Felix Cat Food Recall & Review: Is It A Good Brand?

Is your cat the kind that values ​​eating a variety of food every day? It is only understandable because eating one type of food every day can get boring. Today, there are plenty of formulas that provide a variety of flavors for your cat. Here we overview on Felix cat food recall and review. Let’s know in details about this brand.

Many companies are in it for quick cash and provide low-quality ingredients that could harm your pet. But to relieve you from this worry, we have got Felix Cat Food for your cat, which consists of multi-flavor formulas in the market.

If you are a cat owner in the UK, you may have heard of Felix. It’s a European cat food brand owned by Nestle Purina Petcare and a part of the diet of more than a third of all cats in the UK. Felix initially offers wet cat food varieties, although initially a dry cat food brand.

Is There Any Recall Of Felix Cat Food?

Felix Cat Food Recall

Purina brand is no stranger to their food recalls, we cannot find any information to suggest the Felix brand has ever been identified.

For the past year, there have been customer concerns about cats becoming sick after refusing Felix products or eating them, but no recall has been issued. There is no recall on the way or planned for any Felix products.

Purina has published a statement titled, “Keeping Pets Safe – The Facts About Felix Cat Food,” addressing these concerns. In it, Purina commented, “There is no evidence to support our foodservice link, and no quality or food safety issues have been found with our Felix products. 

Felix Kitten Food Recall 

It is perfect for your kitten and provides 100% vitamins, minerals, and protein for daily needs. Unfortunately, we would like to tell you Felix’s Food for kittens has never been reviewed according to our research. No recall is going on and not planned for Felix products. 

Felix As Good As It Looks Recall Complete pet food for adult cats. Our delicious Felix As Good As It Looks Adult Cat Favourites Selection in Jelly is packed with irresistible flavors and tempting texture that we are sure will be your cat’s favorite too! 

As good as Felix, cat food is made with a selection of pieces of tender meat and fish slathered in delicious jelly, but this cat food has never been recalled.

Felix Cat Food Recalls Reports

Felix is a European brand of cat food currently owned by Nestle Purina Petcare. It produces wet food in pouches and cans and dry cat biscuits and treats. The brand’s mascot, since 1989, is a black and white cat named “Felix.”

Felix cat food LTD began as a manufacturer of dry cat biscuits, which started his work before the second world war. It had a factory in the English town of Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. Quaker Oats Company acquired the firm in 1970 as part of its expansion into the UK pet food market.

And the later production was moved to Qualer’s factory in Southall, West Landon, and a new product range, including wet cat food, was introduced. During the 1980s, the Felix brand faced potential delisting by large retailers due to poor sales and competition with self-labeled cat food.

Felix held only 6% of the UK cat food market, while the brand leader, Whiskas, had over 50%. To counter this, the brand was relaunched in 1989 with a new product range and its iconic black-and-white “Felix” mascot.

After advertising campaigns in prominent newspapers and later on TV, it dramatically increased its market shares across the UK and Europe. 

Felix Cat Food History

While Felix may have been one of the most popular cat brands in the UK now, this was not always the case. It was almost taken away in the 1980s due to poor sales by major retailers. Felix was launched again 1989 with a new mascot – Felix’s black and white cat.

By 1996, Felix had overtaken the former brand leader in the UK (Whiscus) and remained one of the largest brands in the UK.

But the main question is that is Felix a good food for your cat? However, Felix seems to offer a modest variety of product options; they are nearly identical when you break them down into a list of ingredients.

They offer many different textures, and some products come in gravy versus gelly. Still, they are all made with the same vaguely named meat and fish ingredients, vegetable protein extract, fats and oils, and added sugars.

Is Felix A Good Brand?

Felix Cat Food Recall

Felix is a good cat food brand that some cats enjoy, and it has an excellent balance of all nutritional requirements your pet body needs. It provides taurine requirements, aft and protein requirements, and a perfect mineral score compared with minimum AAFCO guidelines. Since overall, it is good cat food.

To comprehend this article, we have shared the recall of Felix’s cat and kitten food, history, sourcing and manufacturing, shortage, and the Felix cat food problems that will help you better consider the Felix cat food. And also, we would like to share the top 3 brands of Felix cat food. 

You can read this article until the end for more information about these topics.

Where is Felix cat food manufactured?

The Quaker Oats Company acquired the firm in 1970 to expand the UK pet food market. Production was suddenly removed to the Quaker’s factory in Southall, west London, and introduced a new product range. 

Felix cat food was produced initially in Biggleswade; It has changed manufacturers several times. Most recently, the brand was sold to Nestle in 1997. We couldn’t determine where Felix products are made, but most Purina products are manufactured in the US and Canada.

