Cat Food Without By Products (Wet and Dry Fillers Free Cat Food Options)

10 Cat Food Without By Products

Cats are obligate carnivores which means they need to consume animal protein to get all the necessary nutrition. By-products in the overall name for parts of the slaughtered animal are not used in the human food industry, and they are the leftovers of human food. Is there any cat food without by products fillers in the market?

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The common ingredients making up the by-products are lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, blood, bone, fatty tissues, stomachs, and intestines (without their content). However, not all cat foods have by-products. Depending on the exact composition of tissues used and the processing plant it came from, it can be low or high-quality, but it is always animal-derived.  

By-products might be allergic to some cats. For these felines, by-products free food formulas can be a literal lifesaver. Pet parents with ticky and allergic pour over reviews trying to find the best food options for their cats. Even if a food is not marketed as having chicken flavor, the formula may still contain by-products.

For cats with allergies, this can be harmful or even fatal. Always check the ingredients label to look for secret poultry products! In this article, we will discuss the 10 top cat foods without by-products that will help you consider the best for your pet.

Top 10 cat Food Without By products

10 Cat Food Without By Products
  • Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Wet Cat Food
  • Open Farm Rustic Blend Wet Cat Food 
  • Tiki Cat Luau Wet Cat Food
  • Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Variety Pack
  • Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food Chicken and Turkey Favorites Variety Pack
  • Weruva Mideast Feast Wet Cat Food
  • Wellness Core Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
  • IAMS Perfect Portions Pate Healthy Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Healthy Digest
  • Hill’s Science Diet Adult Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

We researched for hours and looked for the best cat food brand without by-products. To begin with, we made a list of all cat products that are rated at least 4 out of 5 stars according to the user’s reviews. 

We also interviewed a few subject matter experts on which product they consider best rated and would recommend to their customers for cats and health benefits. This helped us to put together the aspect of authenticity and trustworthiness.

And the whole process shared a few more possibilities that helped us present this list of the best cat foods. Each recommended recipe is manually checked for taste and smell from the ingredients before mentioned here. So let’s start with the top 10 cat foods without by-products.

Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Wet Cat Food

This fantastic food is manufactured within the USA. Cats can be finicky eaters, but that’s where smalls step up to the plate—or, instead, the bowl! Small Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food is protein-rich and picky-cat-friendly. 

Their gently cooked, all-natural wet cat food recipes are available in three proteins—chicken, turkey, or beef—and rounded out with healthy vegetables like green beans, peas, kale, or spinach to provide essential vitamins and minerals.

There are no mystery meats or by-products, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sketchy stuff here – only the purest goodness delivered to your door. You can also choose between two textures, smooth or ground, if you talk about the cat first. It’s a human-grade, high protein, and grain-free recipe, and it contains enough taurine to exceed AAFCO standards.


  • Free from fillers, by-products, or preservatives
  • Limited ingredient diet
  • Ethically sourced protein
  • Chicken, turkey, and beef
  • Grain-free
  • Enough taurine
  • Smooth and ground texture


  • Plant-based ingredients included

Open Farm Rustic Blend Wet Cat Food

This fantastic food is manufactured within the U.S. but formulated in Canada. Every bite of this wet cat food is packed with tender meat, rich broth, delicious farm-to-food-bowl that loves your cat. We appreciate that Open Farm’s ethical, eco-responsible practices are good for pets, people, and the planet, too!

The company’s commitment to sustainability means every recipe features ethically sourced proteins like chicken, turkey, beef, and salmon, paired with local produce and nutrient-rich superfoods. Its formula does not contain any by-product, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sketchy stuff. You can also find out where each ingredient comes from by using the lot number on the bag.

The palate-pleasing, the stew-like formula is perfect for picky eaters and delivers catsup of moisture and nutrients packed responsibly for the good of the planet. This recipe also includes nutritious superfoods like coconut oil, turmeric, and dandelion greens for healthy skin and coat, which helps prevent hairballs. 


