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Many companies choose from if you’re looking for a way to feed your Pet fresh, nutritious food. One famous brand is Freshpet. Freshpet cat food plans to provide your cat or dog with healthy, tasty food. Inmost formidable social obligation and the quality of their food, they take pride.

Pet owners worried about their cats’ diet and the consistency of the meals they serve. The most formidable challenge for them is to find a reputable brand that can deliver sustainable meals that are an excellent match for their cats’ needs. Many brand names would be on your list if you check online for the company that provides the best cat food, and one of them is Freshpet.

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Not much information about Freshpet cat food reviews is available online, but anything you need to know included if you search their website. Freshpet has a mission, according to its website, of revolutionizing the way dogs and cats are fed. They provide them with fresh, nutritious, and natural food.

They started looking for fresh ingredients and serving fresh pet food that matches your cats’ needs. All their meals include 100 percent fresh poultry, beef, and fish meat raised in the USA. To sustain the safe and nutritious diet your cat wants, they also add fiber-packed garden vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruits.

Reviews of Freshpet Cat Food

Freshpet wanted to make a difference by creating fresh food that pets would gladly consume by seeing that many pets were eating food with beehowe. Their food refrigerates and in several online stores available. They do not use pesticides, preservatives, powders, or other artificial products to help homeless pets get the nutrition they need, and they work with shelters.

Freshpet set out on a journey to revolutionize how fresh, natural food is fed to all pets. They put together a team of the best in Pet and human nutrition, and they cooked healthy, new pet meals in October 2006. Today, more than one million pet owners feed their fur-babies Freshpet foods alone in North America.

In its Freshpet for cat foods, Freshpet promises never to use meat meals, powders, preservatives, or additives. To maximize their exposure, they also work with shelters to rescues and provide the pets with the food and support they need in their care before they find their homes permanently.

About Freshpet

Fresh food represented 22 percent of the country’s pet food industry when Freshpet co-founders John Phelps and Cathal Walsh worked for a significant Australian pet food producer in the early 2000s. The pet food department, back in the United States, was all bags and cans.

The Freshpet creators went to work with veterinarians, nutritionists, and scientists to produce a food that was neither highly processes nor raw, realizing that Australia’s fresh pet food model would also go over, or better, in America. The food is presented as a middle point, mixing freshness, comfort, and protection between two extremes.

In 2006, Freshpet was introduced. Today, the company claims Freshpet feeds its dogs and cats to over 1 million individuals across North America.

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In 2006, Freshpet was introduced. Today, the company claims Freshpet feeds its dogs and cats to over 1 million individuals across North America.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

In Freshpet’s company-owned Pennsylvania plant, all Freshpet items are steam-cooked.

Approximately 97% of the ingredients in Freshpet products come from the United States and Canada. While all food product sources in North America, vitamins and minerals from other regions are sourced. Although the largest supplier of synthetic vitamins and amino acids is China, Freshpet maintains that no ingredients are sourced from that region.

How Freshpet Works

Freshpet is the first distributor of fresh cat food in North America and is now sold in over 20,000 shops in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. This makes it easy to get your hands on cat food from Fresh Pet, but you still have options if it is not available near you. Fresh Pet has a website with many choices for buying food for your cat and getting it delivered by third-party providers to your doorstep.

There is a helpful tool called product selector if you want to use it on their website. This questionnaire will take you through a series of questions about your cat, asking for their name, gender, weight, energy level, and dietary needs. You can then pick the proteins that your kitty loves, such as fish, and the ingredients you prefer that he doesn’t eat, such as grains. You will be giving tips about what FreshPet recipes will work best for your cat and where you can purchase them, after answering a few more questions about shopping and meal prepping.

What types of cat food does Freshpet offer?

Fresh foods are steam-cook items for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria that are pasteurized.

Freshpet goods produced in the Pennsylvania facility of the company. The United States and Canada are the origins of almost all of their ingredients. Freshpet states that, while they internationally supply synthetic vitamins and amino acids, none of their ingredients come from China.

Fresh foods mainly derive from meat with a selection of vegetables and complementary ingredients. The Freshpet lineup features products that are both grain-free and grain-inclusive.

Freshpet products formulated without artificial colors, additives, and preservatives as an all-natural brand. They’re fortified with vitamins, minerals, and synthetic amino acids. Fresh cat food, according to AAFCO guidelines, is full and healthy.

Three lines includes in FreshPet cat food selection: Select, Vital, and Nature’s Fresh.

Freshpet ® Select

Select is the most significant and most diverse line for the company. Several food chunks, chubs, and cups included.

