Do Cats Know Their Owners? – How Cats Recognize Faces

Do cats know their owners

The relationship of humans with their pets is always fascinating. Humans love their pets a lot more than anything. Pets love their owners as well. Humans can’t explain their feelings for their pets. How many pets matter in their life. Do Cats Know Their Owners?

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As for the cats, they don’t recognize their owners by looking at them. All Human faces seem the same to a cat. Also, cats don’t remember their owners as masters or any superior. However, cats recognize their owners by their voices and scents as well. Cats respond to only their owners’ voices and remember the unique skin smell of the owner.

Cats are awkward, whereas dogs perceive their owners as masters and respect them, whereas cats act as masters. Still, it is a wrong idea that cats don’t care about their owners.

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However, we will take this discussion further to understand the behavior of cats towards their owners. Also, we will know how cats’ understanding differs from other pet animals towards their masters.

Do cats know their owner’s name?

Do cats know their owners

It was researched that a cat knows their names through their response while calling their names with the same tone. However, there was a little bit of a reply. But, it was not enough to confirm that cats know their names.

Still, it is questionable that cats know their owners’ names. Let’s assume cats know their owner’s name. What if they know their owner’s name? Would cats give any response if their owner’s name is called?

I don’t think that cat knows its owner’s name. Cats do not understand human language; they remember the tone of their owner. Also, there is no evidence about this mystery if cats know their owner’s name.

If anyone says that cats recognize their owner’s name, don’t believe without any evidence. I also don’t believe in it.

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How do cats know their owners’ names?

As I have mentioned above, the cat does not know its owner’s name. There is no chance about it.

Still, if you try to teach cats to remember your name, it is pointless because cats only recognize the voice tone of their owner, not languages.

However, cats respond to their owners’ names. You can give it a try by calling your name.

Do cats get attached to their owners?

Each pet owner is attached to their pet to feel yourself what I am talking about. Also, it is said that dogs are man’s best friends due to their long history of relationships with humans. Does it apply the same to cats? If not, you will know once you lose them in your life.

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Similarly, cats are fond of their owners. But, their cats display their attachment in different styles toward their owners. The bonds of cats and kittens are classified as secure bonds to their owners. This type of secure bonding helps cats be less stressed, and cats also seek out owners for comfort.

Mostly, pets have a bond with their owners and show their affection in their ways.

Do cats have feelings for their owners?

Since cats get attached to their owners, does it mean that cats also have feelings for their owners? If they have, what type of feeling is it toward their owners?

Cats feel love strongly for their owners. Cats have their way of showing their feelings towards their owners. Cats understand their owners as comfort and security too. Cat’s feelings for their owners don’t change even in their adulthoods. Cats show their love toward their owner by sitting on the owner’s hips, kneading their paws while laying on the owner.

Also, cats use different meow sounds for their owners. The way cats rub their face against humans also shows their feelings and love toward their humans.

Do cats recognize their owner’s face?

Cats mostly rely on their senses. Their senses play significant roles in their daily life, even if it’s food or any other creature.

Cats don’t recognize their owner’s face, whereas dogs evolved to read human faces and expressions. Cats recognize their owners only through their other senses rather than sight. However, cats recognize different faces a little bit along with further details through their feelings.

Cat’s senses are so high they even sense the disaster before happening. Well, it happens with all the animals, but cats are more reliable with their senses.

How do cats see owners’ faces?

Faces of humans for cats seem like just a moving thing if they don’t rely on their senses. Cats will struggle to identify human faces without any feelings.

As for their owners, it applies the same. When cats look at their human faces, humans seem like big cats to them. While looking at their owner’s face, most cats find it difficult to recognize the faces. So for cats, human faces are not that important. So cats don’t need to read their owner’s gestures and expressions as well.

If you are in a crowd, your cat will not respond to whoever you are; even if the cat looks at you for a long time, the cat will ignore you.

Does the cat also recognize the owners’ voice?

Do cats know their owners
Do cats know their owners?

Now we know that cats don’t give importance to their owner’s faces. So how do they recognize their owner? Well, through their other senses like voice.

For cats, the sense of hearing plays a significant role in recognizing humans and other creatures. Cats recognize their owner’s voice. Kittens respond differently to their mother’s voice. Kittens react according to their mother’s say if it is a danger or call for feeding.

As for the cat’s owner, cats act according to the call of their owner. The cat will know whether the call is for the feast by the owner. It’s also seen that cats distinguish their owner’s voice from strangers.

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Do cats respond to the owner’s voice?

However, there is a limit to cat hearing senses to recognize their owner’s voice. Cats do respond to their owner’s representative.

If you are in a crowd, your cat will not be able to pick up your voice in that crowd. So, the number of voices at a time plays a role when the cat hears its owner’s voice. Tone also matters for the cat’s hearing senses. If you sing a song to your cat, it won’t be easy to recognize.

Do cats recognize their owner’s scent?

Mainly, all animals depend on their sense of smell while recognizing anything. The dog always sniffs their owners and other stuff as well to gather information.

As for the cats, cats also have a keen sense of smell and are much better than humans. At each moment, cats use the sense of smell to gather information about their owners. Every time the cat is near its owner, cats will sniff their owner to recognize it.

For cats, every human smells different. Once a cat knows who is taking care of them and feeding them, they pick up the smell of that particular person. Also, the cat leaves their mark on their owner whenever they paw or rub against their owner.

Do cats feel the joy of being recognized by their owner?

Everyone loves when others recognize them. Also, when someone shows some affection towards them. The owners of cats enjoy it when they play with cats. However, do cats appreciate the love of their owner towards them?

The way you give special attention to your owner matters a lot to your cat. Doing cuddling with cats, letting them share your beds, feeding them properly, and other things. Cats appreciate them and know what is going on. 

 So try to give more affection and attention as much as you can. So your cats feel your presence.


No matter if cats don’t give importance to their owner’s face. Don’t worry; It is the same for all cat owners. But we know how senses matter a lot to cats.

What if cats don’t recognize their owners by face, but cats have other ways to recognize their owners through smells, scents, and voice.

Also, cats enjoy the affection shown by their owners. Hope you enjoy this article while reading. Now you know your lovely cat more than before. We will meet in our new piece as soon as possible.

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