How to Stop Dogs From Eating Cat Food? – 6 Ways To Terminate It

Do you live in a house where cats and dogs are together? It must be hectic when a cat and dog live together. Especially at the time of the meal. Why is only mealtime hectic? Maybe it is because your dog snatches all the cat food from the cat bowl. How to Stop Dogs From Eating Cat Food?

Dogs love cat food more than dog food. It’s tough to stop them when they start eating cat food. The dog will not stop until cat food is not finished. Why is it so? It is only because cat foods are super-rich in high protein and fat.

However, serving cat food to dogs is okay? Is cat food bad for dogs? If you are letting your dog eat cat food, have you ever considered the consequences? Do these all queries come to your mind?

No worry, we have covered all these questions in this article, and it will help you understand your dog’s behavior toward cat food. Also, we have mentioned some tactics to stop your dog from eating cat food.

Why is My Dog Eating Cat Food?

How to Stop Dogs From Eating Cat Food? - 6 Ways To Terminate I
Why is My Dog Eating Cat Food?

First of all, the question is why a dog eats cat food instead of dog food. Even when dog foods are specially made only for dogs. Still, what dog food lacks that made dogs choose cat food over cat one.

Dog food is already rich with essential diets that a dog requires. But, cat food is different from dog food due to its manufacturing process. Cat foods are processed with super-rich high protein and fat content according to the cat diet. Dog can’t stop themselves when they sniff the aroma of cat food.

Dogs always expect to have a great and tasty meat treat. Don’t blame your dogs if they are tempted by cat food. It is natural to go for the better.

6 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Eating Cat Food

Your dog does not listen when it is feeding time and eats cat food you serve to your cat—also, stealing cat food when no one is around from the storage. It is not easy to stop your dog from eating cat food and can’t keep an eye on it every time. Sometimes it might lead to conflict between your pets.

Here is some solution that might work for you. These are all potential options that work for your dog. Some methods might take time to work but are helpful for a long time.

1. Hide Cat Food From Your Dog

, we can hide the cat food bag from your dog in such a way that cat food is out of the dog’s approach.

Still, dogs can find those bags of cat food due to their keen smell. So cat food must be in a tight place like cabinets. Also, remove the smell of cat food coming from bags.

This method only stops your dog from stealing in the absence. Also, the owner doesn’t have to worry about the fool spilling.

2. Keep Cat food at the High Place

Another way to keep cat food out of dog reach is to put it in a high place. Cats can jump and climb in high areas easily. A lofty position will not distract your cat from eating cat food. Also, while feeding food to both of them, this tactic will work.

Elevating cat food is like putting cat food on trees or kitchen cabinets. It can be any high place near your house. Surely cats can feed their food without harming themselves at such places.

3. Feed Your Cat on a Schedule

Since you have hidden the cat food bags from your dog approach. What about free-feeding? Some owners like serving cat and dog food to allow them to eat freely. It will spoil your dog to snatch cat food.

Considering the schedule for your cat and dog, feeding time is not wrong either. You don’t need to schedule feeding at the same time. Also, ensure that your dog doesn’t sneak cat food while at the time of providing your cat.

4. Use a Pet Gate

Another option is to block the area where the cat is feeding their cat food. It can be done only by putting cat food in another room and blocking the entrance using the gate. However, it will also stop your cat’s way.

Instead of closing the door, the gate must have enough space from where your cat can pass through. Space must be enough only for your cat to fit in.

5. Teach Dog Commands with Rewards

If you want to feed both your cat and dog free of restriction, this tactic is better. Also, it might help to avoid conflict for cat food.

You have to teach your dog commands like leave it. The dog will not learn it at once. But the dog will start to recognize this command. When you consistently use this command while feeding both of them, keep an eye on your dog while using this command for better effect.

This training might be a great idea because it may work long-term once they know the command.

6. Use a Protective Cat Bowl

Suppose any of the above tactics do not work for you, better to get a cat bowl. Only cats can access food in this bowl due to their sizes, and vets also suggest using it.

Moreover, another intelligent product called Surefeed Microchip Small Dog and Cat feeder is specially made to resolve this problem. It is a programmed innovative product that works for only designated pets and keeps safe food from others.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

How to Stop Dogs From Eating Cat Food
Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Dogs have evolved into omnivorous animals. Dogs can eat whatever they like, even if it is grass.

Yes, dogs can eat cat food. Since cat food is edible to eat and not poisoned, dogs will eat cat food quietly and peacefully. Still, it is unsure of letting your dog eat cat food. Maybe cat food harms your dog, not now but later?

Is Cat Food Safe for Dogs?

If you are a trustworthy dog caregiver, you will consider everything for your dog’s safety. Even if it is food, you cannot be careless with your dog’s health. Sure, you are providing dog food to your dog regularly. But what about when they eat cat food more instead of their own?

Dog food is not safe for your dog if it is more than enough. It’s not like we must not give cat food to your dog. Even if you provide cat food to your dog in an emergency, it will not affect their health.

There is some reason why dog food and cat food are processed according to their dietary needs and tolerance. Try to avoid feeding cat food to your dog.

My dog ate cat food will he be okay?

Since cat food is specially processed for cats’ unique dietary needs for their carnivorous satisfaction, cat foods are not recommended for dogs. Dogs also eat carnivorous meals, but it does not mean it is suitable for their tummy.

Don’t worry if your dog ate cat food. Your dog is fit and acceptable if it was once. Still, you need to check your dog. Cat food may disturb their tummy and convert into a gaseous abdomen. Even your dog may need a vet if he behaves strangely after eating cat food.

Can I mix Cat Food with Dog Food?

As per the earlier discussion, cat food is not for dogs. Also, we have already seen the reasons as well.

Even if you try to give cat food mixed with dog food, your dog will surely eat it peacefully because they love cat food more. Still, it is the same thing as cat food. It does not change in its constitution, which is not suitable for your dog’s health. Try to keep cat food out of your dog’s reach.


The dog must eat their dog food only or natural diet. Use the method mentioned above, as per your suit. Also, you may give a try all options and know which works for you. If not, let us know through comment.

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