Meow Mix Cat Food Recall 2021-2022: Ingredients, Shortage, and Sourcing

Meow Mix is a famous brand in the cat food market. Meow Mix cat food is available worldwide. Cats love Meow Mix cat food. However, it doesn’t mean Meow Mix cat is the best option for cats. Every cat food lacks something or maybe doesn’t suit the cats. To know about better Meow Mix, we must look at the Meow cat food recalls.

One recall is not a big deal. There is no recall for Meow Mix packages in their history since 1974. Recently a recall took place in April 2021, when Meow Mix dry cat food was potentially salmonella contaminated. So Meow Mix seems a reliable brand for cats since they have no recall record until 2021.

Meow Mix is considered the best cat food for all cats, even for picky eaters. Meow Mix cat food is an excellent option with no health concerns. However, they don’t use the best ingredients in their recipes. But, Meow Mix cat food is a favorite among cat owners. Customer reviews are also in favor of Meow Mix.
Here we have a comprehensive article for readers to know more about the Meow Mix. Also, we have mentioned all the ingredients they make in their recipes. Through our research, we also get to know sourcing and Manufacturing. Then we finally judged whether Meow Mix was good or not.

Is Meow Mix cat food being recalled?

Meow Mix Cat Food Recall

Meow Mix is a famous brand for cat food, and cats love their cat foods. There is no such information found related to it. So it seems Meow Mix cat food will be continued. However, if you heard any information if it is being discontinued, don’t believe it. There is no chance about it.

Unfortunately, it has been found that Meow Mix has discontinued some cat food lines. This information is mentioned on the online website of Meow Mix. They said Meow Mix grain-free dry and wet cat food had been discontinued. Still, they have plenty of tasty options for their customers.

Is Meow Mix cat food bad?

Meow Mix cat food is not bad at all for your cat’s diet. However, Meow Mix is not the best option as cat food. The recipes of Meow Mix cat food make use of artificial ingredients, added preservatives, and colors. These additives are allergic to cats. Also, most recipes are grain included. We recommend you to opt for their wet varieties since these recipes have more animal protein and cat-friendly food.

About Meow Mix Brand

Meow Mix was introduced in 1974. Nestle Purina Company originally owned the Meow Mix brand. The owners of the Meow Mix brand kept changing many times over the next forty years.

Firstly, Del Monte Foods bought the Meow Mix; Del Monte was the owner of the Big heart pet brands. Then a firm called Cypress Group acquired the Meow Mix. After a long time, Meow Mix was returned to Del Monte.

In 2015, Big heart pet food brands were sold to J.M Smucker. Since Meow Mix was part of the Big heart pet food brand family, Meow Mix was also acquired by The J.M. Smucker Company.

Back in 1974, the famous tagline of Meow Mix was the cat food cats ask by name. It was a creative tagline to drive their customer. With a catchy tagline, there was a memorable theme song. The lyrics of the piece consists of “Meow Meow Meow Meow” only, which is repeated multiple times along with various cats moving their mouths. It is to create as if cats are verbally speaking.

Meow Mix Cat Food Ingredients

One thing to love about Meow Mix cat food is that they offer an excellent flavor for cats. To formulate this sweet flavor, Meow Mix has some key ingredients added in their recipes. Every recipe has its ingredients. Also, Meow Mix produces a wide range of cat foods. So we look at each ingredient used for dry and wet cat food.

Dry Cat Food Ingredients

The dry cat food recipes of Meow Mix are most famous, and cats love to eat them. As it is dry, it is easy to feed the cats without spilling on the floor if your cat is a picky eater. However, the ingredients used in dry cat food are not best since recipes are loaded with carbs.

Most of the dry recipes contain corn gluten meal as the primary ingredient for a protein source. Though it provides a high-quality plant protein, cats are not assumed to consume plant proteins. Also, in dry cat food recipes, Soybean meals can be found. These ingredients come with health concerns for cats and may result in phytoestrogen.

As for meat content, Meow Mix dry cat foods use meat by-products for animal proteins such as chicken by-products and beef by-products. But, meat by-products are low-quality meat. Some of the meat by-products contain more animal fat instead of animal protein. However, meat by-product provides better nutrition value for a cat’s dietary needs.

For carbohydrates, ground whole corn is added. In addition, Meow Mix dry cat food comes with added flavor, minerals, and vitamins.

Wet Cat Food Ingredients

Instead of dry cat food, cats love to eat wet cat food the most. Wet cat food recipes are more delicious than dry food because it comes with gravy and tasty ingredients. The good thing about wet cat food is that it contains authentic meals for animal protein. However, their wet recipes contain plant protein, but not more than animal protein. Chicken and tuna are used as primary ingredients in Meow Mix wet cat food.

For gravy, soil bean oil is used in most fish-based recipes to provide fat content and a good flavor. Meow Mix also uses stabilizer ingredients like guar gum, which is not cat-friendly and comes with serious health concerns.

Meow Mix Sourcing and Manufacturing

There is no information regarding ingredients sources for Meow Mix. It went from owner to owner until J.M. Smucker acquired meow Mix. J.M. Smucker Company produces several other cat and dog foods for Natural balance and Rachael Ray Nutrish.

Unfortunately, Meow Mix doesn’t share any information related to the sourcing of ingredients. We were unable to find the reason behind it. But, it might create a trust issue a little bit. Already it is known the quality of the ingredients is not good.

As for the Manufacturing, dry cat food is made in San Francisco, California, and wet cat food is made in Bloomsburg, PA. Some Meow Mix wet cat foods are prepared in Thailand as well. It can also be guessed that Mix cat food is produced in the J.M. Smucker Company facilities.

Meow Mix Cat Food Shortage 2021

More cats are adopted in families during the pandemic period. According to the survey, it was found that millions of families have acquired pets, due to which demand for cat foods has increased several times. With increased demand, there is a shortage of cat foods from manufactures in many areas. Meow Mix shortage is due to the problem with shipping across the countries, and pet food companies are struggling to keep up with demand.

As for the Meow Mix, they were also facing a shortage of ingredients due to shipping problems. Due to shortage, Meow Mix revenue has decreased a lot. Also, shortage affected the prices of Meow Mix cat foods. Meow Mix also focused on health and wellness-related cat food manufacturing rather than increasing product variety.

Meow Mix also increased their employee numbers to meet the demand. As long there is the threat of pandemic situation, this shortage of Meow Mix cat food may take to recover. However, cat owners may take steps to cook homemade cat food for their cats.

Conclusion – Is There a Recall on Meow Mix Simple Servings Cat Foods?

Meow Mix Cat Food Recall

In short, Meow Mix cat food is good for cats if it is offered in moderation. Also, Meow Mix cat food is convenient and cat-friendly. However, their ingredients are not in favor of a cat’s health. However, there are no such complaints about the recipes and have only one recall in their history. It is better to avoid Meow Mix cat food if your cat is on a grain diet since all recipes are grain included.
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