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As cat owners, we always want to give our beloved cats the best food available and we also want something affordable which we can have as a sustainable diet for our kitties. So, this genuine diamond naturals cat food review will definitely be useful for all the cat owners to make a wise choice.

Are the Diamond naturals products of good quality for cats?

Diamond cat food is a United States-based company that made a large variety of wet as well as dry cat products. They even sell dog products. The food is well balanced, which will help you provide your cuddly partner with all the essential nutrients. It is a verified product as it is loaded with ingredients like blueberries, spinach, and carrots and also with beneficial antioxidants and minerals. This makes it an ideal choice and in addition to that, the products are pocket friendly.

So why choose diamond cat food?

  • They are verified high quality products
  • There is no artificial colour or products. Be assured they are natural.
  • They have products which suit any cat’s lifestyle-indoor, outdoor and even senior cats.

 Their five most popular products are reviewed below. So check whether they match your cat’s requirements.

Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Food (chicken & rice) Review

It is excellent quality food with chicken and ground white rice as the main ingredient. It is loaded with antibiotics and omega fatty acids making it a superfood.

It is exclusively formulated to meet the everyday needs of the cats in addition to the probiotics which are specially included in the diet.

The product also includes a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms, which adds to its popularity. The product is highly recommended by the vets due to its great liking by the cats and guaranteed natural content which makes cats healthier and has shiny coats


Crude Protein – 32.0% Minimum

Crude Fat-   14.0% Minimum

Crude Fiber- 8.0% Maximum

 Moisture-10.0% Maximum

Omega-6 Fatty Acids – 2.4% Minimum

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – 0.4% Minimum

Available Sizes: 6oz 6lb 18lbs


  • Helps with digestive support.
  • Helps control and reduce hairball formation and achieve a super shiny coat.
  • Rich protein source at pocket friendly price .
  • Cats like the smell, it is not stinky like other cat products.


  • Not recommended for older cats with some kidney problems.

Diamond Naturals High Protein Premium Formulas Dry Cat Food Review

It is a chicken flavoured dry food product made especially for indoor cats. It has high protein content and the required amount of amino acids. Recommended to build strong muscles and have strong bones. 

It is also loaded with vitamins & minerals; fruits and vegetables and antioxidants making it a very healthy option for the kitties.

It is an acorn and filler-free diet which is produced under strictly advanced safety protocols.  Chia seed and quinoa are also included to make the cat more energetic and agile. The product is easily digestible making it a safe option for cats.


Crude Protein -32.0% Minimum
Crude Fat -14.0% Minimum
Crude Fiber- 8.0% Maximum
Moisture -10.0% Maximum


  • Helps to boost the immune system because of the beneficial bacteria included in it.
  • Large percentage of meat with no fillers makes it a good choice 
  • Affordable product
  • Good for picky eaters


  • Some ingredients are questionable as are in high quantities, which might not suit all cats.
  • Only suitable for indoor cats.

Diamond Naturals High Protein Premium Formulas Dry Cat Food (For all types of cats) Review

It is a product with highly rated ingredients, recommended for proper nutrition and digestive support. It is a high power recipe with enhanced superfood making it an ideal choice for adult cats.

In addition, it is also suitable for kittens and pregnant or nursing adult cats as is a grain-free diet.

This product is considered good for holistic growth because of the presence of high levels of protein and fat. Along with antioxidants and fatty acids, it has fruits, vegetables, cellulose, vitamins and many minerals.


Crude Protein -40.0% Minimum
Crude Fat -20.0% Minimum
Crude Fiber -3.0% Maximum
Moisture -10.0% Maximum

Omega-6 Fatty Acids*- 3.0% Minimum
Omega-3 Fatty Acids*- 0.5% Minimum

Product Dimensions :  26 x 3 x 14 inches; 18 Pounds


  • Suitable for almost all types of cats.
  • Guaranteed natural ingredient suitable for cats with medical conditions and allergies.
  • The formula contains DHA to support brain and vision development in kittens


  • Less starch content so lacks binding. Starch content needs to be increased.
  • Lacks calcium which is essential for cats.

