15 Best Cat Tree With Litter Box (2022) – Cat Enclosures & Towers

So you know that your lovely fluffy cat needs a home for itself. But deciding which cat tree with the litter box is the best fit is confusing you, right?

Worry no more, below you will get every detail about the perfect cat tree with a litter box enclosure that will certainly suit your pet cat.

It is a natural tendency for cats to have a preference for their own personal space where they can stay, sleep and spend most of their time.

The best cat condos with litter boxes will not only provide a comfortable and cozy place for your cat for relaxing but would also assist it in exercising, jumping, and playing.

Researchers have also found that cats feel safer in areas at an altitude higher than the normal level, where they can easily get intimated and feel threatened.

While conventional cat towers are mostly solid floor-based structures, modern kitty condos are built with the aim of pleasing your cat as well as complementing the aesthetics of your home.

Now you shall read about some of the most popular and liked cat enclosures which we are sure will surprise you, and your cuddly as well as adorable kitties for sure!

How to Choose a Cat Tree with a Litter Box?

Well, there are numerous other options to choose from other than the ones that we have provided. Given the increased number of options, there is no doubt that there would be a lot of confusion.

But not any product can be selected when it comes to choosing for our beloved cats, right? Exactly, choosing the best product is necessary for the best results.

Below mentioned are some key points that can be kept in mind while selecting a Cat condo, treehouse, enclosure, or box.

Does your cat like to socialize?

This is the first thing that must be kept in mind before selecting a cat tree with a litter box enclosure

If your cat is anti-social, keep in mind that the cat condo you select must have a space for your cat to the hideout. This way, it will feel safe when there are too many people around.

Does the cat like to play or not?

If your furry friend prefers spending time laying around rather than jumping and playing, then a small cat condo with a hidden litter box would be the right fit for it.

On the other hand, if a cat who is exceptionally active will have no place to play, it might end up causing a lot of damage to the furniture and other property.

How many cats do you have and how well do they get along with each other?

If you have only one cat, who does not like to play much, purchasing a big cat tree with several baskets and hammocks would be a waste of money, honestly.

Similarly, if you have several cats that do not like spending much time with one another, it would not be a good idea to ask them to snuggle in a small place together.

So, deciding what cat tree litter box combo you must spend your precious money on will be based completely on the find of the feline you have and what its needs are.

15 Best Cat Tree with Litter Box (Review)

1. On2Pets Square Modern Cat Tree

cat tree with litter box

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Advantages: If you want to give your cat a feeling as if it is playing outdoors then this is the right choice for you. 

Appearing like a tree, this modern cat tree with litter box on the bottom is something cat owners usually crave, as it is a rare combination of beauty with usefulness.

The squared design cat perches and faux-leaf canopy bring nature right into your home. Your cat will also be an absolute fan of this design as here it remains high and hidden.

The materials used are absolutely cat-friendly, but do not support much weight, and can only be used for cats under 32 lbs. 

2. MidWest 2-Story Cat Condos

cat tree with litter box

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A two-tiered design with the cushioned platform is a cozy retreat for your little fluff and will be loved by it as it aims to provide comfort and peace to your cat. 

Another great benefit is that this cat condo is easy to assemble, and compliments any home decor due to which it is in high demand among cat owners.

Made up of wood and faux fur, this design can be relied on for its strength and durability.

The main disadvantage of this cat condo however is that it does not have enough options for cats to play and does not have any litter box due to which it might be difficult to clean it up.

3. Frisco 57’’ Cat Tree

cat tree with litter box

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Now, this is an all-in-one hangout place for your cat. If you want your cat to feel like the king of the area, then it is through this cat tree that you can do that.

The extra-large scratching posts, sturdiness, and durability, strong support, and ultra-soft fleece fabric are all some features cats always look for in their homes.

This Cat Tree cum Condo is going to make your cat feel like a king and ensure that it is never feeling bored or lonely. 

The high height is something that felines love in general and hence the mood of your cat is also always going to be great when living here. 

For aesthetic purposes too, this house has several things to offer a cat owner, and hence, this can be an ultimate choice for all.

4. Go Pet Club 28’’ Cat Tree

cat tree with litter box

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When it comes to a cat tree with a litter box enclosure, the options are certainly overwhelming, but all depends on what kind of cat you own and what your needs are.

This cat tree scratcher condo and the sisal-covered toy is something that will provide your furry friend good company and comfort. 

Another pro is that this cat condo has a center platform with curved edges to provide support to the neck and head of your cat which can otherwise be seriously injured while playing.

The disadvantage however is that this cat tree house is not steady enough to support your cat when it plays or jumps on this structure.

The size of this cat tree is also not sufficient enough to bear the weight of a big-furry cat.

5. K&H Nylon Hanging Feline Funhouse

cat tree with litter box

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If you think that there is not enough space at your home to accommodate a cat tree or a cat condo, then this hanging funhouse is the right choice for you.

It is quite easy to install this structure over any door within a fraction of minutes. As well as it can be cleaned easily. So, if you want your cat’s house to move anywhere in the house on a regular basis, this is your go-to option.

However, there is no denying the fact that the stability of this structure is something that cannot be trusted easily, and therefore, there is always a fear of the cats falling and injuring themselves.

6. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

cat tree with litter box

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Advantages: If a cat tree with a hidden litter box is what you are looking for, then this one is the right pick for you. 

Sufficiently large size 19.75 x 20 inches is enough to provide your cat a territory completely of its own.

The hidden litter box which is not quite obvious to notice can also protect you from second-hand embarrassment if someone from outside comes to your place while your cat has littered.

A proper ventilation system also assists by releasing every foul smell and helping to keep the ambiance clean.

