Is 4Health Cat Food Good: Review, Recall, & Ingredients

The 4Health cat food is one of cats’ most likeable cat food and is preferred by cat owners. It is enriched with multiple nutrients, including essential micronutrients for the wellbeing of cats. Nationwide there are retail stores that supply a range of cat food products to the catwalkers residing in those areas through these outlets. Read our 4Health cat food review and get information about its ingredients, recall, manufacturing, price, and more. Is 4Health Cat Food Good?

4Health Brand

A tractor supply company initially started in 1938, which sold tractors’ parts through mailings. Over time, it started as a nationwide supply chain at rural stores. In 2010 the tractor supply brand started to sell dog food from several brands. 4Health introductions in the pet food industry were an unexpected and exceptional success. The company outsourced the products via other companies and supplied tractor parts at affordable prices.  

But at present times, the 4Heath Brand is a prominent member emerging as a preference of the pet owners for pet foods. In terms of affordable pricing and comparing the ingredient quality, it provides the best products to its customers. The products are also enriched with a great amount of nutritional quality and recipes that perfectly suit the pets, fulfilling their bodily needs and maintaining health. 

Sourcing and Manufacturing

4Health is a private entity that was originally solving the purpose of selling tractor parts. But eventually, it emerged as a pet food supplier where the products used to be outsourced from the other companies having the manufacturing units at Meta, Lathrop, California, South Carolina & Gaston. From there, the cat food is supplied to the other parts of the nation through the brand anime 4Health.

Who used to manufacture the pet food supplied by 4Health?

Is 4Health Cat Food Good: Review, Recall, & Ingredients

 The 4Health is a privately owned entity that was initially started as a brandable tractor supply in 1938, which used to supply tractor parts, also other farming items to rural areas at a highly affordable price via Diamond pet foods.  

Is 4Health Cat Food Good in Terms of Ingredients?

The ingredients for the 4health pet food are healthy and sourced from fresh and great quality. Usually, it consists of the sources of standardized ingredients, which are often found in other foods. The Brand used to supply the pet food having premium items in it at a bit higher price tags, particularly depending on the ingredients of the products. In 4health pet food, the quality of the ingredient is not compromised even if the price is cheaper. 

That is why there is no use of corn, soy, or wheat in cat food produced by the 4Health Brand. 

They understand that these cat foods used to have such ingredients are the major source of allergies to acts that are not healthy for them. So, such ingredients are excluded from every item/pet food produced, including artificial flavors, colours/dyes, or other chemically toxic ingredients in food.

As cats are obligate carnivores that see how the protein content demands are higher in the cat food, 4Health ensures that the cat food must have the right amount of protein constitution. Moreover, the cat’s digestive system does not support the digestion of the plant-based protein; therefore, cat products are mostly animal-based protein to enhance the quality of the nutrient/protein content provided to cats throughout the cat food. 

For indoor cats, cat food requires fewer calories due to their lower activity level, which is why to satisfy the calorific quality, such cat food is incorporated with lower caloric intake for cats. But also for the cat food for cat breeds or the environment in which they use to stay outdoors usually has requirements of higher calories comparatively. So, to satisfy their needs, the cat food has to incorporate calories in the cat food adequately. 

4Health Cat Food Recall

 The 4Health cat food is an exclusive pet food brand of tractor supply offering surprising benefits to the pets through their food in terms of accentuating their nutritional quality & quantity. The cat food is cheaper but not compromised with the daily needs of the cat’s body to make the cat’s food cheaper/affordable as the brands have become famous due to the constant recommendation based on their great quality. 

Talking about the recall history of the 4Health cat food brand, the cat food brand has been recalled three times in its history. 

The most recent one was in 2017 February, which is not public until now. The recall occurred due to the investigation by FDA officials, which reveals that the 13.2 oz cat & dog foods have foreign material. 

Later on, the recall petition was issued based on the complaints of various consumers, which was linked to the doctor’s foster and smith dog food, which used to be manufactured via similar canning techniques. But the recall hasn’t received much media attention, and the things get buried. 

