How Much Does Cat Food Cost?

Cat owners are spending more on cat food than before. Cat owners are feeding them the best cat food they can afford. However, have you ever considered how much does cat food cost?

Usually, the cost of cat food depends on the quality of food you are affording for your lovely cat.

Whether it is raw cat food or canned food, on average, if we calculate, cat food will cost $50-$70 monthly. Additionally, $10 might be an extra cost if you offer a treat monthly for your cat.

To help you with the expense of cat food, here you can find details about cat food. We hope you might be curious to explore more information on the cat food cost. We have also suggested some ways to save money on cat food expenses and other things related to cat food.

What should be included in the cat food?

Cat food must have nutrition like protein, soluble carbohydrates, vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Quality matters for cat food to keep your cat healthy.

Some cat food contains a raw meat diet, and a natural diet as cat food is controversial. However, raw cat food is a better balance for quality and cost. Do your research for your satisfaction.

Before purchasing cat food, make sure to have essential diets in that cat food for your cat if you like to see your cat healthy.

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Comparison of cat foods

Before purchasing, we should compare all the cat food available in the market. We also look at some brands.

  • Dry cat food by Purina Cat Chow Complete costs $0.77/lb.
  • The price of Kitten Dry Kibble by Iams proactive health Kitten is $1.48/lb.
  • The price of Premium Dry Kibble by Crave Adult Protein from Chicken Grain-Free is $3.00/lb.
  • If we talk about Wet Canned Cat Food of Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Canned Food, it cost only $0.54/can.

We hope this comparison will help you to look into the product with brands and prices. Note prices may differ on different online platforms.

How much does cat food cost per month?

If you offer basic dry kibble to your cat, it would cost you only $6-$8 each month just for a four-pound bag.

The premium Dry Kibble, on average, will cost between $9-$16 each month for the four-pound bag. It is only because of its quality.

If we purchase Wet Canned Cat Food, it may cost more than the above mentioned. On average, it costs $16-$30 per month.

As you can see, the lowest expenses for cat food are between $6-$8 per month. It all depends on you how much food and what quality food your offer to your cat.

Cost of raw food diet for the cat

Raw cat foods are the best for your cat in terms of a balanced diet, including all essential nutrition and for the price as well.

The cost of raw meat for your cat depends on your local area marketing prices and what type of raw meat you offer to your cat.

However, the standard raw meat prices per kg are as follow:

Chicken turkey costs $10

  • Beef costs $12-$14.
  • Lamb will cost $20-$22.
  • Duck costs $30-$32.

You can also purchase raw organs like liver or kidney that will cost you $6-$8.

Still, try to know the price of your local market. Prices may vary from the above mentioned.

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How much does cat food cost per year?

As per the above discussion, The cost of cat food depends on the type of food you are feeding your cat.

On average, every cat owner spends nearly $185 per year on cat food, according to the survey by APPA(The American Pet Products Association).

How long does a bag of cat food last?

Since you are spending a good amount of money on food for cats, you must know how long that cat food lasts. What if cat food expires in the short time you purchased for a month at a time?

Your money will go to waste just like that because you can’t offer that expired cat food to your cat. You have no choice rather than to throw it in the bin.

A 7-pound bag of food will last for 14-15 days if your cat consumes one cup a day. One thing to remember is that cats eat less as they keep growing. It also depends on the age of cats.

How to budget for cat food expenses?

Where do you shop matter for cat food costs?

In today’s time, there is a big market for pet food. If we focus only on cat food, it is still vast to explore all brands and products of cat food.

There are hundreds of options available to purchase cat food in markets like grocery stores, malls. But many of them are retailers. So try to buy cat food only from the direct brands.

We can check online directly from online stores like Amazon, Walmart. Most people prefer to order cat food online now.

However, check the quality before making the order.

On checking online on different sites, you may notice the price of Dry cat food differs. You will see Walmart sells it at $0.98/lb, whereas it costs only $0.77/lb on Sam’s Club Store. Further, it is cheaper on Amazon, just at $0.55/lb.

So before making any purchase check out all the official online stores. We hope you get what we are trying to convey to you.

Ways to save money on cat food expenses

Now you have known yet that you can save money on cat food expenses as you have read how much cat food costs and how it varies according to cat food brands and quality.

First of all, you must compare the prices of vendors. If you are purchasing cat food, look for more online platform options, then compare prices. 

You can buy in bulk as it is always a great idea to bulk purchase and store it in a cool place. Always keep checking the expiry dates of the cat food product that you are going to purchase.

Remember, in-store shopping is always cheaper than the online store. It will just take a little bit of your time to go shopping. Online shopping includes delivery charges that make it more expensive.

If you are purchasing online, make enough quantity to make free delivery.

Try to use coupons and join sales for more cheap cat foods.

Prices for cat food upcoming future

If we look at this answer, firstly, we have to look at the current situation. It is the time of the pandemic caused by covid19. Since we are recovering from this situation, Stil we are facing it.

Due to pandemics, there is an increase in pet owners. Also, cats are being adopted because of their kind and peaceful behavior. 

As there are more cat owners, so the demand for cat food is also increased. 

In addition to it, pandemics also disturbed the food chain, which affected the food supply chain.

So considering these situations, prices for cat food tends to rise more in the upcoming future. We have also experienced inflation in the market for cat food, even for all pet food.


We all believe that the more the cat food is expensive, the better the quality. Well, it is true. But in the case of food, it might not be accurate. 

So we know now that if you buy only basic cat food, you might have to spend a minimum of between $5-$8 each month if you are on a tight budget. If you can afford premium cat food, your expenses for cat food increase to $8-$15 only.

We hope that this article might help you to resolve your curiosity regarding cat food costing. Also, now you can save money on cat food expenses with the tips mentioned above. Still, if you have any queries relative to cat food product costing and brands, let us know through comment. We appreciate every word.

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