Evolve Cat Food Recall (2022): What do people have to say about it?

Evolve Cat Food Recall

Evolve cat food is made with high-quality, whole-food components, beginning with superior animal proteins, and offers all the nutrition your feline needs to maintain maximum health. Although it is pretty expensive, you receive excellent value for your money. Of course, not every cat enjoys this meal. We discovered that it was hit or miss when it came to our cats’ preferences. However, all the testers praised the high-quality ingredients and recipes you can expect from Evolve cat food.

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You may choose food from Evolve that fits your cat’s needs no matter how you decide to feed it. Additionally, wet foods are available in cans or pouches and provide dry foods in both standard and grain-free varieties. You won’t find any by-products or inexpensive fillers in Evolve; a high-quality animal protein is listed as the first component on every bottle.

Since Evolve fills precisely that need in the market, we assume its popularity to increase as pet owners turn away from conventional pet food that is mass-produced at a low cost and begin seeking healthier options. Although the more excellent quality comes at a slight premium, you can see that the added cost is benefiting your cat’s well-being, which is something that many pet owners can appreciate.

Apart from all these pros of Evolve Cat food, it still went through some recalls in the past. Evolve is owned by Sunshine Mills, and recently, Sunshine Mills has made a voluntary recall of its many products. The recall was the excessive level of Aflatoxin in the canned food that is harmful to pets. Besides this voluntary recall, other recalls have also been made of Evolve Cat Food, so it is not wrong to say that Evolve forgot to evolve at some point.

Why has Evolve Cat Food been recalled?

Evolve Cat Food Recall

Evolve Pet Food has issued three different recalls since the early 2000s. Dog food products were involved in two of those recalls. Evolve cat food was involved in the recall, which happened in 2007. It is the oldest recall.

Contamination of melamine-containing pet meals resulted in a significant global recall in 2007. The recall affected over 150 companies, including Evolve Pet Foods, which had to withdraw cat food due to the incident.

Sunshine Mills, the parent company of Evolve, voluntarily recalled particular dog food in May 2014 because it contained too little thiamine, seven years after the voluntary recall was first announced. Then, due to excessive vitamin D, many Evolve dog food formulations had to be recalled in 2018.

Pet food industries must take care of the manufacturing process correctly to avoid such recalls. It leaves a negative impact on the market and also risks the pets’ lives. Well, mistakes are not made willingly, but the important thing is to take action immediately after realizing the mistake.

What do people have to say about Evolve Cat Food?

There are the top three Evolve Recipes that are loved by most of the customers. Evolve Classic Deboned Salmon, Rice, & Sweet Potato Formula Dry Cat Food, Evolve Classic Turkey Recipe Canned Cat Food, and Evolve Salmon & Sweet Potato Stew in Gravy Grain-Free Wet Pouch Cat Food are the three best Evolve cat food recipes.

Evolve is an above-average overall cat food brand compared to other products in our database, according to our research of 16 different Evolve cat food items. Of these 16 Evolve products we reviewed:

  • 5 products (31.3%) contain significantly fewer carbs than average.
  • 1 product (6.3%) contains no questionable products or fillers. Conversely, this also means that most of the products reviewed contain at least one undesirable ingredient. You can click on each product’s review for more information.
  • 12 products (75%) list high-quality protein as their first ingredient.

Most of the reviews about Evolve cat food are positive. People say their cats love this food. Evolve provides a variety of cat food that will be the perfect fit for your cat’s health and diet. Exceptions are always there, and there are some negative reviews but not enough to lower the quality of Evolve. After looking at the recall history of Evolve, we can say that the Cat food is safer delivered by Evolve than other brands.

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