Luv Some Cat Food Reviews In 2022 – Recall & Ingredients

LUVSOME believes that a balanced diet is a key to helping our pets stay happy and healthy for a long time. Their commitment to quality means that every bowl is “LUVSOME Approve” and that you’re giving your pet a 100% complete and balanced nutrition meal. Here you can read about some positive and negative Of Luv Some cat food reviews.

Luvsome(Luvsome cat treats review) specializes in high-quality, nutritionally balanced pet foods. Their line of food, unlike many other brands that have cereals as the first ingredient, is made up of a high percentage of meat consumed.

Plus, their dog food is a guarantee to be at least 25% crude protein. Luvsome cat food also claims about its nutritional content, including calcium, linoleic acid, vitamin E, and selenium.

Their line of cat food also contains meat meal as the first and main ingredient and contains at least 32% crude protein. Plus, their cat food has essential fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A, and taurine.

Digital coupons are available to purchase Luvsome cat food at all Kröger stores. Kroger stores include Kroger, Baker, Fred Meyer, City Market, Dillon, Food4Lace, Foods Company, Gerbs, JE Sea Food Stores, Ralphs, Smiths, QFC, Owens, King Doppers, Pay Less Super Markets, and Fries.

If you live in the United States, you will likely find at least one or more stores near you.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

luvsome cat food review

No exact information about the manufacturing location of Luvsome cat food that we found. It’s sourced only in the United States, and thousands of stores sell it. Like other cat food such as Purina and Blue Buffalo expand their food products for cats worldwide.

Ingredients used by Luvsome cat foods sourced from the US to make a perfect taste for cats. We analyze its good elements, but they also use a few ingredients that are not suitable for your cat’s health.

Customer Reviews

Cat owners are happy with the food when we read thousands of reviews on Luvsome cat treats, but its food makes a good taste not feedable for every day because they use wheat, and corn which is not a proper meal for your cat.

Quality and Quantity

luvsome cat food

The Packaging of the Luvsome food looks decent. You don’t have to worry about the packing stuff. Compared to other brands, food is made with ingredients that make a catchy taste. Many brands use artificial colors and flavors which are not recommended for cats, and it causes serious diseases.

Luvsome Cat Food Ingredients

Unfortunately, Luvsome uses inferior quality ingredients, including:

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Brewer’s rice
  • Corn Gluten Miles
  • Ean soy meal
  • Animal fat

Some of the above elements are considered by many to be the lowest when it comes to pet food ingredients. Corn and wheat are probably the least popular grain ingredients and have been shown to cause many problems and health issues.

They are also very dense sources of carbohydrates, and the combination of these materials will produce a disproportionate amount.

Another scary component that is unclear is animal fat. This can include fats from a variety of animals, and the fact that the manufacturer is not ready to state the exact source is a serious concern.

However, Luvsome contains complete and named meat ingredients.

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Salmon

These three ingredients are most often found in dog food. They are inexpensive and very nutritionally dense.

Whole meat ingredients such as these should be the core of every dog’s food and preferably the first ingredients listed. They provide highly digestible protein and fat.

Look at Luvsome Cat Foods

Luvsome™ Natural Chicken Cat Food
Luvsome™ Salmon Dinner Wet Cat Food
Luvsome™ Turkey & Giblets Dinner Cat Food
Luvsome™ Gourmet Chicken Dinner Cat Food
Luvsome® Indoor Turkey Adult Dry Cat Food
Luvsome® Kitten with Chicken Cat Food
Luvsome™ Tuna Entree Flaked in Gravy Cat Food

Positive Reviews Of Luv Some Cat Food(Luvsome Reviews)

  • I love the Luvsome brand! My cat eats Luvsome cat food, and she loves it more than frizz. He eats kinky Surfin turf in and loves it, but when I slowly changed him to Lovesam, he loved it and was looking forward to it. It’s a good brand, and the prices are reasonable too!
  • My cats and I all have asthma, and kitty litter dust is a big problem for me. I also have a problem with some perfumes. As I said, I never felt there was such a difference between different brands. I was thinking about kitty litter, probably because when I first started, I was a kid and the only type of non-collectible debris available. We did not pay attention to the changes that have taken place over the years, nor to their specificity. I avoid people with a strong scent because they irritate my sinuses and make our asthma worse. Luvsome isn’t dusty at all, and as I mentioned, it is a bit sandy and clayey. I have beautiful cats, and there are two different brands here, as well as a few different types and litter boxes.

