13 High Calorie Cat Food For Weight Gain & Senior Cats

High-calorie cat food is essential for cats, but it’s necessary to know what the calorie food is and why it’s required for our cats? Is high-calorie food bad for your cat? What happens when your cat eats high-Calorie food? All cat owners are worried before buying high calorie cat food for their cats.

For your information, high in calorie cat foods is not bad for your cat even if it’s beneficial, and the calorie food gives your cat lots of energy. If your cat eats high-calorie food, her body uses some calories and consumes some power.

Feeding our cats high-calorie food can help bridge the gap in the calories they miss out on when they eat the high-calorie food, and it’s essential for sick cats, weight gain of your cat, and the senior cats. High-calorie food can give cats more energy instead of traditional cat food.

To comprehend this cat food, we have covered a whole article. This article will learn the good and bad sides of high calorie cat food. Also, we thought of providing the best calories food reviews to make the purchases.

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What Kind Of Food Is High In Calories For Kittens and Senior Cats?

13 High Calorie Cat Food For Weight Gain & Senior Cats

A high-calorie cat food offers your cat a well-balanced diet and weight gain that contains protein meat and fish poultry – as it does not contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. If we talk about the taste and textures, cats often have a preference. In this particular situation, it’s a good idea to fulfil the cat’s favourite, especially if the cat needs a boost to eat or is a fussy eater.

If you have an underweight cat, sick cat, or senior cat, you should help them gain weight. Your furry friend can gain weight by feeding additional calories. 

High calories foods are specially for higher calories than other similar options. When you choose a high calorie cat food for your cat, you will find various options to consider, including dry, wet, organic, fresh, homemade or some mix. You can choose anyone who is best for your cat Since many cats need high calorie cat food. 

Why Your Senior Cat and Kitten Need Best High Calorie Cat Food?

In This Video, You can know how best cat diet helps to maintain weight. Although, it is kittens or seniors, high calorie cat food best and recommended for both.

Here is the list of top 13 high calorie cat food for your cat, which gives you good options t o choose the best high calorie cat food.

(i)Evanger’s Legacy Classic Beef-It-Up Canned Cat Food
(ii)Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Turkey Dehydrated Cat Food 
(iii)Nutro Wild Frontier Pate Turkey and Duck Wet Cat Food  
(iv)Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Chicken Wet Cat Food 
(v)Wysong Epigen 90 Starch Free Dry Cat Food
(vi)Hill’s Prescription Diet a/d Urgent Care with Chicken Canned Cat Food 
(vii)Wellness Core Natural Turkey and Chicken Liver Pate Canned Kitten Food  
(viii)IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Dry Cat Food 
(ix)Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 
(x)Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Age Chicken Recipe High Calorie Dry Cat Food 
(xi)Merrick Chicken Duck & Quail Grain-Free Dry Cat Food  
(xii)Instinct Original Grain-Free Pate Real Chicken Recipe Wet Canned Cat Food 
(xiii)Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 

(i) Canned High Calorie – Evanger’s Legacy Classic Beef-It-Up Canned Cat Food

This Pate food is a big winner for all cats. Of Course, you need so many calories with every bite; it will be an excellent product for your cat. Among all the grain-free cat food in the market, it is one of the top products of high calories, which you can use for your cat.

We always try to find good grain-free food for cats, so that gives your cat more energy. However, it does not contain peas, soy and gluten, which is a huge deal; while it does not have only calories, this meal pack includes a ton of protein to keep our cat muscles solid and healthy.

As the pet owner of our cat, we are more satisfied with this cat food; even though it does not contain beef, it gives our cat so much energy. You cannot always choose beefy food for your cat as it might be harmful because cats always want to change in flavour, so it is also a good option for you.


  • A unique taste that the cat loves
  • More calories for weight gain than other most cat foods
  • It contains a lot of protein
  • Grain-free and Ideal for sensitive cats 
  • Rich with vitamins and minerals


  • It contains Brewer’s yeast.

(ii) Best Dehydrated Food: Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Turkey Dehydrated Cat Food

Sometimes cats lose weight because their digestive system struggles to absorb the food properly. It helps your cat digest the food quickly, and just because of this reason, we had covered it in our review. Dehydrated foods are usually easier to digest, but this food is even better. You can tell just from the texture of this food that it is straightforward to digest for your cat. So all cats that have stomach problems can give them this food to fight the stomach problem, and they will get all of their calories and protein.