Disadvantages: This condo is not suitable for large cats or multi-cat households as every cat would require some extent of privacy of its own.

7. Omega Paw EZ-RA15-1 Easy Fill Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box

cat tree with litter box

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Pros: Just as the name suggests, this litter box is for those who find cleaning litter an overwhelmingly disgusting task.

This amazing ‘Made in Canada’ product can be a deal for those who are wanderers and like to take their cats with them to places.

With some dashing dimensions of 18.5 x 21.5 x 20 inches, the cat condo with litter box is super easily portable and lightweight as it is made up of plastic.

Cons: While portability is what makes the product stand out from the crowd, it is due to the materials used that the strength and durability are something to be doubted.

Also, the feel of plastic might not be something cozy or comforting for your little furry friend.

8. BeeNbarks Litter Box Enclosure

cat tree with litter box

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The biggest advantage of this enclosure is that it does not look like a traditional cat litter box enclosure at all. 

The elegant design provides the feel of being like any other piece of furniture in the house, and in fact, it can be used as a side table, nightstand too.

Apart from that, assembling it is surprisingly simple and can be completed quickly. As it is open from both sides, there is enough room for cross ventilation in this cat tree with a litter box on the bottom.

However, this design is not something every cat would find playful, and hence, there is a strong chance that your cat might not end up near it.

Also, there is no product provided along with this enclosure and the price itself is much higher as compared to other products due to which it might not be a convenient choice for all.

9. Penn-Plax Cat Condo with Hidden Litter box

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Somewhat similar to the one mentioned above, this cat condo is stylish, has elegant looks, and perfectly suits every modern house.

If you are the one who does not want people to notice your cat’s territory, then this is a perfect choice for you as it not only gives your cat an area of its own, but the hidden litter box keeps things clean.

The enclosure certainly is multifunctional and has extra storage where you can keep everything that actually belongs to your ‘cat’. 

While there is no clear disadvantage of buying this little cat home, you will still have to spend extra money on complementary products like a cushion.

10. Catry Wooden Cat Tree Condo

cat tree with litter box

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If you have an active kitten who needs a place to play and relax, this is the solution in the form of the newly designed cat tree.

It comes with a sisal rope-covered scratch post, an interactive playground built just for your cat to have fun and burn off some energy!

The cat tree is made of natural sisal rope and a high-quality laminated board. Another benefit is natural sisal rope, which is sturdy and long-lasting.

This piece of product is sure to protect your furniture from your cat while you are away. However, this disadvantage is that it does not come with a self-cleaning litter box.

11. Amazon Basics Cat Tree Tower

cat tree with litter box

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This fabulous cat tree litter box combo tower is available in different shades so that along with comforting your cat, it also complements your home.

The amazing design with which it is built enables your cat to play, jump and spend its time merrily laying on the cozy fabric.

The natural jute fiber rounded on the scratching posts also keeps your cats’ nails healthy and clean, as well as protects your costly furniture from the destruction caused by scratching! 

The disadvantage however is the absence of an automatically cleaning litter box and hence might not be the right fit for those who hate scooping litter.

12. PawDay Cat Tower

cat tree with litter box

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This small cat tower with a platform for kittens is absolutely something worth purchasing. If you are the one who does not want to spend a lot of money, then this is the right choice for you.

The infrastructure of this kitty condo is amazing as it provides your cat a perfect platform to play that will not fall when your cat jumps from it. 

The materials used for erecting this condo are nothing but plush, sisal, and fabric which are all cat friendly as well as durable.

With the dimensions 23.6 x 16.5 x 20.8, these towers included clear instructions for easy and quick installation.

Another advantage of this product is that it can easily fit in any corner of your home and still look elegant and be loved by your cats.

13. Pawbee 33” Dual Cat Condo

cat tree with litter box

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The dual cat condo with the litter box is the ultimate choice for those who have two furry friends that love to snuggle together. 

While it is common to notice how dangerously some cat trees wobble when cats jump and play on them, this one is a safe option to go to.

The batten-strengthened base and an anti-tip anchor at the back provide enhanced stability that ensures your cats’ safety while playing and jumping. 

Again, all the materials used in the construction of products are feline friendly and help leave furniture undamaged.

While these were some of the pros of the product, the cons are that there are not many color options available when it comes to this cat condo.

Apart from that, the fabric used is likely to stink and get dirty easily when the cats litter on it.

14. Hey-Brother 41.34 inches Cat Tree House

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The perfect go-to option for those whose cats are playful and lively. Hey Brother, an amazing cat tree with a hidden litter box has everything a cat would need.

Included with a scratching board, two luxury condos, padded plush perch, and a cozy basket, this cat tree is the dream house of every cat and its owner.

Though the look, style, and equipped parts are an absolute plus point urging every user to buy them, there seems to be a lack of stability.

It is difficult to believe that with this height, the tower would be sturdy when the cats jump and play over it.

15. Dooradar Cat Tower 61’’ Cat Tree

cat tree with litter box

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A perfect playing empire for your cats. This high-height cat tree with a litter box enclosure will make you want to jump over it.

The base strength and stability of this tower can be ensured by the way this kitty tower is created. It can bear a total weight of 110 lbs.

Furry balls, hanging hammocks and warm baskets have proved to provide a lot of fun to cats and kittens. 

The design also ensures the overall growth and development of the motor skills of your lovely cat. What is more, the compact design, though sufficiently large for the cats, would not take up much space at your home.


Certainly, it is clear that there are several factors to keep in mind before choosing the final cat tree with a litter box that would suit your needs.

But doing the proper research is worth the effort as it is the question of the happiness and comfort of a very beloved and precious member of your family. 

So whatever decision you take in choosing a cat tree with a litter box, make sure it suits all, including you, your cat, your house, and your pocket.

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