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Luv Some Kitten Food Reviews

  • I usually stick to high-profile cat litters, but I was having trouble with the large grains of litter like cement in my cat’s paws, so I decided to look for another kitty litter.
  • I have had cats for many years, but before I had this problem, I had no idea how different kittens can be. Luvsome is a Kroger product, that’s why I bought it. The litter is softer and looks more like sand than larger, hard grains. It doesn’t form into hard lumps when wet, but is more clayey and stays together that way.
  • It does a great job of masking trash odors when my cats take the time to cover their stuff, and the price is right, especially if you can find it on sale.

Negative Reviews Of Luv Some Cat Food

  • I bought a lovely cat flea treatment …. it is entirely UNUSABLE … made the problems much worse. My recommendation: do not use this product. No. You don’t need your money. Your stomach will be MISERABLE.
  • I bought an adorable cat flea treatment …. it’s worthless !!! Not only did it not work as expected, but it also made the situation worse! My two kittens have eaten and under veterinary care! This product must be PROHIBITED !!! It’s a waste of money … and it causes a lot of problems !! Like vet fees and sick animals. I like that my money is returned to me so that I can better take care of my little kitties.

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Luvsome Dry Cat Food Reviews

  • Balance is right – in life, in play, and especially in nutrition. That’s why Luvsome ™ is committed to crafting nutritious, great-tasting cat food. Our New Sensitive Systems and Hairball formula now made with real meat as the # 1 ingredient and no artificial flavours. You can feel confident knowing you’re serving your pet a 100% complete and balanced meal and high-quality cat food that you’ll find exclusively in our stores.
  • Fluke seems to like it well enough! I still have to mix some of her usual hard food in with it to get her to it every time. We did it bit by bit up to s whole bowl of just the Luvsome as suggested, but when I did the bowl 100% Luvsome, she didn’t touch it for an entire day. I had to remake the bowl as a mix and tempt her with snacks, but as long as I mix it now, she’s into it. She seems to be in generally better health and mood, though! She’s more playful, more superior to my daughter, and has begun sleeping with me at the foot of the bed again!

Luvsome Wet Cat Food Reviews

  • Paw-licking good with 100% complete and balanced nutrition to boot. Luvsome wet cat food is sure to satisfy the finickiest of cats and the choosiest of owners. Spoil your kitty with different flavors each night of the week when you bring home cans of our wet cat food. We offer a delicious menu of options from chicken pate to flaked tuna diner or salmon. They come in individual cans or multiple-flavor variety pack.
  • I was very impresse! She hasn’t liked wet food in general for well over a year, and she never wanted anything fish-flavored except for treats. But I left this out, and she ate the whole can! Was pretty awesome!
  • She went right to this one and licked off a lot of the gravy and liquid in the can. But unfortunately, I didn’t see her eat any of it.
  • She didn’t like this at all. Which is odd, because even though she doesn’t usually like wet food, the only hard food she ever eats is chicken flavore and I figure that at least she would be interested in a chicken-flavored wet food, too.
  • We also received these toys as an extra treat just for Fluke to enjoy! Although I don’t have to review them, I will say Fluke has been in HEAVEN! with these!
  • It’s a four-pack with two of each, so I took off one for each and saved the other ones for when the first get lost or torn up, but they’ve held up for about a month so far!

Luvsome Cat Food Alternatives

Luvsome cat food is not much available in the market if you can find similar foods with high-quality ingredients. Check the latest offers here:-

Some More Reviews Of Luv Some Cat Food

luvsome cat food reviews

I like my animals. I have two dogs, five cats, and a pair of fish – and I spend a lot of time with them! They are critical to me, and this is the food I give them. I’m very loyal to my brands – but the other day – this email came in:

A new brand of pet food called Luvsome sent me this fantastic photo with their pets (they are so beautiful) along with coupons to try out their unique brand of food. They added me to this photo, so I had to check it out.

It was great to run out of cat food. Luvsome is a good deal – it was more affordable than my usual brand of dog food – but was it that good?

They have an easy table on their site foomparing content. It’s great to see that Lovesam contains meat protein and whole grains.

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Know more about Luv Some

The other thing I liked is the resizable bottleneck of the product. With dog food – I have a container to keep it – but with my cat food, I don’t have any – so that’s great! I can’t believe the pet food brands haven’t been able to detect it yet. Sometimes a little skill helps a lot!

But – convenience, content, price – they’re all great – but what’s the most important thing? Will my cat eat it?

So here’s a video of Mystery – his old dish on the left – and the new Lovesome on the right. It is a success! He gags her (she always does).

They have a wide variety of wet cat food flavours (they are dry and wet for cats). I went to get the bag. Some of them prefer the “peat” texture while others prefer the more flaky/lumpy varieties. I usually feed my dry cats water as a special treat at a time.

Ivy was very curious about this new food and just look at me to try it. She can be a fat pussy, but she can be persistent!

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FAQ- Luvsome Cat Food Reviews

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