Capstar For Cats Review (2022)- Side Effects and Directions

Have you ever heard about Capstar? Is it safe for cats? You might be giving supplements to your cat, but do you know how it works for your pet? How can you feed this to your pet? It might be you are using this supplement according to your knowledge but does that work properly for your kitty? Is that amount correct for your pet according to her health? However, many pet parents are worried before buying Capstar if this harms their pet in the future. But is it really good for your pet? Read our Capstar for cats review and know about it’s side effects, and benefits to your furry friend.

For your information, Capstar is an oral tablet for cats, kittens, and older cats. It helps kill adult fleas and is indicated for treating flea infestations on cats. The amazing thing about CAPSTAR is that it can be given as often as once per day to eradicate flea infestations on your cat completely. It can be combined with monthly flea control products such as Program, Frontline, or Advantage.

Capstar is also available in two formulations to provide a safe and effective solution for both cats of all sizes. This tablet begins working within 30 minutes. In studies, Capstar achieved greater effectiveness against adult fleas on cats within 6 hours.

To comprehend Capstar for cats reviews, we will discuss the more points related to this topic that you need to know before purchasing this supplement. So, let’s see this.

Is Capstar Safe For Cats?

Capstar is very safe for your pet. The manufacturers report that there are no adverse reactions and that it is safe to give alongside other commonly used veterinary medicines such as vaccines, antibiotics, and other flea products. This supplement is also safe for pregnant or lactating females. But if your cat does take any regular medication or suffers from ongoing health problems, always consult your veterinarian before giving Capstar.

You may notice a small amount of itching/irritation shortly after giving Capstar to your pet, but this is a common side effect and is temporary. If your cat has any side effects after being given Capstar, contact your veterinarian for advice.

What is the Direction of Capstar to Use?

 Capstar tablets kill adult fleas and are indicated for the treatment of flea infestations on pets for all life stages. Your pet should be able to kill adult fleas with just one dose of Capstar. You can give your pet another amount as often as once per day if they get re-infested with fleas.

To give Capstar tablets, place the pill directly in your pet’s mouth or hide it in food. If you hide the pill in food, watch closely to ensure that your pet swallowed the medication. If you are unsure that your pet swallowed the pill, it is safe to give a second pill. 

Treat all infested pets in the household. Fleas can reproduce on untreated pets and allow infestations to last long.

Dosage of Capstar

Capstar For Cats Reviews

Capstar Tablets should be administrated according to the following schedule. Weigh your cat before administration to ensure proper dosage. Keep in mind that you should not administer to pets under 2 pounds.

Recommended Dosage Schedule
SpeciesBody WeightDoseNitenpyram Per Tablet
Dog or Cat2-25 lbsOne tablet11.4 mg
Dog25.1-125 lbsOne tablet57.0 mg

Note: Please see separate insert in this package for concurrent dosing of Capstar tablets and PROGRAM (lufenuron) Flavor tabs.

Overview Of The Capstar

Capstar is a fast-acting, instant flea removal treatment for cats. The tablets kill adult fleas within 30 minutes of administration, providing effective flea control. Orally administered tablets force the fleas to perish within half an hour and kill 100% of fleas within 7 hours. The pills are odorless and easy to protect against fleas without causing any irritation.

It contains Nitenpyram, a neurotoxin that inhibits the flow of nerve messages in fleas, thereby killing the parasites. By attacking the central nervous system, it kills the parasites immediately. Thus, killing the fleas instantly prevents them from laying eggs and prevents the multiplication of these parasites.

Cats scratch more in the first few hours as the fleas react to Nitenpyram. It kills the fleas within a few hours while eliminating itching and irritation. Since this is a short-term treatment, follow a long-term treatment for a long-lasting effect.

Capstar For Cats Side Effects

Capstar For Cats Review

Capstar can cause certain side effects when used regularly, while other adverse reactions may occur when used inappropriately. Side effects also differ depending on which animal is being treated, and also cats have different responses to the treatment.

It is really important to mention that, even though this ‘side effect’ area says many frightful aggressive reactions that may be linked to Capstar flea medicine, such reactions are exceedingly uncommon. Here are some side effects on cats after using this on Capstar:

  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Itching
  • Inappetence
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Hyperactivity
  • Incoordination
  • Trembling
  • Panting
  • Vocalization
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Pupil dilation
  • Increased Heart rate
  • Salivation

Cats taking Capstar may experience many of the same side effects that cats exhibit, including pupil dilation, increased heart rate, vocalization, fever, and salivation. Common side effects of Capstar in cats include meowing and grooming excessively during the Capstar flea free-fall. Others might pant or briefly become hyperactive. The new package insert reports that, rarely, some cats experience vomiting and diarrhea, appetite loss, drooling, trembling, and seizures. 