Considering the second recall which happened in 2013 to the cat food from 4Health including the reason for having very low thiamine level which is a kind of the essential B1 vitamins of cats. 

In the preceding year, 2012 May month, another incident happened where salmonella contamination was found in all the cat food and dog food products manufactured by Gaston, South California. 

According to one more incident in 2019, there was a heart disease investigation in June month by FDA where 16 brands, including the 4Health, were found falling under this category. None of the 16 brands has been recalled this year due to the ongoing investigation to determine if the cat and dog food areas are per the pet standards.

Is there any shortage of 4Health Cat Food?

Yes, there was a cat food shortage for the 4Health cat food at the retail stores of some of the products. During a short phase of lockdown time, there were problems faced by the cat owners due to the improper supply of the cat food from 4Health It is due to shortage of manufacturing leading to such issues. 

But gradually, things were set at their ordinary pace.

Is 4Health cat food good as a price point?

Compared with other pet food brands, the 4Health cat food scored around 5.7 out of *10, fairly average. And in the study where the 11 pet food brands have participated, none scored over 5. 6 making the 4Health cat food a bit more preferable than the rest. 

Also, in terms of price potential, the 4Health cat food products have good ingredient quality, and in terms of price point, the cat food offers an affordable price range to the cats. This enables the cat owners to have high-quality cat food for their furry feline with less money. Compared with the other brands who used to charge a lot if their products failed in the premium products list or ingredients list. 

Best 4Health Cat Food Reviews

Is 4Health Cat Food Good: Review, Recall, & Ingredients

Talking about the 4Health cat food reviews, it is considered to be quite amazing in terms of the health & wellness of cats. 4Health dry cat food is a very nutritious cat food used to provide the proper essential nutrition to cats. These cat foods are enriched with plant-based nutrition to enhance the nutritional quality of the cat food and ensure that the acts would revise the right amount of nutrition.

4Health Grain-Free Indoor Adult Cat Food Review

It is a kind of dry cat food with chicken as a primary ingredient. These are used to fulfil the nutritional needs of the cats who used to stay indoors. 

Also, they adequately fulfil the maintenance of the lowered calories. It is understood that the caloric requirements for indoor cats are quite lowered. After all, the cats have quite a lower level of activity. In addition to this, it also promotes the healthy weight pageant of those cats. 

The food also contains antioxidants and omega fatty acids to healthier fur and skin type. Chicken is here the primary source of nutrition. Apart from this, he also promotes reducing the hairball issues caused by the acts. It has prebiotic fibre to better cats’ healthy guts and postulates the easily digestible food consumption. 

It is a portion of complete cat food for adults, having ocean fish, sodium bisulfate, potassium chloride, choline chloride and many more. 

In terms of moisture content, it has 10% moisture to enhance the shelf life of cats. 


  • meat and meat-based meals
  • high protein content 
  • Lower in calories 
  • Free from artificial colours, dyes, or food colouring agents. 


  • High carbohydrates also
  • Lowered moisture content 
  • Plant-based ingredients. 

4Health Real Turkey Recipe Review

considering this cat food has the primary source of ingredients as the white fish. Therefore, the kibble is made free from grains to promote the consumption of plant-based nutrition intake for cats. It has fish and fish-based ingredients and includes some plant-based ingredients in the cat food. 

Whitefish are complete fisheries with haddock, whiting, or cod, and they are safe for consumption without hampering the health of the cats. Apart from that, the constituents of the fish product are used to enhance the protein content of the cat food making the cat food more nutritious for consumption for cats. 

Tapioca is the second ingredient in this cat food, enabling the cat food to have the proper carbohydrate, which is also responsible for providing the right shape to the kibbles. 

The cat food is enriched with fortified vitamins & minerals, proteins & amino acids to enhance the flavor and the nutritional content of cat food. In addition, cat food has taurine, salt, chlorine, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, vitamin E, riboflavin, biotin, vitamin B, vitamin D3 to shorten the betterment of cats’ health. 

It also has 10% moisture content, which enhances the shelf-life on one head, but on the other hand, it reduces the amount of hydration for the cats. The owners have to be hydrated if they keep their cats on regular cat food. 