  • Limited ingredient diet
  • BPA-free packaging
  • Fresh-caught fish
  • Healthy for skin and coat
  • Prevention of hairballs
  • Free from fillers, or by-products and preservatives


  • Some plant-based ingredients
  • Fish might be allergic to some cats

Tiki Cat Luau Wet Cat Food

Cats love to eat this food. These recipes are made with non-GMO ingredients, are grain and potato free, and are made up of 80 percent protein. There are various flavor options, from chicken and salmon to sea bass and tilapia.

The protein source is always the first ingredient listed on the label. These recipes are prepared with additional vitamins and essential ingredients like taurine to provide optimal nutrition for cats, and it is made with high-quality poultry and fish ingredients. 

It does not include any by-product or filler with non-GMO and grain-free recipes. It is not a pate recipe but also contains fish and poultry chunks.


  • Non-GMO
  • Grain and potato free
  • 80% protein
  • High-quality fish and poultry
  • Taurine
  • Chunks in gravy
  • Variety of flavors


  • Nothing at all

Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Variety Pack

This recipe is AAFCO approved for complete and balanced nutrition. Cats need some variety of food in their lives, and this Blue Buffalo wet cat food pack offers three different recipes for cats to try. These flaky formulas come in chicken, fish and shrimp, and tuna—all ingredients that cats love.

Their ingredients are all-natural, free of artificial flavorings and by-products. Corn, wheat, and soy are also not used in these recipes. Apart from being an excellent protein source, these recipes contain healthy ingredients like sweet potatoes, carrots, and cranberries. Protein is the first ingredient on the labels in its recipe. 


  • Do not contain by-products
  • A complete and balanced diet
  • Formulated by flaky formulas
  • Natural and healthy ingredients
  • Best in protein


  • Plant-based ingredients included
  • Not a grain-free food

Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food Chicken and Turkey Favorites Variety Pack

If your cat likes gravy a lot, then this pack is an excellent option for your cat. One batch contains 24-count packs and offers three different recipes: Chicken and Rice, Turkey and Rice, and White Meat Chicken and Vegetable. All dishes are packed with healthy skin and coat ingredients like vitamin A, linoleic acid, and omega-6 fatty acids.

They are also packed in gravy for a savory flavor that most cats go crazy for. This pack is good value for the money. It includes healthy ingredients that support your cat’s skin and coat. It is made in the U.S. with the facilities. It is made without by-products, artificial colors, or preservatives that suit your cat’s head;th to receive all the nutritional elements.


  • Vitamin A
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Keeps healthy skin and coat
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Without by-products
  • Savory flavor
  • No added components


  • It contains some plant ingredients

Weruva Mideast Feast Wet Cat Food

If your finicky cat is tired of salmon, this recipe from Veruva is a great way to switch things up. Made with tilapia chunks hand-wrapped in gravy, this wet cat food is a nutritious change of pace. Balanced with tuna and other vitamins, Veruva Wet Foods are low in phosphorus and magnesium and manufactured in human food facilities to the highest quality standards. Plus, it’s grain, gluten, and carrageenan free!

This recipe is made with human-grade facilities with high-quality ingredients. Tuna is the first ingredient in this meal, but tilapia is third on the list. This food is produced without by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


  • The first ingredient is tuna
  • Tilapia chunks
  • Balanced diet
  • It contains vitamins and minerals 
  • Gluten-free
  • Carrageenan free
  • High-quality ingredient
  • Made with human-grade facilities


  • Available only in 5.5 oz cans

Wellness Core Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

This recipe provides protein-rich nutrition to your favorite feline for proper nourishment. It’s a nutrient-dense, grain-free kibble recipe containing all the protein needed to help your adult cat maintain lean, powerful muscles.

It’s fortified with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and probiotics to ensure that her immune system, skin and coat, and gastrointestinal system remain healthy and strong throughout her long, active life. Top it off with Signature Select Entry.

Real deboned chicken and deboned turkey are the first two ingredients in this meal. It also contains Flaxseed and salmon oil that provide essential omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy skin and a smooth, lustrous coat. At the same time, antioxidants, including cranberries, offer naturally unique dietary contributions and overall immunity support.

This recipe helps to keep your cat hydrated and supports urinary health. It is made without by-products and other components.

Your kitty will love the delicious flavor and salty sauce that helps keep him hydrated and supports his urinary health. You can serve this meal in a bowl and feel good about providing your friend with everything she needs to thrive to the core.


