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For your lovely cat, cat food is essential for its diet and health. Choosing good cat food is the responsibility of the cat owner. But it isn’t easy to choose which brand is healthy and tasty for your cat. Here is the complete covered Nutrisca cat food review which is one of the best brands for cats.

NUTRISCA cat food aims to provide high-quality cat food to your cat. Nutrisca manufactures dry and wet cat food and keeps them grain-free to avoid any allergy. No doubt, the recipes of Nutrisca provide a natural source of vitamins and minerals. The good thing is Nutrisca has a reasonable price for their cat food on the market.

However, we will look more into this brand. We have mentioned everything about Nutrisca as far as we have gathered the information.


Nutrisca is a pet food brand. It was founded in 2004. Nutrisca is owned by a famous brand called Dogswell. Dogwell also operates other brands like Happy Hips and Vitality. Types of cat foods offered by Nutrisca include wet and dry cat foods.

Nutrisca is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. All production of Nutrisca cat food is done in the United States. A 3rd party produces Nutrisca cat food in the USA, Simmons, and KLN enterprises.

Nutrisca produces both cat and dog foods in the USA. Cat food of this brand can be found in Walmart and pet food stores. Nutrisca cat food is sold online as well.

NUTRISCA Cat Food Recall

As per the research, Nutrisca cat food has been recalled three times in the pet food industry. The years in which it is recalled are 2015, 2018, and 2020.

However, Nutrisca cat food is now approved by AAFCO to avoid any recall. Still, Pet owners are supposed to be vigilant for any future recall. It applies to all pet food brands, not just Nutrisca.

Nutrisca dog food was recalled on 2/11/2015. Nutrisca Chicken and chickpea dry dog food were recalled on two dates: 11/2/2018 and 3/16/2020.

NUTRISCA Ingredients

Nutrisca uses high-quality meat and fish ingredients such as Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, and Lamb. A small range of meat and fish ingredients is used in recipes. These ingredients are excellent sources of high protein and fat.

For carbohydrates and fibers, Nutrisca includes peas and chickpeas ingredients in the recipes. Unfortunately, it is concerning.

Nutrisca also uses Flaxseed as the minor ingredient to provide a high level of omega-three fatty acids.

The brand recipe of Nutrisca is chicken fat. It is to improve the chicken flavor and to boost the animal-based fat.

For the benefit of vitamins and minerals, Nutrisca adds alfalfa in cat food recipes.

Features of Nutrisca brand

1. Nutrisca uses real meat instead of meat by-product

2. Nutrisca doesn’t add grains and gluten in recipes.

3. Carbs level is low to avoid diabetes and obesity.

4. Vitamins and minerals for daily cat’s dietary needs.

5. For better digestion, Nutrisca adds flax seed and berries

6. Omega 3 fatty acid to support the immune system

Best NUTRISCA Cat Food Review

Here are the two best Nutrisca cat food reviews while helping to decide on the best cat food. These recommendations are based on reviews and the latest research data on Nutrisca cat food.

NUTRISCA Premium Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Review

This is a dry version of cat food. The core ingredient of this recipe is high-quality chicken. This is specially designed for all cats and picky eaters as well. There are no added grains such as soy, wheat, corn to avoid allergy to any cat.

If we look at calories breakdown, the recipe contains 33.5% protein, 30.3% carbs, and the rest is fat. The formula used in this recipe is also suitable for a cat.


1. Hypoallergenic

2. High protein level

3. No preservatives and color

4. Suitable for kitten

5. Made for picky eaters

6. Grain-free


1. Pricey

2. Some cats don’t like

NUTRISCA Truly Flaked Canned Wet Cat Food Tuna & Crab in Broth Review

This one is a wet version of this brand. The core ingredients featured tuna and crab. It gives an entirely well-balanced diet without adding grains or chemical preservatives. It also provides a high level of protein along with omega fats to keep your cat fit and fine.

Also, the moisture in this wet cat food helps in improving digestion problems and supports kidney functions. One can of this wet cat food is the best treatment for your cat and makes them happy. Calories breakdown is also in favor of the cat’s health. The protein level is 58.6% higher, whereas fat is 35.6% and carbs are 5.8% only.


  1. High-level protein

2. Well balanced nutrition

3. Grain-free

4. Good for digestion

5. Tuna and crab

6. Best treat for a cat.


1. Liquidy

2. Too much protein

Nutrisca Animal Testing

As per the latest research, we found no information related to Nutrisca in animal testing. Maybe Nutrisca never participated in laboratory testing of animals.

But based on reviews, Nutrisca has so much positive response and seems a trustable brand. Also, Nutrisca has three recalls. It is concerning while purchasing cat food from this brand. However, giving it a try is not a bad idea.

Conclusion – Is Nutrisca a Good Brand?

Overall, Nutrisca cat food is better to feed your cat’s health. It has well-balanced nutrition and more than 70% percent of reviews are in favor of the Nutrisca brand. On average, it has 4.7 stars out of 5 for food rating. This brand is a smart choice over others.

We hope this review has helped you. If you found it helpful, help others by sharing with other cat owners. Please let us know through mail or comment below if you found anything unusual or offended in this article.

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