Purina says the quality and safety of her products are her number one priority. They conduct 300 tests daily on their raw materials and packaging materials and 1,100 tests on the finished products during the production process. 

They have also commissioned a third-party laboratory to analyze samples of Felix products for heavy metals, mycotoxins, and other contaminants without any problems.

Is Felix Ingredients Good For Cats?

Felix always uses high-quality meat ingredients in all of their recipes. Their recipes are designed So that cats can avoid any allergy, and also, formulas are supposed to cure cats with allergies. Almost all recipes of Felix use the ingredients such as chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, rabbit, lamb, Turkey, sardine, cod, duck.

Felix contains a wide range of fresh meat to provide the best flavour to make it tasty for cats. Delicious Felix recipes are a complete pet food for adults with a wide variety and contain meat, fish derivatives as their first ingredients.

It does not contain grain like wheat, pork, or soy and contains taurine with no artificial colors. So you can go ahead and feed Felix cat foods; these meaty treats will delight your carnivore cat. You can see the overview of ingredients.

An Overview Of Felix Ingredients


Chicken is a trendy ingredient for pet food, and in this case, they are referring to the whole chicken. This is a very high-quality source of meat, and we are pleased to see it listed. However, a whole chicken loses about 80% of its ingredients during the cooking process because the majority of an entire chicken is water.


It supplies a good amount of protein and contains incredible amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


It is an excellent source of high-quality protein for your pet and is extremely rich in healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are suitable for your cat-eye and heart health. Salmon contains mercury at a much lower level than other types of fish, and the FDA does not believe it is cause for concern.


It is an excellent source of animal protein and is considered a high-quality ingredient. It contains many other nutrients essential for your cat to survive and thrive.


It is a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, becoming more common in pet foods. These ingredients also promote healthy eyes in cats and boost their immune system.


A sardine is a young pilchard or herringlike small fish. Some cat owners like to avoid fish in cat food because seafood is not typically a part of a cat’s natural diet. But still, Overall, this ingredient supplies some highly nutritious properties, including protein and very healthy fatty acids.


It is a great alternative meat source that provides excellent meat protein, and it contains flesh, meat, and skin without the fur, bones, and intestines. In either case, it’s a high-quality meat source.


This is a very high-quality source of meat protein. In general, this ingredient is more nutritious in canned formulas than in dry formulas, but in any case, it’s good to see this ingredient listed.

This formula does not contain allergy-causing ingredients. Therefore, this formula can be given to cats with allergies and those who are not.

Does Felix Good Make All Food?

Though Felix offers many flavors with many varieties, it is entirely safe for your cat to eat. All food made by Felix is overall good because it gives all nutritions, vitamins, and minerals your cat’s body needs. It offers several different textures, and some products come in gravy.

Felix food brand comes at an affordable price that some cats like to eat, but recent customer concerns cause us to question whether the low price tag is worth the risk. But some cat owners said that all of the symptoms reported (loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea) are relatively common in cats.

Sometimes it can be a one-time event that resolves on its own, and sometimes it can persist as these symptoms are associated with many diseases in cats. If these symptoms occur when cats eat Felix or other cat food, it does not necessarily mean that prepared food is the cause.

The disease can also be caused by eating table scraps, pooping, dairy, and even exposure to common household chemicals and plants. This symptoms can be a warning sign of underlying and unknown health conditions. This is why we would always advise owners to reach out to their veterinary practice for advice and guidance.

We want to suggest to you that all food made by Felix ia overall good, you don’t need to worry while you are feeding your cat these brand foods and Even after this, if there is any doubt in your mind about this brand, then you can feed this brand food after taking suggestions from the vet. 

However, these cat food of Felix are made with no allergy-causing ingredients, and it’s got 37 out of 60 ratings, so overall, we can say it’s good cat food.

Felix Top-3 Best Cat Food Reviews

Felix Cat Food Recall

We will share Felix’s top-3 best cat food for your pet with complete reviews that will help you choose the best cat food and provide a proper diet to keep them fit and healthy.

#1. Felix Doubly Delicious Ocean Recipes In Jelly Review

Felix’s Doubly Delicious line of products promises “mouth-watering flavor and texture” that is as good as it looks. The problem is that supposedly the flavor comes from some very questionable ingredients.

It can be sold in four flavors; these seafood dishes are named for fresh fish, containing saute, salmon, herring, trout, cod, and mackerel. But unfortunately, none of these ingredients appear in the ingredient list, and the main feature is it contains meat, fish, and other derivatives as its first ingredient. 

These ingredients may still be suitable for human consumption, but they are animal parts that humans do not want to eat. Overall, this recipe is very by-product-heavy, packed with vaguely named animal ingredients and vegetable protein.


