter. It’s dusty, and you may find that each bag doesn’t have enough to last until the next shipment.

Suppose you leave health information out of the equation, better kittens for the price. Once again, health tracking makes this litter unique and worth it to some cat owners.

We hope you will like this article; kindly share this article with the cat’s owners who are concerned about their pet’s health and their cat does well every time, or please share with them who want to know about Pretty Litter.