10 Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

floor to ceiling cat tree

Choosing a home for your little furry friend is undoubtedly a tiring and confusing task. But why fear when we are here? In this article, you will know about the best floor-to-ceiling cat tree.

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our mentioned cat towers is not just something that provides happiness to lovely felines but also gives your home an elegant and fun-to-be-in look.

Different cats have different behaviors and preferences. However, all cats like height in general other likes cat food. A Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree fulfills their need to linger at a greater altitude. What is more, as these towers are attached with both the floor and the ceiling, they are steadier than their counterparts, and therefore ensure higher safety.

Apart from that, these cat tree enclosures do not take up much space at your home and can easily fit in any corner of any room and are easy to set up.

So without any further ado, let us now have a look at some top-selling and most popular floor-to-ceiling cat tree enclosures that are a made-in heaven choice for you.

Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree

With Cat Craft’s 3-Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree, your feline buddies will have their own space. This multi-tiered cat tree is the perfect solution for homes with numerous lively felines, with multiple platforms to recline and bask on!

They have lots of areas to stretch and exercise their claws, thanks to the 7.5-foot machine-wound carpet tower.

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This one-of-a-kind design provides your castle’s kings with an unequaled vantage point from which to overlook their kingdom.

Pros of Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree:

  • Multiple platforms and a unique design allow your rambunctious felines plenty of room to rest and play.
  • The 7.5-foot tower comes with a tension rod that can be adjusted to fit ceilings up to 9 feet tall.
  • Machine-wound carpet is used for improved durability and long-term use.
  • Encourages appropriate scratching and helps your cat to exhibit healthy paws by removing the dull nail sheath.
  • The tree may be put together immediately out of the box without using any tools or other equipment.

Cons of Cat Craft’s Floor to Ceiling Cat Enclosure:

  • This cat enclosure is not suitable for antisocial cats who are on the lookout for hideouts when necessary.

Frisco 3-Level Floor-to-Ceiling Heavy Duty Cat Tower

The Frisco 3-Level Floor-to-Ceiling Heavy Duty Cat Tower will keep your feline entertained from top to bottom.

There are three levels of fuzzy fun to climb, stretch, and relax on. You won’t have to worry about claws on your furniture, thanks to the sisal wrapped post.

In addition, your cat can rest their head on the bolster bed perch during those cat naps.

This tower is attached to the ceiling with a tension rod, so you can be assured that your cat will be able to play on it all day.


  • Floor-to-ceiling height can be adjusted between 88 and 106 inches.
  • There are three platforms to play on, as well as one wide bolster bed perch.
  • One sisal-wrapped post for hours of scratching fun.
  • Using the tension rod that was provided, it was secured to the ceiling.
  • Climbing surface for your cat that is sturdy and long-lasting.


  • This cat tree is designed to be attached to the ceiling and not be used on its own.
  • It’s not meant to be utilized with vaulted ceilings or ceilings higher than 106 inches.

Go Pet Club 106″ Floor to Ceiling Cat Condo covered with Faux Fur

If you are on the lookout for large cat trees attached to the ceiling, this is the best option. It is certain with the design that can be looked. Your cat will love it more than it loves you, or itself!


  • Cat trees encourage activity by providing a safe location for your cat to climb up and down, runabout, and be as active as they want.
  • Cat trees are a vertical area that allows cats to have their own space while allowing them to live in your home.
  • Multiple cats may share a small space while maintaining dominance and order in a multi-perched tree.
  • This tree has two ladders, two ropes, 15 posts, and 25 different levels for your cat to climb, play on, and create their own.
  • This tree’s top pole is flexible and can be fastened to the ceiling for increased structure and balance, and the posts are coated in natural sisal rope that your cat will enjoy clawing.


  • It occupies a lot of space.
  • Owing to the plenty of materials it contains, it is a bit pricy compared to other cat towers.

Tiger Tough Skyscraper Floor to Ceiling Faux Fur Tree

Your furry feline will be the king of his kingdom atop this magnificent cat tree playhouse, with over eight full feet of climbing, clambering fun.

This cat tree includes an adjustable spring at the top that keeps it level between your floors and ceiling for a tip-free, stable habitat.

Multiple cat shelves, a soft bowl hammock for resting, a goofy spring-wand with a ball attached, and mouse toys are all included in this soft, plush toy!