Diamond Naturals Kitten Dry Food Review

It is a chicken fat-rich diet, an excellent choice for kittens and pregnant or nursing adult cats.  This product is suitable for the chewy needs of small cats.

It is no wheat; no soy and no corn diet but includes ocean fish meal and salmon oil which is an excellent source of protein.

The product is balanced dry cat food in which the chicken fat is preserved with mixed tocopherols making it a highly safe choice for the kitties. It also contains powdered cellulose along with dried vegetables and fruits. On whole, it is a complete food that provides the ingredients essential to meet the daily dietary requirements of cats and has got approval from most cat owners worldwide.


  • It is an outstanding product for kittens, from weaning to 12 months of age.
  • It has  Taurine fortified , which is an essential amino acid for cats required to promote normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, to maintain normal pregnancy and fetal development, and to maintain a healthy immune system


  • Ground white rice offers limited nutritional value
  • Carbohydrate content is high

Diamond Naturals Whitefish Dinner Adult & Kitten Formula Canned Cat Food Review

It is a superior quality canned cat food with real whitefish as the main ingredient. 

The product smells and tastes well making it a desirable food for felines. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and superfoods such as pumpkin, quinoa, cranberries and blueberries, so it is a portion of good nutritious food that helps to maintain good health in cats. 

Both kittens and adult cats like to have it as dinner and it helps to cover the daily nutrient needs of the cats.

It has brown rice flour and sunflower oil which makes it healthier than other cat food.


Crude Protein – 9.5% minimum 

Crude Fat- 3.5% minimum

Crude Fiber- 1.0% minimum

Moisture- 78% minimum


  • High quality product with rich nutrients
  • Brown rice is a main ingredient which is more nutritious than white rice flour.
  • High moisture content is essential for good bowel movement.


  • It is expensive in comparison to other Diamond naturals products.

What do people say about Diamond naturals cat food?

In general people have all good things to say about Diamond naturals cat food products. Most users observed a significant improvement in their cats like stronger muscles, bright eyes and shiny coats. People choose it for its affordable prices along with good ingredients. They are rich in animal protein and moisture.

Usually, people prefer more Diamond Naturals food in comparison to dry food as the wet one has less carbohydrate content.

However, some do not approve of their products due to the high carbohydrate content.

FAQ – Diamond Naturals Brand

How to introduce the Diamond naturals cat food to my cat?

Generally, it is advisable to opt for the slow transition from the usual food to any new food. Give your cat around 5-7 days to develop a liking for this cat food because a sudden switch might not be easy. 

In the beginning only a small proportion (25%) of new cat food and 75% of the old one. Then start giving half of both diets for a few days. If your cat starts relishing it then give a major portion of Diamond naturals cat food.

Why should one choose Diamond naturals cat food?

The overall assessment has proved that Diamond naturals cat food is the most trusted one as it stresses on the core development of cats. 

All the included ingredients which consist of great vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants as well as fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains are extremely beneficial for our lovely cats.

Only one ingredient which is white rice is not that nutritious. However, in some products, it is swapped with brown rice flour.

So, in nutshell, it is the most sought after product that is well balanced and loaded with superfoods.

What is the benefit of high crude protein content in Diamond naturals cat food?

The high crude protein content has many benefits especially for cats that are always hungry. The crude protein intake helps to curb the cat’s appetite. It helps to a great extent to facilitate weight loss in cats thus making them fitter and more active.

The major source of energy for cats is protein. They have special enzymes in the liver which promote the breakdown of proteins and maintain blood glucose level.

How does Diamond natural cat food support the digestive system?

Diamond naturals cat food has patented viable probiotics. These probiotics help give digestive support. The sources of probiotics are chicory root plus soluble and insoluble fibres from pumpkin, coconut and dried kelp.

Moreover, the moisture content of wet food is quite high.

How does Diamond natural cat food aid in indoor cat hairball control?

Diamond natural cat food has proved to be significantly effective in controlling serious hairball issues. It contains insoluble fibres which lead to improved digestion and omega fatty acids for a strong, healthy coat.

Overall, in almost all situations and for all cat breeds belonging to different age groups ‘Diamond natural cat food’ has proved to be a healthy and good option. 

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