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Today, we analysed Darwin’s Raw Cat Food Reviews in our article. Our article is only for information purposes, it’s not written by a veterinarian. In this review, we collect data regarding Darwin cat food products from different platforms such as customer experience, quality of ingredients, where it makes from, and why best darwin’s cat food is best?

Darwin’s raw cat food is not much popular among cats and cat owners but it’s the list of one those companies that sell natural, fresh. frozen raw cat food and ships directly to its customers home. 

In this review, we have addressed the important questions about Darwin’s cat food products. You learn about its ingredients, safety standards, nutrients levels in food and more. 

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Sourcing and Manufacturing

Darwin’s prepares its foods in a company-owned facility situated in the Seattle Washington area. 

The company doesn’t show any details of the ingredients which they use in foods but talks about its quality standards. Darwin’s pet foods are never treated with hormones or antibiotics, and steroids, the chicken and turkey cat food by Darwin’s are cage-free and vegetables are organic.

The Darwin’s Pet Food statement about their cat foods and say they visit all of their farms to ensure that they employ good farming practices and treat both their animals and employees with honour or respect.

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Darwin’s Cat Food Ingredients, Recall, Calorie, and Price


Darwin’s claims that their ingredients meet the nutritional level established by AAFCO cat food profiles for all life stages. They fully ensure the quality ingredients and nutrition benefits. Chicken and Turkey are the two main ingredients of Darwin’s cat foods.


Calorie difference for each cat food of Darwin. Darwin’s chicken cat food is more calorie than Darwin’s Turkey cat food.

Darwin cat food recall

Thre are no sold information on Darwin’s pet foods for cat on recall. But customers complain about their products. In a report, 332 complaints about sick and dead pets who eat darwin’s cat food. Majority of cat owner companies about sick cats. Read this full inspection of darwins pet food article and know in detail.

Top 3 Best Darwin’s Cat Food Reviews

We analyzed all Darwin’s cat food but we reviewed three food.

darwin's cat food
Darwin’s Cat Food

1. Darwin’s Natural Selections Chicken Raw Cat Food Review

Chicken is a primary source of natural selection raw cat food, which is a high source of protein. Also, protein is an excellent source of vitamin B and contains valuable amounts of potassium and phosphorus.

If you look at the ingredients of Darwin’s selections raw cat food then there are 98.5% free-range of meat and organs in food such as chicken meat, chicken necks and bone, chicken Gizzard, chicken hearts and chicken livers. These chickens play a major role in this food.

Moreover, almost 1% of trace minerals and vitamins play a secondary role in food such as tomato pomace, potassium, taurine and some more.

The food is high in protein(58.8%), high in fat(35.3) and low in carbohydrates(5.9%) content. The cost of this darwin’s cat food is $12.78, which is easy to afford by every cat owner.

Overview of Natural Selections

Chicken is a rich source of minerals selenium, which helps thyroid health and enhances a cat’s immune system.

Chicken is also high in Vitamins B, which controls glucose levels and changes protein and fat into energy. 

Vitamin 6 supports cardiovascular health and energy metabolism.

Darwin’s natural selection does not include hormones, steroids or antibiotics, so it can be called a natural cat food.

37% of meat in this food is provided from organ meats, which is good for cats.

Overall, Darwin’s natural selection of raw chicken cat food is our fine and first choice for your pretty cat. Also, there are good numbers of cat parents or customers reviews who recommend darwin’s raw cat food.

Pros And Cons

It’s rich in animal sourced nutrients.High in phosphorus which is not best for senior or over aged cats and those who have kidney issues.
Multiple sources provide omega 3 fatty acids.
A primarily food made with meat, organs and bones
Cheap and easy to afford for your cat.

2. Darwin’s Natural Selection Turkey Raw Cat Food Review

This Darwin cat food provided benefits from turkey. Turkey is a rich source of minerals and vitamins which supports to regulate blood pressure, boost immune health and facilitate the process of healing. 

