Feliway Optimum Review (2022) – Is It Better?

Feliway Optimum Review

It can be upsetting for us to watch our cats distressed or sad. Cats are touchy creatures, so in case you’ve recently moved or made huge lifestyles alternate, you may have observed this having a negative effect on your cat’s well-being. Know more about Feliway Optimum Review in this article.


If your cat had started preventing, hiding, scratching, or spraying urine when they were once calm and at ease, then there may be an environmental alternate that’s causing this transformation in their conduct.

The Feliway Diffuser has been specially created to help reduce or do away with those problem behaviors. The Feliway Diffuser is made by way of Ceva Animal fitness, widely known for its use of the pheromone era to improve the lives of home kitties.

Feliway Diffusers are highly smooth to use and can be lifesavers for cat parents who’re looking for approaches to assist their cat experience comfier.

Pros and Cons of Feliway optimum

Feliway Optimum Review


  • Can be used without any problem
  • It helps cats to feel comfortable.
  • Humans won’t be able to smell this product.
  • Very effective for cats
  • Results can be seen within a week
  • Recommended by Veterinarians.


  • It is only affected for a particular area such as 700 sq. feet
  • It is recommended not to use it around pet birds.
  • Can be expensive if used continuously.
  • Should be replaced in 6 months.

How does it work?

Feliway diffusers spread an artificial version of a facial pheromone, F3, which cats use as a heady scent marker. When cats rub their faces on surfaces in their environment, they leave this pheromone there. These diffusers can make your cat feel comfortable and secure.

Feliway calls those pheromones “happy messages” and suggests that if those calming pheromones are frequently to your cat’s environment, they may experience less pressure.

With the aid of diffusing an artificial version of this facial pheromone, the Feliway Diffuser is designed to decrease your cat’s anxiety and stress tiers. This, in turn, leads to lesser problems in behaviors like scratching and urinating outside the litter box, which can signal anxiety.

Feliway Optimum price

Feliway Optimum is sold for $29.99, but if you buy it from an online store like Amazon or any other pet store, you might get discounts up to $11.3, which will be $18.95 for one product.

This is a cost-effective product, so you might find it pretty helpful.

Feliway Optimum Ingredients

Feliway for Cats Ingredients

Active IngredientsAmount
Analogue of feline facial pheromones2%
Excipients to:100 g.

Feliway for Cats and Kittens (48 ml Plugin Refill Bottle):

Analogue of feline facial pheromones2%
Excipients to:100 g.
Feliway for Cats and Kittens Plug in (with 48 ml Bottle):
Active IngredientsAmount
Analogue of feline facial pheromones10%
Ethanol (90%)77.6%
Excipients to:60 ml

Is Feliway Optimum good for cats?

The Feliway traditional 30 Day Starter package Plug-In Diffuser & fill up is designed to assist lessen unwanted behaviors and make our cats experience happier and more significant at ease.

We like that this diffuser is so clean to apply, and you can plug it in and leave it to do its magic.

Replace the replenish once each four weeks, and that’s it. Most cats seem to gain a real advantage from those diffusers, so they’re worth trying.

If you have a large home, you can want more than one diffuser to efficaciously cover the space, as every diffuser is powerful for 700 rectangular ft; however, now not extra than that. Pheromone diffusers don’t appear to work for all cats so yours won’t be positively affected.

Nevertheless, they can be a price-powerful and versatile practical choice for maintaining your cat secure and happy.

Customer reviews

We’ve taken the time to discover precisely what exceptional users are announcing approximately the Feliway Diffuser, so you can get a great experience of whether this is something this is going to work for your cat.

The first element we must point out is that the critiques for the Feliway Diffuser are excellent usual. Dwelling with a stressed cat could make us owners pressured, too; so many users are relatively relieved to discover that this product genuinely did appear to help their cat appear more secure and content material.

A few owners of hectic cats have seen a development of their cat’s behavior. While they used to run out of the room in worry, their cats became calm and affectionate inside an immediate area of time.

Feliway also can assist competitive cats. Customers who needed to employ a tomcat behaviorist to prevent their cat from attacking humans all through play classes found that when using Feliway, their cat changed into a good deal calmer and less aggressive.

A few users have seen a development of their cat’s behavior in as little as two hours. Others say that it took over a week for any signs and symptoms of development to end up obvious. For acceptable consequences, Feliway suggests that the diffuser ought to be plugged in and left on constantly for a minimum of four weeks before you must anticipate peering any outcomes. After four weeks, the top off ought to be replaced.

Particular cats even appear to be trying to find this diffuser out, and if it’s been moved across the residence, they may find in which it’s far and make that their new preferred corner!

Some cat owners noticed no development in their cat’s conduct, and indeed, synthetic pheromones don’t seem to be paintings for all cats across the board.

The most excellent information is that we haven’t discovered any inspiration that a cat’s conduct should worsen even as such diffusers are used.

One factor that does worry a few cat owners who use this product is that the diffuser needs to be left plugged in continuously for maximum impact, and this could cause concerns about the diffuser getting too warm.

Feliway recommends handiest ever plugging within the diffuser into a grounded outlet, by no means an extension.

Ensure the diffuser is plugged in upright and is in no way positioned behind furniture or included up using drapes or something else.

Additionally, they recommend replacing the diffuser itself every six months. Following those instructions should ensure that the diffuser works efficiently and competently and could not overheat.


Feliway shows that their diffuser is powerful for 9 out of 10 cats; however, from the vast critiques that we’ve examined, it could not be as high as that.

Feliway has been the concern of medical trials that have validated its effectiveness; however, different trials obtainable advise pheromone diffusers don’t work.

Anecdotal proof from hundreds of cat owners suggests that Feliway virtually does help lower stress in many cats. The only natural way to find out is to attempt it along with your very own cat!

 If it appears to be operating and assisting lessen your cat’s pressure, then preserve its usage. If no longer, you may want to discover different alternatives instead.

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