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Cat food is the best source of nutrition for your cat to keep them healthy. Not just cat food, it must be of high quality to boost your cat’s immune system. Also, well-balanced nutrition is essential in cat food according to cat species. Today, we have write an overview on Lily Kitchen cat food review, ingredients and recall report.

A decade ago, Lily’s Kitchen cat food was introduced just to provide healthful food for cats. Lily’s Kitchen produces cat food only using organic ingredients to support the good health of cats. Lily’s Kitchen also offers a wide range of pet food for dogs and cats.

We will know more about lily’s kitchen cat food in this article. The information mentioned in this article is based on the latest research and after reading all the reviews of old customers.

About Lily’s Kitchens

Lily's Kitchen Cat Food Review

Lily’s Kitchen is a pet food brand and is currently established in the UK. There is a story behind it. The founder of Lily’s Kitchen is Henrietta and was founded ten years ago. Henrietta had a border terrier lily. That dog was suffering from skin allergies.

To treat this, she decided to change the diet instead of processed pet food. She made her recipe using organic meat and vegetables. From there, it has now become a brand. Lily’s Kitchen has its official website. Lily’s Kitchen pet foods are manufactured in the UK or Europe. The exact location is still unknown.

Lily’s Kitchen Cat Food Recall

Based on research and data collection, there is no information that lily’s Kitchen has ever been recalled. It seems that Lily’s Kitchen cat food is recall-free.

Also, It interprets that lily’s Kitchen has been taking safety and quality processes seriously for the last ten years. We hope this record is held for the future as well. On reading reviews, it is seen to have a positive effect on their customers.

However, Pet owners are supposed to be vigilant regarding any future recall for any pet food brand.

Lily’s Kitchen Ingredients

The high-quality meat and fish ingredients included in Lily’s kitchen recipe are chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, salmon, venison, whitefish, and trout.

Chicken and turkey are common ingredients used in recipes because they are easy to source. Lily’s Kitchen also uses organ meat like liver to enhance the flavour and increase vitamins and minerals.

For a source of carbohydrates, Potatoes and sweet potatoes are normal in grain-free recipes. Grain-free recipes also use peas and lentils for carbohydrates, fibres.

Grain-inclusive recipes of Lily’s Kitchen use grain ingredients such as Rice, Oats, and Barley. Sine grains in pet food are controversial.

Eggs can also be found in Lily’s kitchen recipes. To enhance the animal-based fat, chicken fat is usual in pet food and is included in Lily’s Kitchen.

Flaxseed is expected in premium pet food and is the best source of omega-three fatty acids. Alfalfa is added in small quantities for vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B. Lily’s Kitchen uses both of them in their recipe.

Lily’s Kitchen Dry Cat Food

Lily’s Kitchen offers a wide range of dry cat food on the market, full of quality ingredients and nutrition. Dry cat foods are easier to store and are crunchy in texture.

Lily’s kitchen dry cat food recipes are focused on using white meats and fish ingredients. One of the adult dry cat food contains 70% meat with a well-balanced nutrient.

All dry cat foods of Lily’s Kitchen are created under vets and nutritionists to provide the whole cat’s dietary needs. Some of the dry foods are recommended in the list of best lily’s kitchen cat food.

Lily’s Kitchen Wet Cat Food

Wet cats are more preferred over dry ones because of their taste and ease of digestion. Lily’s Kitchen also offers a wide range of wet cat food with many flavours on the market.

Lily’s Kitchen includes fish and high-quality meats for premium taste and especially for picky eaters. Also, the amount of water is enough to keep a cat hydrated and supports kidney functions.

Lily’s Kitchen classified its wet cat foods based on age, special diets, and ingredients. The variety of wet cat foods introduced by Lily’s Kitchen are gourmet dinners, elegant suppers, cat treats, and selection boxes. Now your cat can have a luxurious menu every day.

Best Lily’s Kitchen Cat Food Review

Lily’s Kitchen cat foods are available in an extensive range of varieties. However, wet cat food recipes are more abundant, whereas dry cat food recipes offer a small range of selections.