Also, turkey is an excellent source of healthy amino acids and lower saturated in fat and cholesterol than chicken. Moreover, it provides essential amino acid tryptophan, which plays a primary role in strengthening the immune system.

If you look at the ingredients of Darwin’s selections cat food then there are 98.5% free-range of meat and organs in food such as Turkey Necks (including Bone), Turkey Gizzards, Turkey Meat, Turkey Liver, and Turkey Hearts. These all types of turkey play a major role in this food.

Moreover, almost 1% of trace minerals and vitamins play a secondary role in food such as Fish Oil 18/12 EPA/DHA (Derived from sea-harvested wild Sardines), Cod Liver Oil and some more.

Overview of Natural Selections

Turkey Provides healthy nutrients including B3 and Niacin, which plays a primary role in the processing of fats into energy in your feline’s body. Also turkey contains B12 and B6 vitamins that maintain steady blood sugar levels, minerals zinc and potassium. Moreover, it contains selenium, which is good for the healthy function of the immune system and thyroid.

In this food, 45% meat comes from organ meats. Turkey’s heart is a good source of  Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, and most importantly Taurine and it’s rich nutrients striated muscle meat. 

The turkey liver is a fine source of lean protein, vitamins, and iron. 

Overall, Darwin’s cat food of turkey is fine and the best choice for turkey meat-loving cats. Cats are carnivores so they feed on the same diet plan for a very long time. Also, it is made from natural ingredients, not included with any hormones, steroids or antibiotics, ever. There is no information about Darwin’s Raw cat food reviews.

Pros and Cons

It’s rich in animal(turkey) sourced nutrients.Turkey flavor and taste only
Easy to digest
A primarily food made with turkey heart and liver.
Cheap and easy to afford for your cat.

3. Darwin’s Intelligent Design KS Kidney Support Formula Raw Cat Food Review

The Darwin Intelligent design designed as a veterinary diet, which provides extra support to cats facing certain health issues. 

Darwin’s Kidney veterinary raw cat food is highly palatable and nutrients meals use only hormone free(without hormones), pesticide free meats, antibiotic free, without grains, without added fillers or chemical preservatives.

The first 10 healthy ingredients of Darwin’s cat food are: Chicken Thigh Meat, Turkey Hearts, Chicken Hearts, Beets, Zucchini, Turkey Livers, Chicken Livers,Celery, Fish Oil, Egg Whites.

Overview of Natural Selections

Darwin’s intelligent veterinary formula is designed with proper protein levels for your cat. Your cats feel good when they feed.

Cramped phosphorus in this food and includes natural phosphorus binder chitosan.

This Darwin cat food boosts calcium levels among cats and increased long-chain omega-three fatty acids for glomerular health. 

Vitamin B of Darwin’s veterinary diet replaces those lost in urine and food added with Botanicals and extracts.

Overall, there are no Darwin’s cat food reviews on their site, but we sure, it is best cat food for your cat.

Pros and Cons

Veterinary Formula Made with natural ingredients Only available with a veterinarian’s prescription
Easy to digest
Vet recommended
Cheap and easy to afford for your cat.

FAQ- Darwin’s Raw Cat Food

Has Darwin’s Cat Food been recalled?

No, by FDA, there is no cat food made by Darwin’s, which is the list in recalls. All Darwin Cat food is safe and made with good ingredients.

What types Of Cat Food Does Darwin’s Cat Food Offer?

Darwin cat food presented three varieties in chicken, turkey, and lamb to their customers. These three are made with natural and healthy ingredients. One Darwin’s food for cats designed as an intelligent design line, which means it’s a veterinary diet for cats with specific health issues.

Is Darwin’s pet food good?

By ingredients or our analysis, Darwin’s cat food is good for your cats. It’s made with natural ingredients. But there are no customer reviews on Darwin’s Cat Food.

Conclusion – Is Darwin’s Safe For Cats

Darwin Cat Food Video

Very soon, we publish this review with customers experienced, which tell a truth about Darwin’s pet foods.

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