Lidl Cat Food: Review | Recall | Pouches & Tins

According to research Lidl cat food founded in Germany and after it can gain popularity in the European market. Also, they have a corporate website which was established in 1994. In this lidl cat food review, we have provided some valuable information regarding its pouches and tins price, nutritional pros and cons and possible price.

No doubt from the last few years, Lidl cat food is leading in the front in the UK that manufactures food for cats. Compared to other brands in the United Kingdom, Lidl cat food pouches and tins have quality ingredients that provide a quality meal to our cats. 


No doubt, cats demand Lidl cat food but is it food for them when it comes to diet. Coshida and Orlando are two major cat food products that are manufactured by Lidl. Today, we have analyzed Lidl cat food quality, ingredients, and how it is for cats. 

Disclaimer: We have written this unbiased Lidl review according to our research, analysis and after tasting food. It’s not written by a vet. 

Lidl Cat Food Recall

Is Lidl cat food recalled? No, we did not find any information about the Lidl cat food recall. But, Lidl Lancaster foods has recalled on 11 January 2021 because of lots of butternut squash noodles. Lidl is a multi-tasking company that manufactures foods for both humans and cats in the UK.

Lidl claims that their food is trustworthy and high in quality, and safe at the best prices. They know quality standards when designing cat foods. 

Lidl Coshida Dry Cat food Review

Coshida Cat Food Reviews | Coshida Dry and Wet Cat Food
Lidl Coshida Cat Food

We do not find any single customer reviews on Lidl Coshida dry cat food. But the cat owner used it for cats in 2021. Lidl Coshida Dry cat food made with chicken and duck which is an excellent protein source for cats. But Lidl Coshida also contains vegetables that are not recommended for cats as primary food.

Lidl cat food is good for cats moderation. Lidl offers two types of cat food named Coshida dry and premium. 

Lidl Kitten Cat Food

Lidl doesn’t sell cat food for kittens. Lidl Coshida and Orlando are two recipes that are manufactured by Lidl in the UK. 

Lidl cat food pouches are available in dry and premium for adult felines not for kittens. 

Who makes Lidl cat food? Lidl brand designed Coshida and Orlando cat food. Coshida available in dry flavours and Orlando is a premium food for cats. Both are available on Lidl’s official website where customers buy them.

Lidl Cat Foods Pouches and Tins

Lidl Coshida Pouches range in around 2 pounds which is available in a premium look. Cat Food by Lidl pate with poultry is my most favourite pouches made with natural and fresh ingredients. 

Also, Lidl pouches are more suitable for a single meal and affordable price. Compared with other cat food pouches, Lidl has similar but lack in availability. 

For the furry friend, Lidl offers quality tins, dry food, and pouches in Coshida cat food. Also, Lidl designed cat food litter which is available at very affordable prices for cats. 

Is Lidl cat food  made with good ingredients?

There is no information on this. Lidl cat food nutrition value not on its food but Lidl Coshida made with chicken and duck which are high sources of protein and provide a balanced diet.

Is Lidl cat food in gravy? 

Lidl cat food named Coshida is available dry, which means it has no gravy. Coshida premium cat food made with quality ingredients and a gravy meal. 

Lidl cat food price varies on flavours. What is the cost of Lidl cat food? Lidl Coshida premium Dry cat food price £2.10 per 100 grams. Compared to other brands, Lidl is affordable with good ingredients and taste.

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