We thanks that how much taken care to make this meal. it’s F.D.A. approved for human-grade food. This food is another grain-free option, with plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals. You can trust in the dehydrated food that there’s plenty of protein which consists of Turkey and eggs as the first ingredients. Even all cats like it pretty quickly, so we assume that the taste is perfect.


  • Grain-free and minimally processed
  • Confirmed to human-grade \standard for food
  • Very easy to chew and digest for cat
  • Content High protein
  • Content the calorie intensive formula


  • Requires little preparation

(iii) Nutro Wild Frontier Pate Turkey and Duck Wet Cat Food  

What do you do if your cat needs to gain weight but cannot tolerate the carbos? That’s how you get food for your cat, rich in calories and contains no combos.

At that time, this is one of the highest cat foods in the market for your cat, which contains 131 calories per 100 grams. With Nutro Wild frontier, your cat can enjoy the diet of his food, and it helps boost the energy of your cat by maintaining the protein and fat in her body.

Your cat can quickly eat the wet food when sick and does not have its usual appetites. If you are trying to make your cat healthy, you can use it. Wet foods will perhaps work better as well as it tends to smell and taste for your cat.

Some diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory bowel and kidney can cause your cat to lose weight. At that time, high-calorie food provides some energy to your cat so you can easily manage your cat’s illness.  


  • Carb Free
  • Cat-friendly taste
  • Carb free grain-free
  • High fat and calorie content


  • Contains Guar Gum

(iv) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Chicken Wet Cat Food 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food packs in the most calories per gram, and it contains 150 calories per gram. This brand is known for stringent quality standards; this cat food indeed stands on your expectations. The brand comprises more of the chicken that the cat loves to provide the energy, and your adult cat stays active.

This high protein cat food contain the features of smooth texture, which your feline friend can’t resist. All blue canned cat food is made with natural ingredients enhanced with more vitamins and minerals. This wet cat food is made without wheat, and it does not contain any artificial flavours or preservatives.


  • Very high calorie content
  • Affordable in low budget
  • No by-products
  • Great for ageing cats


  • Formulated for older cats, not for kittens

(v) Wysong Epigen 90 Starch Free Dry Cat Food

You have perhaps seen a lot of grain-free food. You have seen it because they are grain-free, but you are not sure that food is starch free. Some cats don’t tolerate starch as well, but the search for good food for your cat is very hard.

In this condition, Wysong Epigen 90 Starch cat food is a perfect option for your cat; it’s a dry cat food that is a type of kibble food, it provides fatty acids and proteins, and other nutrients your cat needs for weight gain.

It is often used for a cats’ regular diet that gives the proper protein for your cat as her body needs.

While it’s also loaded with probiotics and prebiotics, that’s a bonus for your cat, which has digestive issues. Most dry cat food contains higher calories than canned food. Dry food is also used for the weight gain of your cat. So if your cat has a weight-loss issue, you can use it.


  • Starch free food 
  • Very calorie and protein intensive
  • It contains fatty acids
  • Made with probiotics and prebiotics


  • It comes in the form of Kibbles.

(vi) Hill’s Prescription Diet a/d Urgent Care with Chicken Canned Cat Food 

Hill’s Prescription cat food is next on the list of best cat food for the weight gain of cats. However, this high calorie canned cat food is not like the other cat food items. It’s created for cats recovering from illness, injuries, surgeries or accidents in desperate need of nutritional support. 

The brand contains 180 calories per can; it’s a good chicken canned cat food for sick cats, which helps cats to recover early with animal support and lean muscle mass. Increased potassium and vitamins B levels help to assist the depletion of potassium. 

The delicious pate stuffed with vitamins and nutrition helps increase the recovery process.

This high calorie nutritionist and veterinarian recommend wet cat food for weight gain for feeding your cat during the recovery. 


