Kindfull Cat Food Review: Recall, Ingredients, Ratings

While browsing for cat food, you must have encountered a new brand. You have heard it the first time about Kindfull because it was recently launched on August 15. Kindfull is launched by the Target Company, which highlights Target’s commitment to providing their guests with an incredible cross-category portfolio of owned brand options to choose from. Our Kindfull cat food review tells you all about its recall, ratings, ingredients, and nutrition benefits.

What made the Target team launch Kindfull? According to Target’s research, most of its shoppers are pet owners, who say they are looking for a high-quality pet food brand on a good budget. Then, the Target team worked with pet food and nutrition experts to create a line of pet food with no artificial additions and grains.

Target’s goal is to create a one-stop-shop, and Kindfull is the latest expansion of the goal and hundreds of options across all categories.

Is Kindfull a Good Cat Food?

Kindfull Cat Food Review

Kindfull was recently launched, and there is not enough time to decide whether their cat food is good or not. Considering giving at least a year to a newly launched pet food is better. In this period, Kindfull will be on the market. FDA and other experts have given their advice over Kindfull.

However, Kindfull can be a good cat food since it is free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Also, no byproducts meals and no grains have been used in their recipes. Kindfull mentioned that our pet food is meat-based products using real beef, poultry, or wild-caught fish.

Looking at the customer’s reviews on the Target official website, many customers are happy with the cat food recipes. Almost 82% of customers have recommended it.

Kindfull Sourcing and Manufacturing

Kindfull sources their ingredients from around the world. We got this information from the packaging of their cat food product. It seems that Kindfull is not very transparent about its sourcing. However, all ingredients sourced are sourced from trusted suppliers, as said by the Target team.

Target also mentioned that their relationships with their suppliers are closely connected, and they welcome new suppliers to bring their guests the most relevant products.

As for the manufacturing of their cat food recipes, they are made in the USA. However, they have not disclosed particular facilities where products are prepared.

Kindfull Cat Food Ingredients

On enquiring the ingredients used in the recipes that are labelled on the packaging. The most common ingredients included are Chicken, Salmon, fish, Whitefish, Chicken meal, turkey meal, and Eggs. In addition to it, chicken broth, chicken liver is added to it.

All of these ingredients are great sources of high-quality protein. The crude protein level in Kindfull dry cat food is 32% and in Kindfull wet cat food. Is 8%. Along with animal-based protein, pea protein is added, which is not required in the cat food diet.

Moreover, Kindfull cat foods are formulated using barley, flour, and other plant-based ingredients. Plant-based ingredients are like fillers for cats. However, the recipes of the Kindfull cat food are complete and balanced for the cat’s diet.

All vitamins and minerals are available along with taurine in the food. Also, the carbohydrate level is not high. Kindfull doesn’t include any added preservatives, artificial colours, and flavours, which makes it allergic-free.

Kindfull Cat Food Recall

It has not been a long time since Kindfull was launched. Also, there is no information related to Kindfull on official websites such as FDA, AVMA, and Dogfoodadvisor. There is no such news regarding recalls of Kindfull. So we can say that Kindfull is free of recalls till now.

If there is any update related to recalls, we will update it here as soon as possible. However, the cat owners are advised to be vigilant for future recalls since Kindfull has not tested properly.

As for the lawsuit, no complaints have been filed against Kindfull by any consumer till now.

Kindfull Cat Food Ratings

All customers are assumed to leave their experiences through star ratings and reviews. It is a great way to evaluate a brand’s value through its users. Also, it helps to understand what a product lacks. The best part of the rating is that it discloses the good and bad sides of a product.

Kindfull cat food has got really good ratings. Some cat food of Kindfull has earned 4.8 out of 5 stars, and some recipes got 4.1 out of 5 stars. Customers are really satisfied with the Kindfull cat food recipes, and there are overwhelmingly positive reviews.

One says: Just recently adopted a cat and did not know where to start with food. I ran into Target and bought this in hopes my cat likes it. Picked the smaller size because I wasn’t sure. However, my cat ran straight to it after serving it. We will continue to buy more.

We will rate it 4 out of 5 stars based on ingredients if we are supposed to rate it. Since there are no added preservatives and artificial components but there are plant ingredients. It is concerning while feeding it.

Kindfull Cat Food Alternative

Unfortunately, kindful available only on Target’s official store, here we found supernatural alternatives to it. You can check it also. These cat food are high in quality, made with natural ingredients, and easy to digest. Let’s look into it.

Cat Chow Naturals Indoor with Real Chicken & Turkey Dry Cat Food9/10
Fancy Feast Classic Broths with Chicken & Vegetables Supplemental Wet Cat Food9/10
Tiki Cat Stix Chicken Grain-Free Cat Food Topper9/10
Instinct Original Grain-Free Pate Real Chicken Recipe Wet Canned Food8.5/10
Tiki Cat Queen Emma Luau Grain-Free Canned Food8.5/10

Top Kindfull Cat Food Reviews

Kindfull Cat Food Review
  • Kindfull Chicken and Salmon Recipe
  • Kindfull Chicken Recipe Wet Cat Food
  • Kindfull Salmon and Brown Rice Dry Cat Food
  • Kindfull Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe
  • Kindfull Chicken Recipe Wet Cat Food

Kindfull has a small range of cat food recipes. All recipes are made using chicken and fish as core ingredients. However, they produce both versions of cat foods.

We have curated a list of 5 top Kindfull cat food you can consider buying for your cat for our readers. This is an in-depth review that is stated in simple language. Each recommended recipe is checked manually from ingredients to taste and smell before mentioning here.

