Encore Cat Food Recall (2021-2022) – Is it Good For Cats?

As cat owners, we find a cat food that doesn’t face any recall or is discontinued because it impacts our pet, although it is a cat or dog. Encore pet food brand made plenty of recipes for cats and dogs. Is there any Encore cat food recall from them? Today you can learn more deeply about its products made from chicken, fish, and beef as top ingredients. 

We analyzed Encore cat food and learned what Encore consumers think about it from the last few years whenever they feed it. Is it safe food for cats? Have there any recent happenings on the Encore pet food brand?

Till 2021, there is no recall on Encore cat food. Its foods are 100% made with natural ingredients with a superb taste. But before knowing more about this brand, you can ensure what kind of cat food they manufacture and where they course ingredients. 

Why Is There Encore Cat Food Recall?

People or cat owners who use Encore cat food want to detail about this brand, but lack information on the network they are disappointed which considers plenty of questions in their mind. 

We tell you that Encore cat food is safe for cats, and there is no recall on its products. Encore brand claimed that they made high-quality products for cats and dogs, which boost and provide a healthy lifestyle.

 Is Encore Good For Cats?

Encore Cat Food Recall

Yes! Encore made natural dry and wet cat food to give a balanced diet for cats, and it’s delicious varieties made with 100% natural ingredients. 

Encore, all recipes for cats, are 75% real meat from chicken, fish, and beef, which are healthy and rich in taurine and omega oils. 

They used pouches and tins to store their foods, making them more safe and secure than other brands.

Who Manufactures Encore Cat Foods?

MPM products manufacture Encore cat and dog food. They also Designed Applaws cat foods; both are available in the United Kingdom (uk) and the USA. You can also read the Encore Environment statement, where they mention how their food is stored in pouches and tins. 

There are plenty of recalls in 2020 and 2021 due to certain reasons and unfairness of quality from the manufacturer, but Encore cat foods don’t face any customer complaints. 

Encore cat food leads other brands in the UK because of its sourcing and manufacturing. It’s a very good sign and brand commitment if their food comes in a safety package.  

Who Owns Encore Food?

Jeremy Johnson is the owner of the Encore brand. You can find him on Linkedin. He controls facilities and the quality of ingredients used in the Encore brand. Both cat and dog food are popular in the United Kingdom. 

Encore Cat Food Ingredients

Most pet foods are recalled due to their harmful ingredients, but Encore sourced natural and designed their products from safe ingredients. Chicken, fish, and beef are three primary ingredients used in each Encore dog and cat food. These are high in protein, fatty acids(omega-3 and omega-6) and keep a healthy and happy life.

What brand of cat food is killing cats?

We found that numerous cat foods recalled back in June 2021 for certain reasons, which are highly risky for the deadly disease. Also, many vets reports suggested that plenty of foods are made with harmful ingredients which are toxic for cats.

In this case, it; ‘s important for you to know the recall before buying cat food or asking your vet. Only food is not the cause of cat health; it is your bad habit if you feed homemade food without any knowledge. 

Cats are obligate carnivores and love high meat in their diet. It’s better to avoid veggies and dairy products such as chocolate and snakes. 

Your pet deserves the best, and healthy diet rather than feeding recalled or toxic foods. 

Encore Cat Food Reviews & Ratings

After reading thousands of reviews and testing it on its own, we give 7 out of 10 ratings to Encore cat food brand. It makes a 100% natural and high meat diet for cats. 

Encore natural wet cat food gets massive positive reviews on Amazon and other selling stores. Customers have been happy with the product and have used it for cats for months and years.

Here see customers reviews;

Encore Cat Food Recall