  • The liquid cat food formula (Creamy soft peat texture) is perfect for sensitive cats
  • Specially formulated for cats in dire needs of nutrition
  • Increased potassium helps avoid calorie deficit
  • Calorie intensive 
  • The highly digestive animal protein improves immunity and bones mass


  • You can not permanently feed your cat with this food – It’s prescribed for a temporary high-calorie diet
  • Contains Maize flour

(vii) Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Turkey and Chicken Liver Pate Canned Kitten Food  

This kitten food will guarantee well balanced protein-focused nutrition to provide your kitten with energy and growth. This high-calorie wet cat food contains 108 calories in one pack that is not only beneficial for your kitten even it is an excellent solution for the senior cat when they suffer from dental issues or increased sensitivity.


  • It made with highly digestible animal protein 
  • Moisture-rich packaged food support overall health
  • High calorie content to help the weight gain of your cat
  • Free of artificial colours, added flavours and preservatives
  • Soft spectrum texture – perfect for sensitive cats


  • It contains dried potatoes, which are not an essential or nutritious addition to cat food.

(viii) IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Dry Cat Food 

This dry cat food supports the health of growing kittens and helps to build strong bones, and makes the immune system stronger. IAMS is formulated with premium protein that helps kittens maintain their strength and health. 

A unique fibre blend that contains probiotics improves your kitty’s digestive system, and the result of this diet is promoting weight gain. Besides, it helps to give your kitten maximum nutrient absorption so that your kitten grows into a healthy cat. The best part of this cat food is its antioxidants that help strengthen the kitten’s immune system.

IAMS contains Omega-3 fatty acids that promote the healthy brain of your kitten, taurine improves eye health, and other nutrients are essential for the strong bones of your kitten. Plus. A crunchy kibble reduces gum disease.


  • Ideal for nursing cats and kittens when their age between1 to 12 months
  • Vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids promote harmonious brain development, muscle mass and brain health
  • Taurine supports good vision and a healthy heart 
  • Small bite-size pieces which are more accessible for kittens to eat


  • Includes the grains

(ix) Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 

Our second-place pick food is the most popular grain-free dry cat food for senior and older cats. This food is grain-free cat food for weight gain rich in animal proteins and vitamins, and it also includes Omega-3 and Omega-6 like essential fatty oils.

The chicken recipe of this grain-free dry cat food contains fresh chicken as the primary ingredient, Which is the best source of animal’s protein. Moreover, like all blue buffalo, cat food is supplemented with a life source bit containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants for balanced nutrition.


  • High in protein and calories, with real chicken being the main ingredient, chelated minerals, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics – supporting healthy digestion.
  • Contains no grain, gluten, by-product meal, wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavourings or preservatives.
  • A smooth texture that is incredibly-tasty
  • Helps tackle muscle tone issues.


  • Some cats may be sensitive to chicken material.
  • There are some plant proteins (pea proteins).

(x) Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Age Chicken Recipe High Calorie Dry Cat Food 

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Age Chicken Recipe High-Calorie dry cat food is meant to feed your cat great nutrition for a long, happy and healthy life. The nourishing recipe is perfectly balanced for your cat diet to increase kidney and joint health.

This high calorie dry cat food keeps your older cats alert and interactive. It is specially prepared for adult cats aged 11 years or older. Hill’s Science Diet is the best high calorie dry cat food for the weight gain of adult cats. Most senior cats enjoy the taste of this product. It contains 510 kcal per ounce cup of pet food and chicken and wheat safe for the cat’s stomach.


  • Affordable price 
  • Vitamin E supports healthy skin and coat
  • Great taste ingredients
  • Clinically approved for antioxidants


  • It contains grain and gluten

(xi) Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Game Bird Recipe with Chicken Duck & Quail Grain-Free Dry Cat Food  

It’s a unique mixture of chicken, duck and quail in a grain-free grain dry cat food for senior and older cats is an excellent solution for picky eaters.

If your little cat needs to gain some weight and offer them good nutrition.

It contains 400 calories per cup and offers an excellent balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and a mix of protein and antioxidant-rich vegetables for a balanced diet.