  • Contains negligible carbohydrates
  • Rich in moisture to support hydration
  • Affordable price


  • No high quality or designated ingredients
  • High incorporation of by-products
  • Contains significant plant protein content
  • Includes added sugar

#2. Felix As Good As It Looks Meaty Selection In Jelly Review

This variety pack contains many flavors like chicken, duck, pork, and ham. The ingredients and guaranteed analysis are identical to the previous product, and all the elements we can see of this product are meat, animal, fish derivatives, and vegetable protein extract.

Looking at this product level for each flavor, you will see 4% of those meat and animal derivatives in each recipe come from the animal named in the taste. It also contains chicken and other products as its first ingredient for high-quality protein.

Again, we don’t want to suggest any cat food containing any high-quality protein source named animal protein as the first ingredient.

Overall this by-product recipe is heavy, packed with vaguely named animal ingredients and vegetable protein.


  • Includes negligible carbohydrate
  • It contains heavy moisture to support hydration
  • Affordable cost


  • No high quality or designated ingredients
  • High inclusion of by-products
  • Contains significant plant protein content
  • Contains more sugar

#3. Felix Tasty Shreds Farm Selection Wet Cat Food Review

Felix’s Tasty Shreds line includes pouches of wet cat food filled with “tender cut pieces in delicious gravy.” This variety pack includes beef, chicken, duck, and turkey flavors.

It is free from added colors, flavor, and preservatives. 

Unfortunately, the actual quality of this cat food does not appear higher, and the products are still filled with meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives, and others are of vegetable origin. 

If we compared it, then we found 12% meat and animal derivatives from the first recipe, 14% from the second recipe, and 18% from the Felix Tasty Shreds meal and by-products contains; the other 4% of them comes with an animal named flavor like beef, chicken, duck or turkey. We do not want the vaguely named oils and fats added to the recipe.

Overall, this recipe is very by-product-heavy, packed with vaguely named animal ingredients and vegetable proteins.


  • High-quality tender meat pieces 
  • Specially for adult cats to keep them healthy with little juicy texture
  • Recommended by experts 
  • Low cost


  • Some picky eaters don’t want to eat

What Customers think About Felix Cat Food?

Over the past year or two, customer reviews for Felix cat food have dived in. While Purina recently admitted to changing their formula, they claim they only made changes to the product’s appearance. They removed the colorants but otherwise made no changes in the recipe.

Whether this is true or not is difficult to ascertain, although it is clear that many customers are dissatisfied with the brand right now. Purina has a rating of 1.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot in the UK, with only 350 reviews – over 90% of reviewers have given the brand a 1-star or “bad” rating.

And on the other side, some customers are pleased with the brand and have been feeding it to their cats for years without any problems. They said their cats like the smell of food, and it looks very natural. A variety pack is a great way to determine what your kitty likes.

Felix Cat food Shortage

As we can check by our research, there is no shortage in the presence of Felix cat food. Still, suppose this food has been consumed, or it happened before until now. In that case, the reason for this is because the reduction “has been caused by a culmination of factors that came head-on at the same point, including an increase in the UK pet population and changes in buying behavior driven by the pandemic and exit from the European Union,” the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (APMA).

According to PFMA research, in July last year, 11% of UK households acquired a new pet during the pandemic, with this growth expected to continue into the first half of 2021 while pet ownership has increased.

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

Has the recipe of Felix’s cat food been changed?

The recent Felix recipe change involved removing colorants from our Felix range and only affected the appearance of the food, and nothing has been changed that would cause cats to be unwell. 

When did Felix’s cat food start?

Quaker pet foods started in 1966 with the chunky do food, then acquired Felix food in 1970.

Does Felix’s cat food contain grains?

It does not contain any grain, and it only seems to like beef and chicken flavors. 

Is Felix good for kittens?

Felix food suitable for kittens aged six weeks to 1 year. Felix kittens are ideal for pregnant or lactating mothers as they require energy-rich food to care for their future kittens.


Felix is an authorized pet food store, which operates under Purina. Based on the ingredients in the formula, it can be termed ideal for kittens and cats. Especially ideal for growing kittens, and it also contains no allergic things. Therefore, this formula can be called good for cats between zero and 12 months.

Also, we have reviewed the top-3 beat Felix food for cats you can feed them for proper health and daily needs for their body, which is made with natural ingredients. Each product Felix has been thoroughly tested for its quality, and after that, it has come on the market to feed your cat.

We hope you like this article and kindly share it with the pet owners or your friends who are worried about their pet health and want to know about the Felix cat food and anything in this article that you don’t like; please share that with us.