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Harringtons, a cat food brand that has been manufacturing products in the UK for cats and kittens since 1980. An established cat food company from Yorkshire that produces different tastes and flavoured cat foods. Today, we have discussed Harringtons cat food reviews, quality, ingredients, recall and customer feedback. 

Who are we? MyBestCatFood is well-known for researching and analyzing cat food brands. Although we are not vets, our team finds extensive information by consulting with vets and reading tons of reviews on cat foods after we write an overview on that. 

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Harringtons Cat Food Recall

Are Harringtons bad for cats? In the short answer No, the brand is popular in the UK and called the best cat food. Thousands of cat owners used Harrington’s cat products for their pets. 

According to our research and (FDA, AVMA) report, we did not see any recalls on Harringtons cat food. But few cats are not happy with it. We explain in detail below in Harrington’s single cat food reviews the whole ingredients and quality of products. 

Also, every single Harringtons cat food has a different taste and is made with different ingredients. It’s best for you to read this helpful review. 

HARRINGTONS Cat Food Reviews – Our Top 4 Picks

NameOur RatingFlavours
Harringtons Complete Adult Chicken Dry Cat food9.4/10Chicken
Harringtons Complete Wet Cat Food Chicken in Gravy 9.2/10Chicken in Gravy
HARRINGTONS Cat Food Complete Salmon with Rice9.3/10Salmon
HARRINGTONS Adult Cat Chicken9.4/10Chicken

Harringtons Complete Adult Chicken Dry Cat food Review 

Thus dry cat food by Harringtons suitable for all sized breeds of adult cats. Chicken is mainly a meat ingredient in cat food that provides essential protein and fat. Also, this Harrington complete dry recipe enriched with taurine is beneficial for cats vision and heart health.

The food includes essential vitamin D that supports the cat’s bones and teeth and vitamins E good for immune health. 

Overall, Harrington’s complete adult diet with chicken dry cat food is a balanced and natural diet that is average in protein and fat but high in carbs.

First 5 Ingredients: chicken, meat meal, wholegrain rice, and ground maize.


  • Chicken is good source of protein
  • Tasty and a delicious flavours
  • All stages suite
  • Best for fussy eater
  • Good mid range cat food in UK


  • Few owners complaints against packing
  • Not grain free

Harringtons Complete Wet Cat Food Chicken in Gravy Review

Most cats love to eat wet foods, Harringtons wet cat food with chicken gravy is best for them. Chicken is the primary ingredient in this food. A complete diet for cats that provides a healthy meal every day. 

Harrington’s wet recipe with chicken made with natural nutrition that is rich in vitamins and minerals. The food is good in protein and fat.

First 5 Ingredients: chicken, pork liver, pork, beef liver, and wheat gluten.


  • Rich in omega 3 and omega 6
  • Rosehip a rich source of vitamin C
  • No artificial colours flavours or preservatives


  • 7% carbohydrates, bad for cats that suffering with illness 
  • Not for kittens, only for over 12 months adults cats

HARRINGTONS Cat Food Complete Salmon with Rice  Review

The Harringtons salmon feels premium cat food when you open it. The food is made without any artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Also, it is free from soy, beef, and wheat. Salmon is the primary ingredient of this Harringtons food. 

First 5 Ingredients: maize, salmon meal, chicken meal, rice, and fish oil


  • Includes with calcium and phosphorus that good for strong teeth and bones
  • Rich in omega 3 
  • Prebiotic for health digestion
  • Formulated for skin and coat


  • Only for adults
  • Made with grain

HARRINGTONS Adult Cat Chicken Review

These Harringtons complete pet foods for adult cats that provide flavours that are rich sources of protein and fat. This is a good product that is made with essential nutrients and supports cats for wellbeing and activeness.

Harringtons adult is fully free from artificial colours/ flavours, dairy, soy, and wheat.

First Five Ingredients: Chicken, meat meals, wholesome grains, maize, and oats


  • Easily affordable
  • Smaller biscuits easy to eat
  • Great product in UK and value for money


  • Only for adults

Highlights Harringtons Cat Food ingredients

  • Chicken 
  • Salmon 
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Beef
  • Lamb

Chicken, Salmon, beef, turkey, beef, and lamb are most brands’ favourite ingredients when it comes to quality. Harringtons used ingredients for making well-balanced cat food which maintains protein, fat, and carbohydrates in each recipe. 

By our report Harringtons collected ingredients from the UK. No doubt, their ingredients are recommended for cats because cats are obligate carnivores and need meat from animals. Chicken, salmon, beef, turkey and lamb is one of the favourite ingredients of every cat when it comes to health and well-being.

Harringtons does not use artificial colours, flavours and preservatives to make foods tasty.  Harringtons used fresh and natural recommended ingredients that make a quality recipe for cats.

Harringtons Cat Food Feeding Guide and Nutrition Facts

When you buy Harringtons cat food, you can check the feeding instructions for kittens, adults and senior cats. Harrington’s cat food is available at affordable prices with bigger bags and every cat owner easily buys it.

Nutrition Benefits and facts: compared to other brands Harringtons are good cat food that offers value for money, healthy ingredients and excellent customer reviews. 

Harrington’s food is above average in that it is suitable for moderate protein and fat but high in carbohydrates. Note that if your cats are facing diseases at times avoid Harrington’s cat foods because excess consumption of carbs impacts your cat’s health. So, it is better to choose a different brand that is low in carbs. 

Also, Harringtons Cat Foods are using grain in their products which is a mix of rice, maize, and barley. Cat owners avoid feeding high grain cat food to cats because it’s bad for the cat’s digestion system. 

However, many cat owners who feed grain cat food argue that it is good for cat moderation that provides carbs, plant-based protein and fibres.


Is Harringtons cat food grain-free?

No, some of the cat food Harringtons has made with a grain such as rice, barley and maize are some of them. But others are grain-free.

Where to buy Harringtons cat food?

Amazon is the best selling site where you can buy Harringtons products online. Also, cat foods are available in the bigger and offline markets. 

Harringtons wet and dry cat Foods which is better for my cat?

Both wet and dry cat food by Harringtons is made with different flavours and tastes. Harringtons wet cat food is better than their dries because most cats like to eat wet rather than dry. But if your cats are dry lovers you can try Harrington’s dry recipes. 

Conclusion – Is Haringtons a Good Cat Food?

After reading our review, we hope you can judge how healthy are Harringtons cat foods. MyBestCatFood team give an 8.5/10 rating to Harringtons all cat food and recommend it for cats moderation. Also, you can check its few flavours which are quite impressive. Also, Harringtons used fresh ingredients which are good for cats. 

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