We have spent hours and a big team researching these products. We have included the reviews and ratings in research, talked to the cat owners, and asked about their experiences. Also, we considered the nutrition levels according to a cat’s diet. Let’s not wait for long.

Kindfull Chicken and Salmon Recipe – Best for Digestion

This recipe is formulated with real chicken as the first ingredient, along with wild-caught whitefish. Both ingredients are great sources of natural protein for an adult cat. The protein and fat levels of this recipe are 8% and 4%, respectively. No byproduct has been included in the recipes, so there is no suspicious meat in the food.

Kindfull chicken and Salmon recipes are specially designed to support the digestion of an adult cat with the right amount of natural moisture present. Also, the vitamins and minerals are at an appropriate level to support all joints and keep your cat active.

As a thickener, guar gum is used instead of Carrageenan, which is considered safe for cats. Also, this recipe does not make use of artificial colours, flavours, or any preservatives. It is free of grains, soy and corn as well.


1. Real chicken

2. Wild-caught salmon

3. Carrageenan free

4. Grains free

5. No artificial components

6. Balanced diet

7. Taurine


1. Plant-based ingredients included

2. Fish might be allergic to some cats

Kindfull Chicken Recipe Wet Cat Food – Best for indoor cats

This recipe includes only chicken as the core ingredients, chicken broth, and chicken liver to provide high-quality protein for a cat diet. This recipe is specially formulated with the necessary calories for cats to keep them active and healthy. If you look at the nutrition level stats, they are at their minimum required level.

Overall, this food provides an excellent source of balanced nutrition for cats in all life stages. This is great cat food for their value. It doesn’t contain any artificial colour, flavour, or preservatives. Also, this food is not thickened with Carrageenan. So this recipe is free from any inflammatory additives. Also, Moisture is present in the right amount to keep good digestion.


1. Only Real chicken

2. Taurine

3. Balanced nutrition

4. No grains included

5. All vitamins and minerals

6. Natural flavour

7. Moisture


1. Pea Protein

2. Plant ingredients

Kindfull Salmon and Brown Rice dry cat food.

Pet food experts develop this recipe with nutrition guidance from veterinarians. As for the core ingredient of this recipe, wild-caught is used along with brown rice. However, for additional protein sources, chicken and turkey meals have been included. Chicken fat is used to provide fat content.

There is no such ingredient included in the recipe that can be harmful to a cat’s health. There are no such grains added. Also, there are no artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours. It has omega fatty acids to support the immune system to keep your cat healthy. Fibre level is also good to prevent your cat from a hairball.

It is a great choice at affordable prices. Also, the moisture level is 10% which is appropriate for dry cat food. Your cat will chew it easily. There is taurine present as well to support the heart function of an adult cat.


1. Complete diet

2. Real Salmon taste

3. Grain-free

4. No added preservatives

5. Taurine

6. Affordable


1. Brown rice

2. Allergic for some cats due to fish

Kindfull Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe – Best dry cat food for indoor cats

Kindfull chicken and Brown rice recipe indoor dry cat food is formulated with real chicken as the primary ingredient. There are chicken meals, and turkey meals included to provide animal-based crude protein and fat.

This recipe is a source of omega fatty acids for healthy skin and fur coats. This dry cat food is specially made for indoor adult cats in the kibble form support lifestyle of cats. This recipe does not include any artificial colours and preservatives to make it allergic-free. However, it contains whole grains to provide additional nutrition. All ingredients added in this food are approved safe for cat’s health.


1. Real chicken

2. High-quality meat

3. Omega fatty acid

4. Complete nutrition

5. For indoor cats

6. No artificial preservatives


1. Grains included

2. Peas.

Kindfull Chicken Recipe Wet Cat Food – Best for Kittens

This wet cat food is specially formulated for kittens to fulfil their dietary requirement. Chicken and Turkey are used as the primary ingredients to provide high-quality protein and fat. Since this food is a wet version, Carrageenan is avoided as a thickener. Instead, guar gum and Xanthan gum are added. They both are considered safe through testing.

To maintain good health and appetite, it contains the right amount of animal moisture. The taurine level is kept optimum to keep good heart function. Taste is also designed according to a kitten’s preferences. Overall, this food supports all functions and fulfils the dietary needs of a kitten.


1. Best for kittens

2. Complete diet

3. No allergic component

4. No byproducts

5. Support better growth


1. Taste may differ.

Where to buy Kindfull cat food?

Since Kindfull cat food is a private brand of Target, you can buy them from their stores. Target stores can be found in many locations near you. You can use Target’s shop locator provided by Target on their official website to find kindfull products.

However, you can purchase Kindfull cat food online through the Target website. I don’t think you can find this cat food except for kindfull.

Kindfull Cat Food Buying Guide

Kindfull has also mentioned a buying guide for transitioning your cat’s food from old to Kindfull cat food. When introducing a new cat diet to your adult cat, transition slowly, and it may take a week.

Add 25% of kindfull cat food to the old 75% old cat diet for the first two days. This way, your cat will not notice changes in the diet.

Next, for two days trying to increase the portion of Kindfull cat food to 50% with the old diet. Then inspect the behaviour of your cat. If your cat eats it peacefully, then it’s good, and continue it. If it doesn’t eat, decrease the portion to 25%.

Now, time to raise the portion of kindfull cat food to 75%. Again, check if your cat is comfortable with this diet. If not, down the portion. Repeat it until your cat is not ready to eat it.

Conclusion – Is Kindfull a Bad Choice For Cats?

In short, Kindfull cat food is not bad cat food. Their ingredients are all animal-based. There is no such allergic component in the recipes which can harm cats. Also, it is affordable. It may take time to rise in the pet food market. But absolutely will do.

Hope this article is comprehensive for you and aware other cat owners about the new brand – Kindfull.

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