  • Thanks to the adjustable spring top, it stays secure between your ceiling and flooring.
  • There’s also a soft bowl hammock and numerous shelves for relaxing, as well as an enclosed cat enclosure for extra seclusion.
  • Multiple cat toys are included for hours of batting and swatting enjoyment.
  • Scratching and sharpening nails is a breeze with the sisal-covered posts.
  • Spot cleaning and vacuuming are simple.


  • It can only bear a weight of 18 lbs.

Go Pet Club 92″ Adjustable Floor to Ceiling Cat Condo

It’s only right that you reward your cat to the Go Pet Club 92-in Condo with Adjustable Ceiling Cat Tree if she’s your furbaby.

Whether you have a single cat or a big family, this multi-level tree will make everyone pleased with its many options.

When it comes to picking where to relax, your pet has three private condominiums to choose from.

The tree features a hanging hammock and three comfy baskets for resting, while the elevated platforms are ideal for perching.

This inviting hideaway is a soft faux-fur finish and has sisal rope-wrapped supports to encourage natural scratching.


  • In three comfortable condominiums, including a large one that’s perfect for spreading out, your kitty buddy may chew to relax.
  • The plush faux-fur design contains sisal rope-wrapped poles to satisfy your cat’s need to scratch her nails.
  • Three cozy baskets and a peaceful hammock speak to your feline pal’s need to unwind.
  • Your cat can sit, perch, and keep an eye on her realm from elevated places.
  • This tree comes with a ceiling-mountable top pole that may be adjusted.


  • The recommended pet weight is only 12-lbs, but this is compensated by a total weight endurance of 79 pounds.

Catforest Floor to Ceiling Cat Climbing Tower

The climbing tower with sturdy posts that reach the ceiling piques cats’ interest and allows them to climb trees as much as they want.

Your cat can rest on the jump plate if it becomes tired. Several cats can also share it. The strong jump plate can take a 15-kilogram load.


  • The cat tower’s posts are made of paper tubes. Strong sisal rope is wrapped around the whole body of the posts.
  • Cats can easily sharpen claws. Cats aren’t known for scratching pillars, walls, or drapes. Sisal rope is strong, long-lasting, dust-free, and easy to maintain.
  • The easy-to-assemble floor-to-ceiling cat tower that doesn’t require drilling holes in the ceiling!
  • It saves a lot of room because it can be placed against a wall or in the corner of a fence.
  • The thick posts with a diameter of 9 cm are used in the cat tower, and the double-layer baseboard gives good stability.


  • When they initially contact the product, a small proportion of cats may not like to be close to it or adjust to it.
  • The product’s height may not be appropriate and is not adjustable.

Petepela 5-Tier Cat Tower

Petepela floor-to-ceiling cat tree looks like a genuine tree and can be adjusted in height to meet the needs of different kittens when it comes to climbing height.


  • Five plush-covered platforms, one comfy spherical cat bed, three sisal-covered rope scratching posts, and a dangling ball for cats to grab are included in the cat tower.
  • This high cat tower includes a robust base on the bottom and a connector tension rod on the top that connects to the ceiling, which adds stability.
  • The comfortable flush cat hammock bed will be a haven for kittens, small cats, and medium cats to relax, perch, and slumber.
  • Five levels with varying platform sizes fulfill feline climbing needs, both high and low, and are comfortable and challenging.


  • This tall cat post is best for kittens and tiny to medium-sized cats; cats weighing more than 20 pounds may be too hefty for the very top scratching post.
  • Cat trees are most stable when their overall height is between 95.27″ and 107.08″; but, if the height is too high or too low, the structure may not function properly.

Trixie Pet Products Santander Adjustable Cat Tree House

A useful and simple product for those who don’t like things that are too loud.

Advantages of the floor to ceiling cat enclosure:

  • With an adjustable height of 96 to 108 inches, it reaches from floor to ceiling.
  • A spring-loaded ceiling attachment is used to keep it in place.
  • The extra-wide trees opening is ideal for larger cats.
  • Wrapped in a luxurious plush and cat-friendly natural sisal.
  • There are three laying platforms and one condo with more padding.

Disadvantages of the floor to ceiling cat condo:

  • Not many playful options for extremely lively cats.

Roypet Large Cat Trees Attached to Ceiling

Made with high-quality faux fur and natural sisal. This amazing product is the ideal choice for many cat owners.


  • It allows cats to play and exercise, allowing them to stay in shape and maintain a healthy body.
  • The hammock is now larger than it was previously. 
  • Two more little platforms are available for small or large cats to leap up and down on. As a result, the cat can sleep and relax in complete comfort.


  • Not the right choice if one does not want to make holes in walls or ceiling.

