Is Natural Balance a Good Cat Food – Recall & Review

Is Natural Balance a Good Cat Food? When you decide to get a pet for yourself and especially a cat, you will be a parent. You will have to take care of its routine and food habits to ensure your little fur baby is alright. While there are plenty of choices in the market, people still go for those famed ones. They pick that bag up blindly, even without knowing if that food is recalled or not.

Everyone around knows what the Natural Balance brand is. It is a respected and popular brand among people. But recently, it has been in the attention of the FDA regarding the recalls. It has been issued with plenty of recalls in previous years, and the history continues. Read this text to know more about Natural Balance pet food recalls. 

About Natural Balance

Is Natural Balance a Good Cat Food

Natural Balance is an organization that offers a scope of cat food varieties that addresses enormous worth. When you buy from them, you will not only get delicious quality pet food, and however, it will be conveyed to your home with super ease. Furthermore, the cost is too low because you are getting items straightforwardly, with no center man or lustrous promotion. 

When you purchase Natural Balance pet food rather than one more top-notch brand from the general store, you will, on average, get an additional 45 days per year of free taking care of. It’s undoubtedly one of the compelling preferences for your pet as per all aspects. 

They are sure that the pets will adore their scope of food sources and enhancements. Also, they say that on the off chance that the canine or feline doesn’t love their suppers, they will give you your cashback without any inquiries. You can also browse various flavors in each assortment of the reach. In this way, not exclusively would you be able to choose the variety that suits the age and size of your canine, yet in addition to the flavour they like. On the off chance that you might want to differ the taste of every conveyance, this can be set up.

Background of Natural Balance

The Natural Balance brand commenced around 1989 when the founder Van Patten was a visitor on John Davidson’s show. He ate with the band drummer, Joey Herrick, who protected doggies and cats. When he was a child, Van Patten let him know that he had snakes, gators, and different creatures. The drummer and the founder had thought of making wellbeing nourishment for canines. At that point, Van Patten played tennis with a veterinarian, and she said the best quality food ought to have no filler, no wheat, no corn, no soy, and results. A considerable lot of Natural Balance’s dry recipes keep up with this underlying fixing list; others, for example, the canine food rolls, incorporate wheat flour and sugar. 

Starting in 2014, the food rolls have been reformulated not to contain wheat flour and, on second thought, use earthy colored rice. At first, Natural Balance lost cash until the brand was acquired by Petco and highlighted more than 625 stores. But surprisingly, in May 2013, Natural Balance converged with Del Monte Foods, creator of pet food sources, for example, Kibbles’ n Bits, Meow Mix, and Milo’s Kitchen. In March 2015, The J.M. Smucker Company bought Natural Balance Pet Foods and the Big Heart Pet Brands from Del Monte.

Natural Balance Cat Food Recalls 2021-2022

DateProduct NameLot CodeRetail UPC CodeBest if used by
05/20/215 LB Bag, Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food23633002331008080 06:42N811202:2010-Mar-2022
05/20/2110 LB Bag, Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food23633002351008080 06:42N811202:2010-Mar-2022

Has any other product from Natural Balance been recalled in the past? 

Is Natural Balance a Good Cat Food

The year 2020

Many Natural Balance Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Paté Formula canned cat food was recalled by July 2020. It was found to contain possible elevated levels of choline chloride, which could be dangerous or even fatal if fed to cats. While announcing the recall, the company explained it had already “received reports of adverse reactions” in pets.

The year 2019

In late June 2019, the US Food and Drug Administration identified Natural Balance as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats. However, none of those 16 brands has been recalled as part of the agency’s ongoing investigation. Most, but not all, of the pet foods are grain-free or dry dog food formulations.

The FDA says this is a complex scientific issue that may involve multiple factors and that it cannot even be sure that diet is a cause of heart problems. 

The year 2012 & 2010

In May 2012 and June 2010, the brand recalled its products because of potential salmonella contamination. The recall was part of a wider recall of various brands manufactured at a Diamond Pet Foods facility, and both the Natural Balance recalls involved only dry dog foods.

The year 2007:

The Natural Balance Eatables that are canned dog foods were recalled because of botulinum, the toxin that causes botulism. It was found in human food manufactured in the same Castleberry’s Food Company plant. This issue was due to under-processing on one line of their production facility, and they have shut down this line altogether and recalled all products produced on it.

No reports of illnesses were linked to the Natural Balance pet food. But out of an abundance of caution, Castleberry’s recommended that the affected products be discarded. While botulism can affect some pets, dogs and cats are inherently resistant, and the disease has only been seen occasionally in dogs and has not been reported in cats.

As a part of the massive Menu Foods or melamine in March 2007 recall that shocked the country, specific varieties of Natural Balance dog and cat foods were recalled because of potential melamine contamination.

Lists of all the previous Natural Balance pet foods recalls:

1Natural Balance Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Paté Formula canned cat food, 5.5 oz. cans.July 2020Elevated levels of choline chloride.
2Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison, 5 lb.May 2012Potential for salmonella
3Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison, 15 lb.May 2012Potential for salmonella
4Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison, 28 lb.May 2012Potential for salmonella
5Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice, 5 lb.May 2012Potential for salmonella
6Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Dog Small Breed Bites, 5 lbMay 2012Potential for salmonella
7Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Formula, 5 lb.,June 2010Potential for salmonella
8Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Formula, 28 lb.June 2010Potential for salmonella.
9Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Irish Stew With Beef, Potatoes & Carrots,June 2007Potential for of botulinum
10Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Chinese Take-Out With Sauce With Vegetables and Chicken, 15 oz.June 2007Potential for of botulinum
11Natural Balance Ultra Premium Beef dog food, 13 oz.March 2007Melamine
12Natural Balance Beef Formula dog food, 13 oz. cansMarch 2007Melamine
13Natural Balance Venison and Brown Rice Formula Baked Dog Treats, 14 oz.March 2007Melamine

Conclusion – Is natural Balance A Safe Food?

There are plenty of pet foods recalled by the Natural Balance itself as hazardous products were present. These dangerous products could damage and interfere with the health of your pet. Even if you have been using the recalled product for a long time, you will have to stop it. Using recalled products can pose a threat to various illnesses. The Natural Balance is ultimately the best pet food range, even if its consequences were recalled.