History Of Capstar

Elanco Animal Health has been producing medicines and vaccines for cats, dogs, and livestock since 1954, and Capstar is the brand under which they are marketed. With a history of over 65 years, Elanco provides animals with the tools to help empower veterinarians, farmers, and all people concerned with animal health to live healthier lives.

In 2015, Elanco absorbed Novartis Animal Health, a science and technology company, resulting in the acquisition of Novartis’ veterinary products, such as Capstar. Elanco Capstar is an oral flea treatment for dogs and cats that rapidly kills adult fleas before they even start infesting your best friend.

Through its active substance, Nitenpyram, Capstar begins to kill fleas within 30 minutes and over 90% within four hours in dogs and six hours in cats. This way, your pet will be able to get relief quickly.

Does Capstar Kill Ticks?

Capstar only kills adult fleas. It does not target flea eggs or larvae and does not kill ticks or any other external or internal parasite in cats. Capstar is a powerful veterinarian-recommended over-the-counter medication for treating adult flea infestations in cats. Its active ingredient, Nitenpyram, is a powerful insecticide that kills flea and flies larvae without harming your pet. This medicine starts working within 30 minutes of administration and reaches its peak effect within four hours.

Nitenpyram from the tablet is quickly absorbed into your cat’s bloodstream after giving the medication orally. Whenever a flea bites them, it swallows blood containing Nitenpyram. This is why fleas die within 4 to 5 hours of giving Capstar Flea Killer to your cat.

It is a great instant solution for treating heavy infestations in pets. It is great for fly larvae. Capstar is not effective against flea eggs, flea larvae, and ticks. If you are looking for a combined treatment for flea and tick infestation, consult your veterinarian.

Does Capstar Kill Flea Eggs?

A flea egg looks like a very small grain of rice. Typically, they measure less than 0.5 mm (1/50-inch) in diameter – about the size of a grain of sand or salt. You can see the flea eggs with the help of magnifying glass handy; they can be bright white, off white, or translucent. 

Capstar does not work on fleas in the egg stage. The larvae need to mature into adult fleas before the medicine can start working. This is because the active ingredient, Nitenpyram, only targets adult fleas. However, it provides excellent results on adult flea infestations in dogs and cats. Once you administer Capstar Flea Killer, the Nitenpyram present in it starts working within the first 30 minutes and continues for the next 24 to 48 hours. It is highly effective for treating persistent flea infestations in adult dogs and cats. It even works on fly larvae (maggots).

Can Capstar Dangerous For Cats?

Not, Capstar does not kill your cat. But it is a great tablet for killing fleas. It is a safe medication for cats, but it does have a few side effects. The side effect in question is somewhat rare. It is uncommon to see them. Side effects include an increase in energy after taking the pill. A possible decrease in power can also be seen at times. Itching has also been reported as a side effect. 

This is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Some cats also seem to be lacking in appetite. More serious side effects of Capstar include breathing problems, weakness, drooling, seizures, and excessive panting. These side effects can be for a short time, so they will not kill your cat. 

Capstar Price

Capstar is an oral tablet administered once a day or weekly or whenever your cat needs it to kill a flea infestation, whether adult fleas or fly larvae. The cost of Capstar for cats is $36. The Capstar tablet can be placed in the cat’s mouth or eaten with the cat’s favorite food.

Capstar Reviews

When evaluating products, you need first to read these five criteria.

  • Company Reputation: Is the company that makes this product reputable
  • Active Ingredients: what is actually inside the product that makes it work
  • Easy to use: How easy is it to use the product?
  • Pet and child safety rating:  Should you worry about your pets or children around the product?
  • Overall Effectiveness: At the end of the day, does the product work?

Reputable Company

Novartis is the manufacturer of Capstar for dogs. The company is a Swiss pharmaceutical giant established in 1996 and currently headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. While Novartis oversees the manufacturing of some animal health products, its main focus is on human pharmaceuticals in generic prescriptions, over-the-counter meds, and vaccines.

One thing to note was that the FDA recently approved them for a gene therapy cancer treatment. Novartis is on the upper echelon of reputable companies, so that’s a plus in our book.

Active Ingredients

For Nitenpyram to work, it targets and arrests the nervous system of external parasites such as fleas and ticks. It is administered orally and poisons the blood inside the animal. When fleas feed, they are killed by the active ingredient. In 2003, a report looked at how effective Nitenpryram was as a single dose. 

Over the initial treatment and the next 24 hours, 100% of adult fleas were killed. There was a 98.6% reduction in adult fleas by the 24-48 hour mark. The mortality rate in adults was reduced to 5% after 48 hours of initial treatment.

As far as eggs are concerned, there was a reduction of 95 percent in the first 72 hours. To be clear, this was because the adults were killed, and stopped keeping them. Nitenpyram does not kill the flea eggs on your pet; rather, you will need a cat flea shampoo or a dog flea shampoo to make sure the eggs have been removed. The only drawback was that itching, biting, and scratching occurred 7 hours after the initial treatment.