  • Usually relies on the anil based nutrition
  • Free from artificial colours, dyes, and food flavouring agents /preservatives. 
  • Actual food has a moderate amount of protein. 


  • Higher lipid levels. 
  • Fish-based diet which could be allergic to some cats. 
  • The food has lowered mixture content 

4Health Chicken Recipe in Broth for Cats Review

It is a 4Health wet cat food having chicken as a primary source of ingredients. Chicken-based ingredients such as liver, muscle, and meat are used in cat food, and eggs are used to prepare gravy in their natural form. The hydrolyzed animal-based enzyme makes the flavour more enhanced for cats. 

The food is also stabilized with guar beans-derived stabilizing agents ditching the artificial stabilizers, which can cause problems for the cats. Therefore, during the cat food preparation, it is ensured that the cat food must not pose any health-related threat to the consumers. Therefore, the cat food is enriched with the vitamins & minerals required for the cat’s health. 

It has high protein content compared to other cat food. Moreover, in terms of ingredients, cat food has an adequate amount of vitamin E, thiamine, niacin, taurine, zinc oxide, potassium iodide, magnesium sulfate, vitamin B12 and many more. 


  • 82% moisture 
  • Animal-based nutrition
  • Gravy thickening is done with no use of carrageenan
  • Have low lipid content 


  • Higher carbohydrate content 
  • Plant-based content 

Talking about the overall act of food reviews. The cat food has multiple nutritional demands to be fulfilled with the cat food products. Apart from that, the food quality is always improving over time. Also, the actual food from this Brand is safer for consumption. 

Buying Guide

The cat owner needs to get the right approach to selecting the perfect product for their cats. The cat owners must get their cats examined adequately before they land at the product’s destination to get suitable things for the cats. 

Also, one has to analyze the product choices based on the nutritional requirements for the cats and then finalize the product to choose for their fellow furry feline.

It is significant to discover the cats’ bodily needs firstly. Each cat is unique in the demands and the needs of their physical & mental health. Considering the improvement of cats’ physical & mental health, Fiore is crucial to initially identify the list of the requirements and then move to execute the list. 

Visiting the reputed vet will be the first to analyze the cat’s needs depending upon the breed, nutritional deficiency, current health status, environment to which they are exposed, level of activity, and feeding habits/time of feed. It is important to keep in check all the determining factors required for the adequate examination of the requirements of a cat. 

Depending upon the examination analysis, the cat owner can choose to opt for the product taught with the requirements mentioned in the examination analysis. Therefore, it eases the process of dissolving the right product which could be best for your cat. 

During the examination of the nutritional requirements, it is also essential to have the adequate lysates of the cats towards the hypersensitivity of certain kinds of components which might lead to temporary to long-term side effects upon the cat’s health. This, in the end, would be helpful for the elimination of the product, which comes to the way of having the ingredients with which the cat is allergic. 

Our Ratings and Recommendations

The 4Health cat food reviews are very impressive as their ingredient quality is 5 on 10, species appropriateness is 5 on 10 in terms of price, the rating is 8 on 10. Also, as per the consumer experience, they are rated 8 on 10, which is quite appreciable. For a cat of 10 ln, the recipes offered by 4Health cat food range from $0.16 to $0.24 each day for normal recipes. But if the consumer chooses expensive ones such as condensed kibbles, the price becomes a bit higher to $1.62 per day, which is also not too much. 


Has the 4Health cat food been recalled?

Yes, it has been recalled a few times, as mentioned above. The recent recall happened in 2019 due to the lowered amount of vitamin B. 

Is 4Health cat food safe for cats?

Yes, the Brand offers quite affordable and safer recipes for cats, and these foods are affordable and highly nutritious.


4Health cat food is a very likeable brand for cats. And, the product ranges, recipes, and nutrition quality offered by the Brand are reliable and affordable. So, if someone has a question about 4Health cat food, then the cat food is reliable enough to use as regular cat food.

 Moreover, the sources of the ingredients are usually animal-based, which ensures that the plants won’t suffer from the plant-based rich sources of nutritional side effects. 

Thus, one can experiment with the product by switching to the food only once satisfied with the short-term results.