Pascoes Cat Food (Review): Is It Good?

Your cat can enjoy and relish both jelly and gravy from products from Pascoes cat food. This cat food line offers absolute power pack pet food. This scrumptious diet is appreciated a lot by cats and is available in both meat and fish varieties.

This wholesome diet is prepared with great care ensuring the right amount of quality protein sources along with vitamins, minerals and quality essential nutrients. This all makes it an ideal choice for kitties as it provides ingredients that are totally palatable.

About Pascoes

Pascoe’s pet food line is a trusted name for cats as well as dog food. PASCOE’S UNLIMITED is located in DRIFFIELD, United Kingdom and is part of the Pet Food.

The high standard manufacturing ensures all their products are enhanced with key vitamins, minerals and quality nutrients to ensure that your pet receives optimum nutrition. 

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Along with this, they have an added attraction of convenient all trays. This gives cat feeding altogether a different experience. This food line has a plethora of products that your cat can have as per its nutritive and medical requirements.

We have reviewed there few top listed products:-

Pascoes Tasty Chunks In Jelly – Review

This cat food comes in two flavours- chicken and beef with chunks. It is a complete and balanced diet that is designed to provide all the essential ingredients so that the cat stays completely active and sporty.

Through meeting the entire dietary requirement it ensures a healthy immunity for your cat. Moreover, its consumption results in a healthy coat and fur.  The fibre content is low so it is ok for cats with sensitive stomachs.


  • It has the correct blend of vitamins and minerals.
  • Zinc is present
  • No Added artificial colours & flavours.


  • Jelly texture is too mushy.

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Pascoes Salmon and Ocean Fish Selection in Jelly Cat Food Review

Pascoe’s Salmon and Ocean Fish cat food guarantees total satisfaction for your cat. Plus the superior taste is completely liked by the cats. It provides a variety of nutrients for the robustness of the cats.

It helps to make cat litter less stinky as it helps in proper bowel movement. The results of this low-cost cat food are far better than expensive luxury cat food.


  • Vitamins and minerals are in good amounts.
  • Price is affordable.


  • Smell is not very pleasing.
  • The jelly seems to be quite processed.

Pascoes Adult cat 12 Pack Fish Selection in jelly Review

Pascoes Adult cat food is specially formulated to keep cats of age 1-7 fit and healthy. It comes in two flavours:-  

With salmon in jelly: Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives (4% salmon), minerals, various sugars.

With ocean fish in jelly: Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives (4% ocean fish), minerals, various sugars.

The ingredients used are exclusive and have a special addition of – Emulsifier: Cassia Gum which is a safe additive for cats.


  • Low in fat
  • Fibre is present to help in digestion and prevent constipation.
  • Calcium for strong teeth and bones.


  • The taste of jelly is not liked by all cats.

Pascoes Alutray Salmon in Pâté Cat Food Review

Pascoe’s Alutray Salmon is available in both pouches and cans so you can buy them at your convenience. Cat food is a proper diet that keeps your dog in good shape by meeting the cat’s daily requirements.

The texture is a pate with two options- chicken/ fish.

The taste is up to the mark which your cat will approve of.

The primary benefit is healthy bones and teeth. The cat stays vibrant throughout the day with this diet as it supports overall health.


  • Added essential vitamins such as Vitamin D3.
  • Ingredients used are in order and satisfactory


  • Protein content is average.

All in all, is Pascoe’s cat food a good choice for cats?

Pascoes cat food
Pascoe’s cat food

Pascoe’s cat food can be considered a good option as it is a sustainable diet because of the health benefits along with being pocket-friendly pet food. They have many perks as being a good source of vitamins and minerals which take care of most of the diet needs. Besides that, it works well to meet the hydration requirement of cats. 

However, the protein content does not match the other cat foods available in the market so do not contribute that much to lean muscle development.

Nutrition analysis

Crude Protein7.5%
Crude Fibre0.5%
Crude Fat6.0%
Crude Ash2.0%

All of their ingredients must meet or exceed FDA, USDA, or AAFCO standards for pet food and comply with Pascoe’s standards for ingredient safety and specifications.

Where To Buy Pascoes Cat Food?

Pascoe’s cat food is readily available in pet shops in pouches and canned options. Online, this food line can be bought from Amazon, Chewy, and a variety of other online retailers.


Can I store Pascoes cat food for a long time?

If cat food is not opened then yes you can store it for long in a cool, dry place. Once opened, transfer any unused contents to a lidded container, store in the refrigerator and consume within two days.  But do not forget to refer to the best before the end date and batch number: given on white panel on the base of the box.

How can I confirm the ingredients present in the cat food?

To ensure the ingredients present in the cat food are as per the requirement of your beloved cat, you must always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on the website. Moreover, it is important there are no alterations in the ingredients as food products are constantly being reformulated, so ingredients, nutrition content, dietary and allergens may change. 

Is Pascoe’s cat food at par with the fancy expensive cat foods?

Yes, absolutely this cat food is fit to provide the entire essential nutrients to your pet friend besides being available at a fantastic price. The cat food is formulated in such a way that it promotes immunity to ensure the cats stay zestful most of their life.

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