Easy to Use

If you can get your pet to take a pill, this will be helpful for you. However, several users have reported that getting their pet to swallow the tablets is a struggle, so this product is not as suited as a normal serum solution.

Pet and Child Raing

As noted in the “Active Ingredient” section, pets show signs of increased itching and scratching for the first 7 hours after initial treatment, but for cats and dogs, four weeks or more (and 2 pounds or more) more) is safe. Nitenpyram, the active ingredient, is toxic to humans, so keep it away from your children.

Overall Effectiveness

In the end, does Capstar work? Yes, Capstar Tablets serve a specific purpose, killing adult fleas when you are currently feeding your cat. After applying it, you will have a window of approximately 24 hours to clean, sweep, and eradicate the infestation.

This means that fleas living on the floor of your home, pet bed area, etc., have to be removed through flea sprays and other removal methods. It is advisable to use it only to give quick results to a pet with an abundance of fleas or ticks and not as a daily routine. 

Please do not use this as the primary removal method, as it can make your pet sick after continued use. Please consult with your veterinarian for specific questions on your pet’s breed and how Capstar may react with their bodies.

Capstar Pros and Cons

Like other products, Capstar has its ups and downs. The best option to make an informed decision is to weigh your options. Here, we’ve listed some of the main pros and cons of buying and using Capstar.


  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
  • It does not require a veterinary prescription or a visit to the veterinarian
  • Easy to give in a simple tablet
  • It kills fleas fast, within just 15 minutes
  • Safe to use in pregnancy and lactation
  • If your pet has fleas, this is an easy-to-use, quick solution
  • Can be given with or without food and can be crushed if necessary


  • Only kills adult fleas
  • It only lasts for 24 hours on your pet
  • It cannot be used in cats less than four weeks of age, or less than 2.2 pounds (1 kg) in body weight
  • An expensive product that only provides a short-term solution
  • May cause some temporary itching or irritation after administration
  • It does not provide long-term protection from fleas and ticks

What do other users say?

As discussed, Capstar flea pills are a great, fast-acting, quick fix for cats. Online reviews of this product are very positive, with many pet owners choosing it because it acts quickly. The itching/scratching stops immediately after administration. Most users indicate that this is only a short-term solution and use it as a top-up or short-term treatment before continuing with long-term flea prevention methods. 

Most of the buyers are satisfied with the work of this product. They say that the unique thing about the Capstar is that it can be used with any other medicine. 

One says:

Our area has been plagued by fleas very aggressively in the past couple of years. Frontline or any other prescription medication is not keeping them away completely. Giving it a “boost” with the Capstar once a week is a lifesaver for everyone. I give it to the dog and the cats. I don’t try to put too much of anything on the older cats, and this is just the thing to get rid of the pests that make it in the house to them (they are indoor cats), and everyone is happy.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do after using the Capstar?

After using this tablet, you should buy flea shampoo. Wash your pet with it, and it will destroy all fleas’ eggs, barring its further development into adult pets.

How long is Capstar effective?

This tablet’s flea-killing ability doesn’t last a long time. However, its effectiveness only lasts between 24 to 48 hours. However, it’s safe to give your cat another tablet after that period.

What happens to fleas after Capstar?

Once its inside supplement nitenpyram enters the bloodstream, the fleas ingest it when they bite your pet. The insecticide attacks the flea’s nervous system, causing paralysis and death.

Can I cut Capstar?

According to the manufacturer, Capstar tablets for cats have to be given to the cat as it comes and cannot be cut in half. This means you should give your pet a single dose at one time.

Can I crush Capstar for cats?

While it is possible to crush this treatment and place it as your pet’s favorite food. Feed this to your cat, and it works safely and effectively.

Does Capstar work fast?

This tablet has a rapid onset of action – starts killing fleas within 30 minutes – and continues to kill fleas for 30 hours rapidly.

Conclusion – Is It Good Flea Product For Cats?

The fleas will be very aggressive if you will not give good treatment to your cat if she is suffering from the flea. If you are using this Capstar tablet first, don’t use it without any consultation with your vet. The normal dose of Frontline or anything else will not help your pet t keep them completely at bay.

Giving them a single dose of Capstar once a week can be a lifesaver. It is best if you don’t show this to your older cat in too much amount. If we are talking about the spread of this medicine, then this product is a departure from the usual serum that spreads along a cat’s body. But each caplet is designed to be a daily dosage to combat live fleas on cats.

This is a huge contrast from other types of flea and tick control products, which normally come with a once-per-month treatment schedule.

Capstar is designed as a quick fix for fleas on your cat. In this way, it separates itself from the other brands, which strive to provide long-lasting protection against new fleas instead of the one-and-done approach which Capstar has taken. So, now you have got all the information about the Capstar tablet that you need to know. You can use it on your pet. So, if this article is helpful for you, kindly share it with your friends.

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