Here are our best lily’s kitchen cat food recommendations for your lovely cat’s health. After going through all the products of lily’s kitchen food recipes, we made this best list.

Lily’s Kitchen Kitten Chicken and White Fish Complete Dry Food Review

This cat food is recommended for kittens to support bones and cartilage for better growth. It is naturally well balanced with nutrition dry food for kittens up to 1-year-old. It is specially designed to fulfil the kitten’s diet requirement.

Lily’s kitchen kitten chicken and white fish complete dry food contains 50 per cent chicken, 15 per cent chicken liver, and 10 per cent whiter fish. This recipe is 75% meat to grasp the attention of kittens. The size of dry cat food is kibble. It has no grains.


1. Well balanced diet

2. Kibble dry cat food

3. No grains

4. 75% chicken

5. Improve growth

6. Taurine present


1. Small portion of veg.

2. Only for kittens

Lily’s Kitchen Complete Chicken Casserole Adult Dry Food Review

This is an excellent meal for your cat. It is a well-balanced meal with 75% chicken, 5% chicken liver. It has a flavour like a chicken casserole. Also, no grains are added to this recipe. Taurine is essential for a cat’s dietary needs. It does have taurine with added vitamins and minerals.

There are no plant-based ingredients added to this recipe at all. Also, the formula contains an incredible proportion of protein and fats to support good health. This recipe does not have any added preservatives and filler to avoid any allergy to a cat. It is designed to help the skin, coat, stomach, and eyes.


1. Hypoallergenic

2. Freshly prepared meat

3. No grains added

4. No preservatives

5. Chicken casserole flavour


1. Not for kittens

Lily’s Kitchen Multipack Adult Natural Wet Cat Food Review

Naturally well-balanced wet cat food for adult cats. This recipe has chicken, turkey, and duck, lamb flavours just to make a cat day. There are essential taurine and vitals in the recipe for a cat’s health.

It has a shredded premium chicken fillet served in delicious juices as an excellent meal for a cat.


1. Multipack

2. Taurine

3. Premium chicken fillet

4. No preservatives

5. Multi flavour

6. Fresh meat

7. Support heart function


1. Pricey

2. Allergic due to veg portion

Lily’s Kitchen Adult Organic Fish Dinner Complete Wet Cat Food Review

This recipe is prepared using fresh meats such as 26% organic fish, 12% organic pork, 12% organic chicken, and 10% organic beef. If your cat prefers seafood flavours, this recipe is for your cat. Fish is the core ingredient. Also, it provides essential vitamins and minerals with taurine as well.

It is an excellent choice for a dinner meal for adult cats. It focuses on keeping cats’ healthy eyes and improves the immune system with omega fatty acids.


1. Fresh organic meat

2. Fish focused

3. Keep healthy eyes

4. No preservatives

5. Taurine

6. Extra lickable.


1. Allergic due to fish

Lily’s Kitchen Feeding Guide

Every cat needs a complete and well-balanced diet to keep them fit and fine. To avoid any suffering to your cat, Lily’s Kitchen also provides a feeding guide. Before purchasing cat food, there are many factors to consider.

Wet or dry cat food

It depends on a cat’s preferences and taste for the flavours. Lily’s Kitchen believes wet cat food is better in terms of moisture to improve cats’ digestion.

Grain-free pet food

Cats can’t consume carbohydrates from starch, and it may hurt the stomach. Dry cat food contains more carbohydrates than wet cat food. If possible, look for grain-free cat food.

Provide the right balance.

Lily’s kitchen recipes are carefully prepared with a completely balanced diet to fulfil the cat’s dietary needs.

Lily’s kitchen Animal Testing

There is no information regarding if lily’s Kitchen participated or not in animal testing. All cat owners are assumed to look for future communication. Also, inform us if we missed anything.

Conclusions – Is Lity’s Kitchen Good For Cats?

Lily's Kitchen Cat Food Review

Lily’s Kitchen is an excellent brand for cat food. Their recipes are made with high-quality fresh meat. Also, lily’s Kitchen has a good range of cat food. Although it may be slightly expensive, nothing in front of quality.

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