  • Economical in price 
  • Enrich with the premium animal that cats crave
  • Grain-free, no gluten ingredients for digestibility.
  • Rich in omega fatty acids, chelated minerals, and probiotics, this high-calorie food for weight gain is also a suitable type of high-calorie cat food for a sick cat.
  • Good for hips and joints


  • Some potato in protein

(xii) Instinct Original Grain-Free Pate Real Chicken Recipe Wet Canned Cat Food 

 Among all the high-calorie cat food, this one cat food is the best on the list, and Pate Real Chicken Wet Canned Cat Food is one of the most powerful options for your cat that gives high calories for weight gain.

This is the kind of liquid cat food with a super high level of animal protein that can unlock the cat’s potential. Thoughtfully balanced with wholesome foods, including real meat, fruits and vegetables, this tasty pate is one of the best cat food options. High-Calorie wet cat food is nourished with natural sources of omega fatty acids, and that’s excellent taste, so you will never have to force your cat to eat this food.


  • Tasty peat texture
  • Free from cereals, corn, wheat, potatoes, by-product meals, artificial colours and preservatives
  • Natural animal protein for strong, lean muscles.
  • 95% Chicken Turkey and Chicken Liver Blend + 5% Vegetables, Fruits, and Other Healthy Ingredients.
  • Omega fatty acids invest in healthier skin and coats.


  • quite expensive

(xiii) Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 

According to numerous customer reviews, this L.I.D. Series of Natural Balance high calorie dry cat food with green peas and chicken has been extremely popular with pet owners who suffer from making their cats gain weight and want their cats to eat more food.

For sensitive digestion, this recipe includes a single animal protein source. This high-calorie food is stuffed with vitamins, minerals, omegas and essential taurine to support your cat well being as well as its glossy coat.


  • Lean-premium quality chicken is a top ingredient
  • No artificial flavours, no grains, colours or bleached ingredients. 
  • The only animal protein source that prevents that food allergy and is excellent for cats with sensitivities
  • Balanced omega-3 and Omega- 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.
  • Limited carbohydrate sources for highly digestible energy for your pet
  •  Minerals, vitamins, and essential taurine help maintain healthy eyes and the heart.


  • High price

Buyer’s Guide: How To Find High Calorie Cat Food?

13 High Calorie Cat Food For Weight Gain & Senior Cats

We have covered the top 13 best cat foods for your cats that contain high calories, but these are far from the option on the market.

You can take an easy way to buy new cat food, and you can also believe in our recommendations to choose fresh cat food or learn more about how to compare these cat foods to make an informed decision for your cat. This buyer’s guide has covered the complete information you need to prepare.

High Calorie Cat Food Review (FAQ)

What should I feed my cat to make it gain weight?

Choosing a cat food containing high calories prepared for underweight or senior kitties gaining weight can help. You can also consult with a veterinarian for your cat to see if your kitty needs any particular nutrients. They may suggest the best diet for your cat, or you can use any of these offered by us.

What is the highest calorie cat food for your cat?

We have found two of the best cat foods that contain more calories, Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Turkey and Chicken Liver Pate canned kitten food and Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Chicken Wet Cat Food. You can use any one of these for faster growth.

Which type of cat food is better: wet cat food or dry cat food? 

Mostly the dry cat foods are higher in calories than wet cat foods. Wet cat food is often recommended for weight loss, while you can use dry food if your cat is underweight or if you want to increase her weight.

How can I make nutritional cat food?

If you are looking to feed your kitty with homemade high-calorie cat food or a new diet, then it may be your best choice for your cat, and you will only need to buy a nutritional supplement for your cat. You can grind a whole, cooked chicken until it is very well pureed, and once it gets prepared, you can serve this to your cat.


As we all know, there are different types of pet food brands available in the market, but cats don’t have a sensitive digestion system, so they cannot eat any food. So now we summarized this article to find the perfect food for your cat efficiently.

If you want a higher growth rate in your cat, some of the products you can use are Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food. It will help your cat for weight gain. Blue Buffalo Sensitive stomach chicken is one of our number best products, and it’s specially designed for cats with digestive issues, and its rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Out of all these, there are a negative thing about cat food: slightly higher prices, but it contains all food ingredients and prebiotics that your cat needs.

Hope you all like this article; kindly share the report with the cat owners, so that they can also know about this and if you have any doubts regarding this article or anything which you don’t like in this article. Would you please share it with us?