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Is your cat kind that likes a wide range of meals? But purchasing a different range of cat food for your cat may be pricey. Many companies offer cat food formulated with a list of flavours. However, it can be of low quality only for making money.

Felix introduces a wide range of cat food with different flavours and ingredients. Felix evaluates the suitability of cat food in their formula by ingredients before launching in the market. Every cat has different tastes and prefers to eat different flavours. Felix is a famous brand among cat owners.

Here we have a complete review of Felix cat food. All the information is accumulated through research over the internet. Keep reading to know about Felix cat food.

About Felix

Felix operates under the Purina Umbrella. Felix has a wide range of cat foods for kittens and adults. Felix can be seen at supermarkets and pet food retailers. Felix cat foods are completely safe for cats. More than a third of all public purchase Felix in the UK. Before importing raw materials, Felix carried out 300 tests every day.

One of Europe’s most experienced laboratories in pet food testing was asked to analyze each sample of Felix. The results were exciting and shows that Felix cat food is safe without any quality issues. The complete analysis of Felix’s cat food is shared with FSA.

Felix Cat Food Recall

Felix Cat Food Review

There is no such information about if there is any recall for Felix cat food. No doubt, all products of Felix cat food are recall-free.

Also, based on reviews and the history of Felix with their customers, it seems trustable and secured cat food.

However, all pet owners are assumed to be vigilant regarding recall in the future. If there is any recall and we forget to mention. Would you please inform us to update the article?

Felix Cat Food Ingredients

Felix always uses high-quality fresh meat and fish ingredients in their all recipes. Their recipes are designed in such a way as to avoid any allergy to cats. Also, formulas are supposed to cure cats with allergies.

Chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, sardine, cod, duck, rabbit, lamb, and Turkey are ingredients used in the recipe. Felix includes a wide range of fresh meat to provide the best flavour to make it tasty for cats.

Some of Felix cat food formulas also add some vegetables to provide necessary carbohydrates and fibres, such as carrots and green beans. Some ingredients are entirely free from vegetables.

All formulas are free from allergic contents like preservatives, colours, soy, wheat, corn, gluten.

Best Felix Cat Food and Reviews

Felix Cat Food Review
Felix Cat Food Review

Here is the list of best Felix cat food reviews you can try for your cat. We have curated this list from thousands of sites so that our readers don’t need to look for it. After comparing the products with prices, ingredients and reading the reviews, the decisions are made.

We hope this recommendation helps you in making the decisions for good cat food.

Felix Adult as Good as it Looks Meaty Selection in Jelly

The recipe looks tempting and smells so meaty that your cat loves it. This recipe includes the fresh meat of chicken, ham, pork, and duck. Duck is an excellent source of high-quality proteins for your cat. It is wet cat food and retains original moisture from the fresh meat. There are no such vegetables added while preparing this recipe.

It is designed according to adult cats’ dietary needs. Feeding 3-4 pouches per day to your cat in two or more meals is better than at a time. This is a highly recommended cat food to taste the different meaty flavours in one product. There are some additive vitamins and minerals extracted separately.


1. Mouthwatering texture

2. Fresh meat

3. Well balanced diet

4. Four varieties of meat

5. No grains at all

6. No added preservatives.


1. Not at all

Felix Naturally Delicious Countryside Selection Jelly Wet Cat Food Review

The tasty chunks and vegetables added in the recipe, flavoured with aromatic herbs. All are perfectly steam cooked. It looks the same as cooking at home and is tasty. Only selected natural ingredients are added to this recipe. The recipe includes high-quality fresh meat such as beef, chicken, duck, and turkey. All meat ingredients are great sources to complete a well-balanced diet for a cat.

Felix’s naturally delicious recipe fulfils the dietary needs with essential omega fatty acids and the right combination of vitamins. The formula does not contain any grains and no preservatives to enhance the flavour and taste. It is purely steamed with fresh chunks.

Additionally, dehydrated carrots and aromatic herbs are used in this recipe to enhance the flavour and good smell according to the cat’s taste. However, they are minimal so that your cat will notice. Moisture is enough to keep an excellent digestible stomach.


1. High-quality meet

2. Good fat

3. Steam cooked

4. Minimal vegetables

5. Well balanced

6. Aromatic herbs

7. Support kidney

8. No preservatives added


1. Dehydrated carrots

Felix Soup Fish Selection Wet Cat Food Review

As its name says, a mouthwatering soup prepared for cats to lick every portion of the bowl. This recipe has a variety of fish as core ingredients. Also, it has other fresh meat ingredients added to it. This recipe is an utterly well-balanced diet for cats’ health.

This product is a combination of high moisture delicious soup and a high-quality meal. It highly supports the digestion and kidney function of a cat. The codfish ingredient used in this recipe is generally high in protein percentage. Codfish is found more profound in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Naturally, codfish have higher implications on health than those fed over time.

Also, this recipe does not make use of grains, soy, or corn. Felix soup fish selection is an excellent treat for your cat to change the taste of the cat.


1. Mouthwatering soup

2. Codfish

3. No grains

4. No preservatives

5. Extra fresh meat

6. Support kidney function.

7. Good for a treat


1. Yeast added

2. Vegetable derivatives

3. Not for cats doesn’t like fish

FELIX Naturally Delicious Poultry Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food Reveiw

Felix’s naturally delicious recipe contains fresh duck and turkey meat as core ingredients. This recipe is 100% steamed at the right temperature and selected natural ingredients. Also, it will not harm any allergic problem since there is no added preservative, artificial colours, and flavouring.

However, there is some added dehydrated vegetable to provide fibres and carbohydrates, such as carrots. The moisture level is more than 80% with 40% fat content to make your cat fit and fine.


1. Turkey and duck flavour

2. 100% steamed

3. No added colours and flavours

4. Good fat

5. Grains free

6. Support immune system


1. Too much steamed.

FELIX Tasty Shreds Fish Selection Wet Cat Food Review

Felix tasty shreds are made with four fish ingredients such SalmonSalmon, tuna, cod, and place. A place is a group of flatfish. This fish is an excellent source of omega three and omega 6 with a healthy amount of protein. Plaice fish are even recommended for a pregnant cat.

On serving Felix tasty shreds, you will notice how drooling it is for your cat. The tenderness of Felix tasty shreds is irresistible with a delicious gravy for your cat. No doubt, it is also a great meal to improve a cat’s health.


1. Shredded pieces with gravy

2. Complete diet for a cat

3. Omega 3 and omega 6

4. No grains

5. No added colours and flavours

6. Irresistible meal for cats


1. Not for fish hate cats

Felix Animal Testing

Felix cat food is thoroughly analyzed, and reports are shared with the standard food agency. Over 1000 tests are performed on the Felix cat food before coming on the market.

One of the best European laboratory experts in food testing analyses the samples. The laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC. This lab is widely used as an independent by regulatory authorities in Europe.

Conclusion – Is Felix Cat Food Good or Bad?

In short, Felix is an authorized pet food store, which operates under Purina. Each product of Felix is tested for its quality. So we can guess that Felix provides high-quality cat food. Felix also provides multi-flavoured cat food meals. Felix cat foods are grain-free and steam-cooked. Felix cat foods are healthy for cats and hypoallergenic.

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