  • Chicken & Beef Grain-Free Gourmet Paté
  • Grain-Free Gourmet Paté with Salmon
  • The Grain-Free Chicken & Ocean Whitefish Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken & Pumpkin
  • Turkey & Turkey Liver Recipe
  • Complete Meal with Salmon
  • Grain-Free Tender Chicken & Beef
  • Tender Chicken & Beef Recipe
  • Tender Chicken Recipe

Positive Reviews

This is the only food that has benefited my cat since trying several pricey high-end cat foods. She was suffering from chronic diarrhea. I feed her vegetables with the chicseniorhoice, and she loves it. In grocery stores and pet stores, it is sold. By Jennifer

Our senior cat is very picky about her diet. She enjoys some of the new pet food bags and cups. So this kind of happy cat food is finally available. Our senior cat has been very picky, and he no longer likes crunchy food, losing much of his teeth. Now he gets it when the other two get a treat.

Negative Review

I just bought this for my cats, trying to concentrate on organic, healthy foods without additives. Each of my cats, sadly, hates this stuff. They are smelling it and turning away. Thank goodness it was a pretty tiny bag, but it was a waste of money for $7.

I’ve got six cats (I know, crazy cat lady). The food only satisfied one cat. The others were sniffing it and walking away. Lucky Wolfie, he’s going to get himself the whole bag! The dog liked it.

What do customers reviews about Freshpet cat food?

On retail websites and Freshpet’s website, reviews are generally positive, but Consumer Affairs scores, forums, and independent blogs tell a different story.

Dissatisfied clients exchange consistent grievances. The scent is the first recurrent complaint. Some of Freshpet’s bags have a smell described as “sulfurous,” “gag-worthy,” “like vomit,” and “sour.” People who claim a foul odor sometimes mention sickness, claiming that their pets vomited or had diarrhea after consuming the food.

The second common complaint is that it was rotten with the food. After only one or two days, some say their food went bad. Others said when they opened the package, it was already rotten.

The spoilage problem at Freshpet reached a low point in 2015. Customers around the United States went to social media that year with images of non-so-fresh Freshpet’s fuzz-filled pockets. The company’s response varied, but some officials told customers that the mold’s growth occurred because of small punctures in the bags allowing air to get inside, adding that they were working to make their bags stronger.

Some speculate that these problems were never the responsibility of Freshpet, hypothesizing that distributors were liable. Inconsistent product rotation, too much time spent during stocking at room temperature, or low-temperature control in fridges for Freshpet display may lead to premature spoilage.

Overall, is Freshpet the right choice?

Frankly, it would help if you did a lot more than the cat food from Freshpet.

On the bright side, the calories and plant ingredients in Freshpet cat food are usually lower than the average dry food and many canned items. Most of their recipes are rich in the animal ingredients cats crave, especially those in the VitalTM line.

The most significant selling point of the product is that it’s a minimally processes preservative-free product that belongs in the refrigerator instead of the pantry. On several occasions, this marketing angle is deceptive.

Freshpet food is, ironically, filled with salt, vinegar, and celery powder and can last longer than the average canned food in the refrigerator. After 5-7 days in the fridge, Hill’s suggests that you throw out opened cans of cat food. You should leave Freshpet’s open container in the refrigerator for 14 days, or so the company claims.

All this salt suggests that Freshpet food is exceptionally high in sodium, often containing up to 10x the daily guideline for cats, deters some customers. It’s good to note that sodium does not seem to have any harmful health effects on cats. A high sodium diet potentially helps cats drink more water and may decrease urinary tract disease incidence.

Freshpet cat food does not always make it to the expiration date and is filled with more preservatives than the typical canned food. Indeed, Freshpet is not fresh at all very often. Before the expiration date, there were so many reports of spoiling Freshpet or making pets sick that the possible benefits of this supposedly fresh food seem to be hardly worth the risk or cost.

Where to Buy Freshpet Cat Food

In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, you’ll find Freshpet in groceries, big box shops, pet specialty distributors, and natural food stores. Freshpet Pack is sales mainly in supermarkets, and VitalTM is available through distributors of pet specialties. In raw food shops, Nature’s Fresh is sold.

You may use Freshpet cat food online retail sites to search the product range and check for the items’ availability in local stores. Some online services, such as Instacart and Peapod, allow you to ship Freshpet cat food from a local store to you.

Freshpet does not deliver the product directly to your door. But depending on where you live and the availability of items, Freshpet can be bought online from the following retailer partners:

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Prime Now
  • Instacart
  • PeaPod
  • FreshDirect

Besides, several local supermarkets and pet shops carry food from Freshpet. You can search your region for the distributors nearest to you on the Freshpet website.

In pet stores such as Petco, PetSmart, and independent specialty retailers, Freshpet is available. You can find it in some natural groceries as well. You can purchase it through Instacart, FreshDirect, AmazonFresh, Peapod, and Jet online.


The average “new” cat food and a good source of protein is new cat food. There are many product lines and recipe choices for cats with health conditions, allergies, or just picky eaters.

I like cat food from Freshpet because it is available near me in several grocery stores, and I don’t need a subscription to purchase the food. I had a tough time locating a store that could hold it in stock.

Some questionable ingredients include pea protein and natural flavours, but most of the recipes have a decent protein amount. Because of this and the fact that no one of the Freshpet recipes liked my pets, I will not repurchase it. How are our reviews of FreshPet Cat Food? Tell Us!

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