Is Nutro Cat Food Being Discontinued? Know About In Depth

Nutro Cat Food Discontinued Summary – The Company was started in 1926 by an American man John Saleem, and he bought a British dog food company and later named it Nutro products. Its headquarters is in Franklin, Tennessee, and it is also a worldwide seller of pet food products.

This company used to sell products only in California, but it was sold in 1976 and expanded its market after a while.

After nine years, the company reached new heights by launching the Nutro MAX products line in 2007. This company became a subordinate of Mars, Inc, a brand that manufactured high-quality pet food such as Whiskas, Royal Canin, Greenies, Sheba, and Iams.

Why Did Nutro Cat Food Got Discontinued?

Nutro Cat Food discontinued

The brand Nutro’s products have been discontinued many times since 1926. Here is the following discontinued history of the brand:

IN 2009

Some products of Nutro Dry Dog Food were discontinued because of dangerously high levels of zinc and potassium. Many pet owners reported that their pets have fallen sick after eating Nutro foods, which was a big bummer for the company.

These were the discontinued products:

  • Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Kitten.
  • Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Adult.
  • Nutro’s Natural Choice Complete Care Adult Oceanfish.
  • Nutro’s Max Cat Adult Roasted Chicken.
  • Nutro Max Cat Indoor Adult Roasted Chicken.
  • Nutro Max Cat Indoor Adult Salmon.
  • Nutro Max Cat Indoor Weight Control.

Even though it wasn’t clear that the reports were related to zinc and potassium, the sick pets reported for this recall had the same symptoms, which improved after switching to new food.

Is Nutro cat Food is going out of business?

Nutro cat food is going out of business due to many contamination rumors and bad service. The brand has started to lose its good reputation, which it used to have 80 years ago.

Still so of the products are there such as canned products, which are still circulated in the market, but still, there are better options available in the market other than Nutro,

The Motto

The current Nutro motto is “feed clean.” The brand claims to be committed to using “visible ingredients.”

In June 2020, Nutro announced abandoning its Nutro Max pet food line. Instead, They suggested feeding their Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Farm-Raised Chicken, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Recipe. This recipe provides chicken as the main ingredient, a company representative shared on Facebook.

How much do Nutro Pet food products cost?

Nutro is an affordable cat food brand. Like any other brand, Nutro’s dry food is cheaper than wet foods. Approximately $ 55 to $ 49 is the price of wet food, and dry food is about $ 39.

All of these products are depended on your location.

Has Nutro Cat food ever been recalled?

In 1998 – two samples of Nutro top class (collectively with different manufacturers) were concerned to qualitative analyses for pentobarbital residue with the aid of the U.S. meals and Drug management center for Veterinary medicinal drug because of suspicion that the anesthetizing drug may have discovered its way into pet ingredients thru euthanized animals, which include cats and dogs. DNA take a look at for all the samples did not come across the cat, and canine DNA but Nutro’s two samples examined nice for the drug, probably from rendered cattle. The CVM stated that the hazard of adverse outcomes is insufficient because of the low level of exposure.

In April 2008 – said a couple of instances of diarrhea, vomiting, and other intestinal issues in pets fed Nutro products. Nutro said that their merchandise undergoes rigorous protection testing and is 100 % secure. Some customers have subsidized the employer, saying that their pets are not having any issues with the meals. Veterinarians interviewed have been told that it won’t necessarily be the meals this is causing problems.

Nutro Cat Food Ingredients:

To help you understand the ingredients easily. We will be listing one recipe’s ingredients down below:

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Farm-Raised Chicken & Brown Rice:

The ingredient list of this recipe begins with both chicken and chicken meals as sources of animal protein suitable for animal species. Manufacturers of rice, pea protein, brown rice, alfalfa foods, and potato proteins are also high on the list. These ingredients contribute to the formation of many carbohydrates in the diet and increase plant protein supplementation.

This is a heavy plant diet with high protein, moderate fat, and high carbohydrate content. Like most foods marketed for domestic cats, these foods are high in fiber and low in calories compared to 372 calories per cup.

Conclusion- Is Nutro good for cats?

Nutro is a very controversial brand; it has several unwanted recalls and has discontinued the only pet food line that helped the brand reach that popularity level. The brand has discontinued all the Nutro Cat And Dog MAX and Ultra food products due to some shortage in the manufacturing line. One of the most significant flaws of Nutro is customer safety, and a history of several recalls has made a bad reputation of this company.

Its products aren’t even that good; half of them have either high carbohydrates or high amounts of plant protein. This is not a good sign for a pet food company.