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Cat food matters a lot when it is about your lovely pet cat. So do it justice; your cat deserves high-quality Mauri Koha cat food. High-quality cat food that’ll take place in your cat’s heart. Cats also need a well-balanced diet to stay healthy. Also, it is tough to select a good and trustable cat food brand. Read our Mauri Koha cat food review and know about it’s customers feedback, ingredients and recall report.

Mauri Koha cat food is full of flavor and nutrition for a cat’s dietary needs. Mauri cat foods are all wet versions and come in cans. Mauri believes wet cat food is better than dry food because wet food has the moisture that a cat requires.

As a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to find the best cat food for your cat friend. We have shared a complete review of Mauri’s cat food brand for your easiness, which canned cat food to select. This review is based on research and customer reviews.

About Mauri Or Koha Cat Food

Please don’t confuse it with the name Mauri. Mauri is now more popularly known as Koha in New Zealand. Mauri and Koha pet food brand was founded in 2014. Mauri Koha are specialists in wet pet food recipes. A couple initiated the story of Mauri and Koha pet food.

The couple’s first invasion in the pet industry was with grooming products in 2018. Eventually, they changed their design to make pets thrive. Mauri/Koha wet pet foods are rich in moisture, 80-90 percent protein, and free from grains. Mauri/Koha provides ideas for cat food for picky eater cats.

Mauri Cat Food Recall

As per the information available on the internet, we found nothing terrible about about the Mauri and Koha product. But the recipe formulated is under the care of animal nutrition experts. Also, there is not much information available about this brand.

The responses are also positive from their customers. Customers seem to like the quality of Mauri cat food. Also, some customers have bad experiences, but the percentage is low, like less than 10%.

After giving it a try, many reviews mention that they changed their cat food brand to Mauri/Koha. To know the quality of food, give it a try yourself. Something is better than nothing.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Mauri/Koha pet food company can be found in Delray Beach, Florida. Most of their ingredients are sourced from the United States, France, Germany, Canada, or Denmark. New Zealand and Australia are also sources for a few ingredients. Their tuna is wild-caught. The kangaroo, lamb, and venison are free-range. The rest of the animal meat is sourced from the farm.

Three companies manufactured the Mauri/Koha pet food. One of them is Simmons Food which is located in Toronto, Canada. Another company is Thai Union, located in Thailand. The last one is also a famous company that is Asian Alliance in Thailand. Most of the Mauri Koha pet food is manufactured in Thailand.

Mauri Koha Cat Food Ingredients

If your cat is a picky eater and even premium food is not enough. But your cat will surely love Mauri cat food due to the high-quality ingredients used in cat food recipes.

The wide variety of fresh ingredients in Mauri cat food adds moisture and flavor and is also easy to digest, and spreads a pleasing meat aroma, which encourages cats to eat more.

All ingredients used in Mauri cat food are limited, whether it is chicken pate, turkey pate, wild kangaroo, venison stew, or others. So that it fulfills the essential dietary needs of your cat. Most importantly, all of the cat foods of this brand are grain-free, starch-free, and gluten-free to avoid any harm to your cat.

Mauri Koha Cat Food Reviews

All the recipes of Mauri cat food are appreciated by their customers, and even many customers’ opinions change, after using once, for Mauri cat food due to its quality of meat.

Since Mauri is a specialist in wet cat food. No need to include dry cat food. We have recommended a few Mauri cat food products that are best in flavor and for a picky eater. Don’t be left out; try this once while we share the best Mauri cat food review.

Koha Limited Ingredient Diet Rabbit Au Jus for cats Review

It has 96% meat as a core ingredient. It is an excellent choice for your cat since it has only meat by-products. If your cat is allergic to chicken, this rabbit flavor and moisture cat food will hit your cat.

This contains low carbohydrates, which are relatively good for a cat. Also, a good source for omega-3 fatty acids and fibers due to added pumpkin. Overall this is meat-based cat food for a cat’s daily dietary needs.


1. Moisture loaded.

2. No added flavor and preservatives

3. Only required carbohydrates.

4. Support cat’s growth

5. No digestion problems


1. Some added thickener

Koha Limited Ingredient Diet Shredded Lamb Entrée in Gravy for Cats Review

Lamb meat with gravy is the secret of this limited recipe. The most lovely thing is the high-quality protein and Moisturized with tasty gravy.

However, it has carbohydrates sourced from pumpkin and tapioca. For fat, sunflower oil is added. It is made in such care, your cat’s dietary needs are fulfilled.


1. Limited ingredients

2. Only one type of protein

3. Delicious gravy

4. No added preservatives and colors

5. Rich in moisture


1. Additional carbohydrates

2. Sunflower oil

Is Mauri Koha Cat Food Good For Cats?

Both of the above recommendations are made with limited ingredients. Also, it is rich in moisture, which supports the cat’s digestion. Also, meat by-products are sourced from farms, so no chance of being allergic.

All recipes are manufactured with only natural animal protein. However, there are added carbohydrates in cat food but in a limited amount under 5%. Overall, Mauri and Koha stand to its name for cat’s food on the pet food market.


In short, Mauri cat food is good for cats. Mauri cat foods are formulated with high-quality ingredients. Mauri cat food is a specialist in wet cat food to improve cats’ digestion and healthy life.

We hope this article helps you with decision-making about the Mauri brand. Giving it a try is worth it. Leave us a comment if there is something illegal in this article. 

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