IAMS Cat Food Discontinued – Is it available in the market?

IAMS Cat Food Discontinued summary – we will be giving you all the information you need about whether IAMS cat food has been discontinued or not. Before we begin, here is a litter summary of the brand and its works.

About IAMS Pet Food Brand: Iams is owned through Mars, Inc., aside from their European branch, owned and manufactured via Spectrum brands.

Iams was created in 1946 through Paul Iams, a self-taught animal nutritionist from Ohio. Iams, in the beginning, made and sold high-protein, high-fat canine meals.

In 1950, Iams evolved the first dry dog meals made mainly from animal-primarily based protein. The company later expanded into cat food.

In 1999, the business enterprise changed into sold to Procter & Gamble (P&G), permitting Iams cat food to attain 70 nations internationally. In the spring of 2014, P & G announced that they sell Iams, Eukanuba, and Natura to Mars, integrated, keeping ownership of the goods sold in the EU marketplace.

Has IAMS ever been recalled?

IAMS Cat Food Discontinued

Iams has been recalled several times because of its founding in the 1940s. Right, here’s an outline of the latest activities within the logos. Do not forget history.
In March of 2013, Iams Shareables dog treats had been recalled due to ability mold growth. Later that summertime, numerous styles of Iams canine food were recalled due to capability salmonella infection.
In 2011, Iams Proactive fitness smart doggy dry dog food turned into recalled because of an aflatoxin mold infection.
In June of 2010, Iams ProActive health canned cat and kitten meals changed into recalled due to low stages of thiamine. In the subsequent month, one lot of feline Renal systems changed into recalled due to ability salmonella contamination.

In 2007, Like many different brands sourcing elements from China that year, Iams took into account several styles of each cat and dog meal because of potential melamine infection.

Where to buy Iams Cat food?

Iams is distributed worldwide; you can find it on online stores such as amazon, chewy, PetSmart, etc., and in your nearest pet retail stores.

Is Iams cat food being discontinued?

IAMS Cat Food Discontinued

IAMS these days determined to discontinue the moist cat food brand IAMS Perfect Delights. It covers all tastes and patterns, consisting of fleece and pet.

However, surveys display that many cats are not interested in Perfect components and have issues with the actual dish. Therefore, Iams cat food became discontinued some particular delights.

Ingredient’s review:

The primary ingredient in Iams cat food is quality chicken as an animal protein. This is a good source of protein that will help build strong muscles.

The second ingredient is the chicken by-product which many people might think is not a good thing but in reality; cats in the wild usually hunt and eat the whole animal, which includes organs and everything, but when it comes to domestic cats, many cat owners don’t provide the whole food which is why the product has meat by-products that contain animal’s organs and tissues.

However, after protein is their primary ingredient, they also have corn in their recipes. This is not a good thing because cats don’t need carbohydrates because they are carnivores.

Also, other than added minerals and vitamins, the recipes are filled with cheap fillers to bind the ingredients. These fillers can manipulate your Cat’s digestive system.

Is there any cause of Iams cat food being discontinued?

Lately, Iams has recalled their cat meals after FDA research found that it incorporates improved ranges of vitamin D. Iams has been dependent on pet food brands by vets for decades, but the organization’s current recollects are inflicting purchasers to impeach its protection.

The FDA currently released research into Iams after receiving proceedings from cat owners claiming that their cats have been vomiting and losing weight. After reviewing the substances in Iams, they found that some batches contained multiplied ranges of vitamin D.

After this discovery, the business enterprise issued a voluntary recall of all products with “nice by way of” dates between June 2021 and September 2021.

What do customers think about Iams?

Several customers had said that the packaging is bad and their products usually get spilled from the packaging while holding or even when they bought Iams products, they sent damaged products. Many have said that their cats started to get digestion problems which can happen because of fillers that have been included in the ingredients. Some cat owners have also witnessed their cats vomiting and having loose stools.

Is Iams cat food good?

IAMS is rated as average or barely above common, with a score of 3.5. This means it isn’t the first-rate puppy meals proper now. However, it is a great choice for price-conscious owners as it is priced higher than many other supermarket manufacturers.


Do vets recommend Iams?

Think your cat isn’t always allowed to undergo the front door, doctor. Vanduser Iams Proactive fitness often recommends weighing indoors and cleaning your hair follicles with dry cat food. Most effective indoor cats often have weight issues, and this formulation allows weight management.

Is Iams a high-quality cat food?

IAMS is rated as common or slightly above average, with a score of 3.5. this means it isn’t the good pet meals proper now; however, it is a great desire for budget-conscious proprietors as it is priced higher than many other groceries store brands.


Many cats and their parents love Iams. However, this isn’t always the brand we would recommend to anyone
Iams has initiated as a minimum of six remembers when you consider that 2004, indicating a flaw in its satisfactory manipulation and protection application. Iams meals are less expensive but have an aspect list similar to reasonably-priced products.
IAMS is one of the oldest puppy food manufacturers, and you could discover it authentic. Today, their products are offered in greater than 70 international locations and are America’s 7th-biggest puppy meals logo.
With a group of veterinarians, nutritionists, and scientists continuously improving current formulas and broadening new formulas to hold pets wholesome, IAMS will continue to be one of the largest names in puppy nutrients.
With tips for pets of every age, existence, or even people with special wishes, you’re positive to find a recipe to shape your puppy.