Felix Feeding Guide Table | How Many Felix Pouches Should You Feed?

Felix Feeding Guide

Have you ever fed your cat Felix cat food? Is it good for cats? You might be providing the meal of this brand, but do you know about its feeding guide? How much do you have to feed your cat? Or might you be feeding according to your knowledge, but that quantity of food provides him all nutrients according to her health condition? There are a lot of questions that will come to your mind if you are thinking about the feeding guide of this brand.

Leopard Gecko Feeding
Leopard Gecko Feeding

First of all, we would like to tell you don’t worry, and this article is especially for you if you have this type of concern. For your information, Felix Cat Food is good for your cat, and it’s a European brand owned by Nestle Purina PetCare. It is trendy cat food in Uk, and most importantly, it is the diet of more than one-third of cats in the UK.

It produces wet foods in both pouches and tins and dry cats’ biscuits and treats. Felix dry cat food offers your cat a wide variety of flavors and great-value quality. Now, you will get information about the Felix brand, but most importantly, you should know about the feeding guide for these products.

Let’s talk about feeding an average cat first. So, if you have an average adult cat whose weight is 4kg, you should provide her 3 to 4 pouches per day in at least 2 separate meals. The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures.

However, individual needs vary, and feeding should be adjusted to maintain your pet at a lean, healthy body weight. Moreover, to this down below, you will be introduced to cats’ calorie intake and several Felix cans you should give in a day. Take a good look at the provided information to learn the best way to fulfill your cat nutrition demand.

How Many Cans of Felix Per Day?

If your cat is entirely well in health and an average adult cat with bodyweight 3-5 kg, you should feed her 1/2-1 can per day, preferably in two separate meals. This recommendation was especially for adult cats, and if we talk about more giant cats needing food, they need more food than smaller ones.

So it takes a little extra effort to figure out how many cans of Felix your pet needs according to his age. It is comprehensively advised that you start with 1/2 of one can in the morning and 1/2 can in the evening and closely consider the bodyweight of your furry friend. 

You will see your cat needs more, but 1/2-1 can are enough for an average-weight cat in many cases. In addition, it is recommended that if your cat is losing weight after feeding 1 can a day. You need to increase the quantity of his food, starting with a can of food. If your kitten is gaining weight after eating 1 can a day, you should reduce the food he feeds and feed him minor food daily. 

If you have a nursing or pregnant feline, which requires more than her regular feeding, you can increase her meal 2 to 4 times of daily feeding. Now you understand how many cans per day.

Felix Kitten Food Feeding Guide

Felix Feeding Guide

Felix offers many recipes for all life stages and many kitten foods. Felix kitten is a complete and balanced meal. This means it does not need mixing with any other food, and you pour it out of the pouch, and that’s it. All varieties of Felix brand contain all the necessary proteins and minerals for your kitten. 

Its all recipes are specially formulated to fulfill the growing kitten need for nutritional care from the very beginning to meet their every demand. It is short information about kitten recipes of this brand, but generally, if you are feeding any products of this brand, you can follow these instructions. 

  • 1.5-3 months: 1-4 pouches per day in 2 or 3 meals
  • 3-6 months: 2-5 pouches per day in 2 meals 
  • 6-12 months: 5-3 pouches per day in 2 meals 
  • Each kitten is different; depending on the kitten’s activity level and body condition, the amount of food and the time allowed for feeding may need to be adjusted.
  • Serve at room temperature – Always provide clean, fresh drinking water for your kitten.
  • Serve your kitten’s food in the same place at each feeding so that he doesn’t get confused and disturbed while feeding.

Here are the top three kitten food of this brand with a hassle-free feeding guide that will help you feed your kitten in the correct amount. So let’s see.

Felix As Good As It Looks Kitten Cat Food Mixed In Jelly 12X100g  

It’s a complete pet food for kittens with no colorants and great taste. It looks 100% complete and balanced. You are feeding this recipe to your kitty. If her age is 8-12 weeks, the quantity of meals is 2 1/2 to 3 separately divided into 2 to 3 meals in a day. 