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Scratching Tree

The four perches are decorated with leaves wrapped around each post to the top and covered in a soft, green Grass-Like Material.

Your cat will adore it, and it will look great in any home. 

The tall cat activity tree is 93-97.5″ tall and has room for four separate ledges.

It allows your cat to lounge at whichever height it wants while also allowing it to climb the entire tree.


  • It is secured to your ceiling with a spring-powered pressure mechanism that ensures stability while causing no damage to your home.
  • Choose the tall cat activity tree from downtown pet supply to ensure your pet’s safety.
  • Every cat requires at least 15 minutes of exercise daily. This sisal on the tree stimulates your cat’s feline instincts, encouraging them to climb, scratch, and play with their claws.


  • The footprint is quite small, only 14 inches.
  • The aesthetics may be plucked out by cats aggressive in nature.

How To Build DIY the Right Floor to Ceil Cat Tree By Doing This:

DIY Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

Large cat trees attached to the ceiling are growing in popularity as they are liked a lot by cats due to their natural extinction and occupy less space than other cat condos. 

There are a plethora of ways by which you can select which ceiling cat tree will be the right choice for you.

The aesthetic of the cat tree is important, but its size largely determines it. A small, simple cat tree, for example, will include a platform and a scratching post.

A more substantial cat tree, on the other hand, includes a high platform for perching, a scratching post, a sleeping home, a cradle for longing, and toys for entertainment.

The most important feature to look for is a scratching post made of sisal or another long-lasting substance. It will aid in the prevention of future scratches on your furniture.

Also, to avoid clashing, choose a hue that matches your home’s design.

When it comes to our beloved kitties, choosing the appropriate product is critical for achieving the best outcomes.

Some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a floor to ceiling cat condo, treehouse, enclosure, or box are listed below:

Solid wood, rope, or particle boards make up the majority of cat trees. The carpet or fabric can be used as the surface.

Solid wood is more long-lasting, but particle boards are less long-lasting yet less expensive. The softness and coziness of a carpeted floor appeal to cats.

If your cat enjoys scratching on the carpet, the rope one would be a good option. If it likes playing with wood, a particleboard toy would be ideal.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a cat tree is its durability. It is not intended for one-time usage but rather for a lifetime of use. Therefore it should be extremely durable.

The material should be robust enough to withstand your cat clawing and playing with it daily.

If your cat is a loner, keep in mind that the cat condo you choose must contain a hiding spot for him. When there are too many people around, it will seem safe this way.

A steady cat tower would be ideal for your feline companion, who prefers to play and jump the whole day.

If an extremely active cat is left on a large and tall tower with no balance, it can cause serious injury and damage to everything around.

Buying a large cat tree with multiple baskets and hammocks would be a waste of money if you only have one cat who does not want to play.

Similarly, if you have multiple cats who play with each other the whole day, purchasing a cat tree that can bear no weight is certainly a bad idea.

So, when it comes to selecting a floor-to-ceiling cat enclosure, steadiness and stability are the two most important factors that need to be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions on Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Trees

Frequently Asked Questions on Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Trees

Can cat trees be utilized in rooms with vaulted or high ceilings?

The cat trees aren’t meant to be utilized in rooms with vaulted or high ceilings.

Are there any parts available for these cat towers?

Replacements are contingent on certain firms’ availability. Before making any purchase, be sure you understand all of the terms and conditions.

Are declawed cats safe on cat trees?

Cat trees have been thoroughly tested for safety; nonetheless, you should always supervise your pets when they are playing.

Is it true that cat towers are built of wood?

In the description, the materials utilized in the engineering of these products are described. Please read the product descriptions before ordering.

Is the cat tower sent fully assembled?

This cat tower does not arrive built, but it does come with all of the necessary pieces, tools, and step-by-step assembly instructions.

Is it possible to remove or replace parts?

It is not recommended that parts be removed or replaced. It is suggested that you follow the assembly instructions to the letter and do not leave any pieces out.


How To Select the Right Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree By Doing This:

There are various aspects to consider before deciding on the best floor-to-ceiling cat tree for your needs.

It is hoped that the description above would have given you a fair idea about the type of products to purchase.

However, performing adequate research is well worth the effort because it is a matter of the pleasure and comfort of a highly valued and precious part of your family.

Our recommendations: cat craft is the best budget if you need an affordable floor-to-ceiling cat tree, and Frisco 88 to 106 is our best and suggested tree that easily attaches floor to ceil for your cat.

So, whichever decision you make in selecting a floor-to-ceiling cat tree, make sure it is safe and steady.

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