  • 100% Grain-free recipe
  • Support in healthy digestion and urinary health
  • Omega-3
  • Deboned turkey and chicken are the first two ingredient
  • Keeps healthy skin and smooth coat
  • Best for adult cats
  • Delicious taste 


  • Some pickiest eaters leave this after eating 2 or 3 packs

IAMS Perfect Portions Pate Healthy Kitten Dry Cat Food

If you want your cat’s wellness and good health, then feed this fabulous food. Each recipe purchase comes with a 16-lb bag and food trays of a 2.6-ounce case of 24 twin-packs. Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food is formulated to help your kitten grow into a robust, healthy adult cat. Chicken is the first ingredient in this protein-packed food. Additionally, it contains nutrients such as vitamin E omega-3 DHA, which supports brain development, and prebiotics, which support digestion.

Real chicken is the first ingredient in this protein-packed kibble. You’ll also find that it’s packed with vitamins like vitamin E, omega-3 DHA that supports brain development, and prebiotics that support digestive health.

Cats love bite-sized pieces because they are perfect for their tiny mouths. Iams Perfect Portions Trays won’t produce messy leftovers for an easy cleanup every time! Easy-peel trays feature two individual meals made in the USA with some of the world’s best ingredients, including real chicken.

And to provide great satisfaction, this recipe is crafted with 0% fillers and no artificial preservatives whatsoever. Soft cat food that offers complete and balanced nutrition for your growing kitten. It contains nutrients, such as DHA and those found in mother’s milk, promoting brain development. This recipe also has vitamin E antioxidants to support her immune system!


  • Real chicken
  • Omega-3
  • DHA
  • World’s finest ingredients
  • Without by-products or fillers
  • Support in brain development and digestive health
  • Kibbles are of perfect size
  • Perfect food for growing kittens
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Great taste


  • Nothing at all

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Healthy Digest

Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food is formulated for cats with sensitive stomachs that tend to scarf down and regurgitate their food. This unique ring-shaped cat kibble encourages your fast eater to slow down and chew thoroughly.

Highly digestible proteins, including a mix of prebiotics and dietary fiber, help balance the intestinal tract for healthy digestion. You can combine this dry food with Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Wet Adult Cat Food formulas for a meal that your cat will love.

This food is specially formulated for cats one year and older than sensitive stomachs. It is free from by-products, fillers, preservatives, or colors, and it promotes optimal stool quality and can help reduce stool amount. 


  • Ring-shaped kibbles
  • Perfect for sensitive stomachs cats
  • The best compliment to Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Wet Cat Food formulas
  • Promotes optimal stool quality
  • Highly digestible protein
  • Prebiotics and dietary fibers
  • Free from by-products


  • Few cats don’t like to eat

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food brings your four-legged friend the ultimate taste for long, happy life. This recipe is made with nutritious ingredients like delicious chicken; this healthy recipe is balanced to meet your pet’s needs and improve skin and coat health.

It is manufactured in the USA; each ingredient meets strict purity and nutrient content requirements that exceed industry standards. This is specially formulated for adult cats ages 1 to 6; the Hills Science Diet provides your cat with the nutrition it needs for life-long health and happiness.

This recipe is an exclusive blend of omega-6 fatty acids blended with other nutrients to nourish your cat’s skin and coat. This is a complete and balanced meal made without by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 


  • Delicious chicken 
  • Highly digestible
  • Balanced diet
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • No added components
  • Improve skin and coat health


  • Not a grain-free food

Conclusion – Is Without By Products Cat Foods Vet Recommended?

Yes, Is Cat Foods without By-Products Vet Recommended. As cats are our pets, we must give our cats the best they deserve and ensure that they remain healthy throughout their lives. We have compiled a comprehensive and unbroken list of the best cat food brands without by-products.

Since not all cats may taste the same, if they do not like a particular product, you can undoubtedly try small amounts of the ones listed above and get the best substitute. So far, this article on cat food ends here.

This is our responsibility to take care of our pets. Therefore, it is important to make the right decision when buying the right cat food for your cat. You should first read the food review and then choose the best one for your pet. We also provide detailed reviews of the top ten best cat foods and links to buy them.

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