Also, if your kitty is 12-26 weeks, 3 to 3 ½ pouches in 2 meals. If her age is 26-52 weeks, 3 1/2 to 3 1/2 pouches are perfect per day, preferably in 2 meals. Now, your pet will get correct nutrition without being overweight.

FELIX® Original Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly 

It’s a 100% complete meal for your kitten that supports muscles, bones, and teeth. And also helps in the development of the mind. This recipe is available in convenient pouches for a kitten meal ready in seconds! 

If you are giving your kitty this meal, you should have used 1 – 5 pouches per day for your kitty. You can divide this quantity into 2-3 meals in a day.

Felix Kitten cat Food Selection In Chicken & Cod 12X100g 

This recipe is specially formulated for your fur baby that provides all nutrition care from the beginning. It includes all the protein, minerals, and vitamins that promote your kitten’s growth and support healthy teeth, muscles, and bones. 

The amount you should feed your kitten is 1 to 4 pouches per day in 2 or 3 meals if her age is 1.5 to 3 months. And if she is 3 to 6 months old, you should give him 2 to 5 pouches per day in at least 2 meals. If she becomes 6 to 12 years old, you should feed her 5 to 3 pouches per day in 2 meals, so your kitty gets all the nutrition of this recipe properly without gaining weight.

Felix Cat Food Feeding Table

It is generally captured that most average cats should eat between two and four pouches per day of Felix recipes. This number can go up to five if your cat is underweight or is a giant breed. On the other hand, if your cat is overweight or obese, the amount of food it receives should be reduced.

All cats are different, and the feeding guidelines should be adapted to take into account the individual animal’s breed, age, temperament, and activity level. For this consideration for your pet, we have shared a chart of Felix cat food; it will help you feed the meal in a measured quantity. 

The chart below presents average serving sizes based on a cat’s weight, activity level, life stage, and other factors. Keep in mind that any cat’s needs can vary from average to 50 percent in any direction, so talk to your vet to determine the appropriate food portion for your cat.

Select the ideal adult weight (kg) for your cats’ breed and gender
 2Kg 3Kg4Kg5Kg6Kg8Kg10Kg
Indoor weight control22293540465164
Indoor active324150 58667393
Very active cat425567788898124
Use the corresponding daily feed in grams

Use the corresponding daily feed in grams.


Most cats can eat three Felix meals in a jelly pouch a day. You can feed pregnant and lactating cats as much as they need, but it is recommended to consult a veterinarian if you are unsure of the specific amount. Serve this food at room temperature for the best flavor and aroma.

If you are trying to feed your cat, but she is not ready to eat, she is full already. The most important thing you should know this time is what type of food you are feeding your cat might be wet or dry. And what feeding instructions are you applying or might be you are not doing? 

So, don’t worry, here we will tell you the instructions you should follow if you are feeding her a dry or wet meal. So, let’s take a look at it:

Wet Foods

Felix offers a wide variety of wet food for cats. Check that your cats eat it within a half-hour without spoiling the food when wet feeding food. If you want to split her meal, you can divide it into 2 meals. 

You can feed your cat 3 pouches in a day of wea at varieties. And you should also follow the instructions to serve your cat food at room temperature. Along with this, you should also give her clean, fresh drinking water as per her need. It is unnecessary to give your furry a water bowl, but if she drinks, it will support her excellent digestion.

Dry Foods

Felix offers a small range of dry food, but these are very delicious with moderate fat and moderate carbohydrate. If you are feeding an average adult cat dehydrated meals, you should mix a 50g dry meal with 1 wet pouch. It provides all the nutrition according to your cat’s health needs. But it is instructed to feed this meal at room temperature. You should always have fresh drinking water and give her a dinner where she wants to stay more and feel comfortable eating.

Felix Cat Food Calorie Per Can

If you are using Felix cat food to feed your cat but do know about its calorie content per can? If you don’t then we are going to inform you about it. Wet cat food contains few calories than dry meals, and they have 70.4 kcal per can. Calorie content for dry recipes usually is between 350 and 500 kilocalories for single cups, and we talk about the calorie content of treats is 1.5 kcal per treat.

