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Cat owners have never compromised when it comes to their cat’s well-being. They find, they use, the best food in the world for them. There are many brands that design the healthiest wet cat foods for cats in the market. It’s a question some cat owners ask “Is wet food bad for cats?” We analyze and overview if you plan to feed wet food to your feline. In this article, we have covered a few public questions on wet food based on our research, and according to vets recommendations.

In the short answer, yes, your cat eats wet foods and it’s not bad for them as a primary food. Many trusted brands created quality ingredients wet food for cats that are high in protein. Obvious cats are obligate carnivores and need high protein from wet foods.

Do cats stay on wet cat food rather than dry? Wet cat foods are high in protein, fat and moisture when compared to dry foods. Dry cat food is high in carbohydrates and less protein content than wet. Also, it depends upon cat age, size, and feeding requirements. Ask your vet whenever you go with your feline for vaccinations.

Why Wet Cat Foods Are Not Bad For Cats?

Cats don’t have a strong thirst drive, so they need water from food. Wet foods have 60-70% water which is an appropriate option for cats. Also, it tends to be higher in protein, and moisture and lower in carbohydrates than dry food.

Feeding wet food to cats ensures they are obtaining the water they need to promote good health and prevent various illnesses such as urinary tract issues. Some veterinarians suggest any wet food is better than dry regardless of quality(NRC,2006: Pierson,2013).

Also, giving wet food to cats can help lose weight compared to freezing dried or dry foods. Some research tells us that cats that eat wet foods are more active and healthiest than cats that eat dry food. A wet food brand is easy to store and serve and many felines love to eat wet food.

Is Wet food better for cats?

As a main diet of cats, wet cat food is the best option. It comes in a variety of flavours and textures and is also easy for picky eaters to find a variety which they are willing to eat.

It’s very difficult for cat parents to find a cat owner for a picky eater that cats will consistently eat. Few cats like certain wet food flavours or prefer gravy based wet foods or pate based wet foods. Some cats like canned food that is stored in the fridge. It means the owner may purchase sized cans of food to feed out. Overall, wet food is not bad for cats and a better alternative than dry content.

How Wet Cat Food Is Better Than Dry?

Both wet and dry foods are better for cats for a couple of reasons. Many cats like to eat dry cat food over wet food. Also, cat owners love to buy dry food because it’s useful for a long time. However, wet foods have higher moisture or water than dry food but you use it for a few days. Many quality ingredients that are used for both wet and dry cat foods are approved by animals and health organisations. It means it is fully safe and secure for felines to eat as a food.

It doesn’t mean dry is not feed-able food for cats. It depends on the cat’s taste, mood, age, behaviour, weight, and daily activities they do. Most of the dry or wet food by famous brands like Blue Buffalo and Royal Canin is made for cat wellness. It’s not a healthy decision whenever a cat owner chooses a product with low ingredients, which can result in bad cat health and strength.

Is Wet Cat Food Bad For Cats Teeth?

No, wet cat food is good for cats teeth because it has higher water content that doesn’t cause tooth decay. However, most wet foods are easy to chew for cats and do not harm their teeth.

However, wet foods are more expensive than dry cat foods than why cat owners go for dry food. But, overall feeding wet foods is a safe option whenever it comes to cats primary diet.

Wet cat foods are designed with fresh and natural meat. Mostly wet foods available in the cans, once you open them, there can be no guaranty you use them for the next day without a refrigerator. Most wet foods are usable for only 24 hours. In addition, dry cat foods are usable for a few days or months, and it is available in packs.

Is it ok to give cats wet food every day?

Yes, you can feed cats wet food every day. Wet cat food is made with fresh and high animal meat and 60-70 per cent of moisture which is suitable for cats health according to veterinarians and studies. There are many reasons if your cats won’t eat wet food.

However, cats need nutrients that fulfil their health. You can also feed both dry and wet if your cats like it. Otherwise, few fruits and vegetables are safe for cats as a treat that complete their eating requirements.

Homemade and semi moisture cat foods are not good to feed without any veterinarian recommendations. 90% of cats are healthiest if they eat wet foods over other foods such as dry, semi-moist, and homemade foods.

Is too much-wet food bad for cats?

Overeating is bad for cats and humans. No side effects of a quality wet food if cats eat too much, but a right portion appropriate for their weight and health.

Is cold wet food bad for cats?

Freezers or refrigerator cold wet food are ok for cats if they are 6-8 hours old. It’s best for cats to eat wet foods between 24 hours after opening them.

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