Nulo Cat Food Recall (2022): Is It Good Brand?

Nulo is a California-based company that has been around for a while but sits at the bottom of people’s hearts. The term Nulo might suggest to you that all it is about sustenance. The company started with a concerned person about his pet and ended up in a full-fat pet care business. Is there any recent Nulo cat food recall?

Nulo foods contain a good amount of protein, nutrients and have almost everything a pet needs. The question that might baffle you is, has it been recalled? 

About Nulo Pet Food

The new name in the industry, Nulo, has gained immense popularity. During his years working in a California pet sitting and canine strolling business, Nulo prime supporter and CEO turned out to be agonizingly mindful that an excessive number of pets were overweight and that an expanding number of them were getting insulin infusions at home.

Frightened by the increase of pets battling adiposity and diabetes, he began looking for a purpose. That search finished in the pet food path. In a meeting with a nearby news station, the CEO clarifies that they found that the food that is being served to our felines and canines is actually what could be compared to inexpensive food.

This acknowledgment led to the formation of another pet food organization Nulo. The name is a portmanteau of “sustenance” and “love.”

You’re checking out an organization with a particular advertising point. Nulo is the pet food of Ironman, and in 2017, 14 competitors supported it. A 2017 Nulo advertising effort highlighted Michael Phelps and other high-profile competitors alongside their pets. It’s made for individuals who accept that the proper nourishment will fuel their pet’s dynamic way of life.

Has Nulo Cat Food Been Recalled?

Nulo Cat Food Recall

Nulo Cat food has never been recalled, which seems to be surprising and heartwarming news. Its pet foods are tested to be safe enough and fair to be used, and no recall means there are no consumer complaints against the usage of Nulo Cat food.

Nulo is relatively a new company with a not outstanding stock of products. Hence experts still say that you must remain safe as it has been for a while, so you cannot say what will happen. 

What Does No Recall for Nulo Cat Food Indicate?

No pet food is quite a popular yet new name in the industry. It is stated that there are no recalls for the pet food to date, and it has now legal actions too. So what does no recall mean?

  • No recall means the medical organization has found no contamination in the pet food from Nulo; it is safe to consume. 
  • There is no foreign material present in the product as it has not been passed on during the manufacturing process. 
  • There is no nutritional imbalance in the products from Nulo as generally recalls arising due to too much or too little in pet food. 
  • The packaging of pet food from Nulo is best, and hence it has not been claimed, reviewed, or recalled. 

What Cat Food is Offered by Nulo?

Nulo’s has an exceptional Zero Promise that expresses every equation containing zero corn, wheat gluten, soy, or counterfeit additives, shadings, and flavors. No food varieties are high in protein and low in sugars. Essentially 80% of the protein in each formula comes from creature sources, implying that they’re naturally proper and profoundly edible for your predatory feline.

No food varieties contain a protected BC30 probiotic. It’s the world’s first probiotic strain equipped for enduring high-heat handling, and this guarantees that the food holds its probiotic power in the wake of cooking and expulsion.

The organization is settled in Austin, Texas, and its food varieties are produced in Kansas and Nebraska. These FDA-supported offices are assessed annually by associations, including the American Institute of Baking and BRC Global Standard for Global Safety.

All fixings are obtained from providers who address Nulo’s quality norms. Fish fixings, for instance, are economically obtained and safeguarded without ethoxyquin. None of their fixings, including nutrients and minerals, come from China.

What Cat Food Ingredients are in Nulo Used?

Nulo Cat Food Recall


No feline food contains high protein, and 83% of it comes from a creature source, where a feline would ordinarily get its protein. Feline food varieties made with creature proteins have more essential amino acids and are better preferred for the most part. All Nulo feline food contains meat like chicken, turkey, duck, or salmon as its fundamental fixation.

Genuine Fruits and Vegetables

No food additionally contains genuine soil products like cranberries, yams, blueberries, carrots, kelp, spinach, and other healthy food varieties. These regular fixings give fiber to assist with adjusting your feline’s stomach-related framework, cancer prevention agents to assist with helping their resistant framework, and a lot of nutrients and minerals for by and significant wellbeing.

Rosemary Extract

No food utilizes Rosemary removal or regular comparative additives, and there are no nasty synthetic additives like BHA or BHT in any of the plans. You will likewise not track down any colors.


Nullo free food is without grain and contains no corn, wheat, or soy items. These fixings are not typical to your feline’s eating routine and could agitate their stomach-related framework or cause a hypersensitive response. Likewise, corn and soy are two of the most hereditarily changed food varieties you can take care of your feline.

High Protein Low Carbohydrate

Felines are carnivores and needn’t bother with carbs in the eating routine. Nulu considers this and gives the fundamentals so your feline can develop sound and carry on with a long life. Protein gives your felines the energy they need to remain dynamic, and it assists them in staying full longer.

Different Recipes

One extraordinary benefit of the new feline food brand is the incredible assortment it offers pet people. Felines are famously particular, and it tends to be very hard to track down a brand of food they will eat. Nullo knows this and takes care of the issue by offering you many plans to get in wet food, dry food, or even freeze-dried food.

Conclusion – Is Nulo Good Brand?

Indeed Nulo being a new brand is gaining immense popularity within no time. It commits to the quality of food and utilizes the best possible ingredients. There are plenty of recipes from their store to pick up and feed your cat without any worry. And most importantly their products have never been recalled so you can enjoy their food without giving a second thought.