Let’s look at the below chart of Felix cat food in different varieties with calorie content per can.

S.no. Product name Calorie content 
1.Felix Orginal Beef In Jelly Wet Cat Food75 kcal per100g
2.Felix Doubly Delicious Meaty Selection Wet Cat Food75.55 kcal per 100g
3.Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection in Jelly73.05 kcals per 100g
4Felix naturally Delicious Countryside Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food75.65 kcals per 80g
5.Felix Soup Fish Selection wet Cat Food23.7 kcals per pouch
6.Felix Play Tubes Chicken and Liver Cat Treats3.5 kcals per treat
7.Felix Goody Bag Original Mix Cat Treats 1 kcals per treat
8.Felix Crispies Beef and Chicken Cat Treats1 kcals per treat

Felix Ingredients Information

When evaluating cat food, the first five ingredients can tell you a lot about the quality of a product because they make up the bulk of the product. Ideally, it would help if you looked for quality protein sources free of cheap starches, fillers, and by-products.

Counting down the ingredient list, look for ingredients that resemble real food with the least amount of chemicals—precisely the food you choose to make for yourself. Here are the top 5 common ingredients of Felix cat food, along with benefits and importance for cats.

  • Meat
  • Fish 
  • Animal derivatives
  • Vegetable Protein Extract
  • Sugar


It is one of the most common ingredients in Felix cat food, and your cat must get every required nutrient from meat. As cats are obligate carnivores, they must get protein from meat, and it supports their strong heart, good vision, and healthy reproductive system.


It is one of the most beneficial ingredients in the Felix recipes that is an excellent source of animal protein, especially for optimal health. Many cats love it. Fish contains high levels of protein, which helps lower cholesterol, maintain blood pressure, promote weight loss, good eyesight, and boost vision in cats.

Animal Derivatives

Felix uses Animal derivatives in its ingredients that are entirely safe for your cat after the veterinary inspection. It provides many essential nutrients that your cat needs to live and thrive, and these ingredients are beneficial in the recipe of Felix brand.

Vegetable Protein Extract

The vegetable protein extract helps Felix’s recipe produce high protein food, and it also helps make meat-like flavor to food products. Vegetable protein extracts support the protein supplement in your cat.


It is used in moderation of this brand to serve essential functions in pet foods. It provides a source of energy, improves palatability, and helps ensure a product retains its texture and softness throughout its shelf life.

Felix Nutritional Information

As cats are carnivores, they need animal-based diets to fulfill their nutritional needs. Felix cat food is specially designed to provide the essential nutrients and key ingredients to help your cat maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Overall, there are five main reasons why Felix’s cat food is good.

Protein: Felix cat food contains almost good protein (11.5%) to keep your cat healthy. It comes from meat, fish, and vegetable extracts, and it gives cats sustained energy and muscle mass and satisfies their hunger for a long time.

Carb: However, wet cat food contains very low carbohydrates, but dry cat food contains moderate carbohydrates (30%). In addition, carbohydrates can lead to obesity if your cat is not using the energy provided by the car. Also, if she is operating, it is an excellent energy source.

High Moisture: Almost all cats don’t want to drink the water. Felix wet cat food gives high moisture (82%), while its dry recipe contains only 10% moisture, so you need to provide a bowl of water and food.

Fat:  It is the focused energy for cats that comes from the fatty acids of fish. The brand uses 2.5% fat in its recipes for a cat’s health and moisturized skin. Fat is also supported to lean muscles. 

Fiber: It is a type of carbohydrate that is important for cat health because it provides bulk food. The brand uses significantly less fiber, which makes the ingredients easily digestible, and it increases the nutritional quality of the cat’s diet.


In short, your feline can consume 3 pouches per day to maintain a healthy weight and ensure that it receives balanced nutrition that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. It will also tell your pet to be hydrated by eating a meal in this quantity. The most important thing you should know is to consult with your vet on your cat’s proper dietary needs to ensure your cat is getting adequate nutrition if you have any queries regarding your cat’s nutritional needs.

Hope this article will be comprehensive and helpful for you. Kidly share it with your family and friends.

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