Can Deer Eat Cat Food? – What Do Deer Eat?

As seen in the New York Times, deer can, and will, eat anything. What can deer eat? When it comes to feeding them cat food, they’ll eat that too. But is cat food safe for deer? Or can deer eat cat food? 

Can deer eat cat food? The popularity of feeding deer cat food is rising with the winter season coming around. This is because deer are natural scavengers and eat just about anything for survival. Deer are also at risk for starvation during the cold months, so it is essential to feed them anything to survive. Providing deer cat food may be an easy way to help out this winter.

The deer population has grown dramatically in today’s world, where we have to fight for every square inch of land. The deer’s feeding grounds and natural habitat are now commonly held by humans. 

However, there is a way to make the deer and human populations coexist: using cat food as bait. But is cat food safe for deer? Cat food is sweet and usually has a lot of sugar, which attracts hungry deer. This makes it an excellent bait for catching deer, but it also makes it a potential meal for cats that the scent will not deter.

The bottom line is that you should only use cat food as bait if your cat is not likely to eat any of it (and your neighbours’ cats don’t visit your yard).

What Can Deer Eat?

Can Deer Eat Cat Food

Foods such as bread and corn. Deer are browsers and have adapted to eating various food sources, but their efficient stomachs require adjusting to a new food source. Is cat food bad for deer? Cat’s food is safe for chickens but in a smaller amount.

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One has corn and the other deer protein. Deer feed is slightly different from chicken feed, and it can be mixed to create some added protein content in the wheat and barley. 

  • Slow feeders for meat
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Freshly cooked corn on the cob.
  • Young leaves of an annual veggie or a sprig of rosemary.
  • Cooked veggies.
  • For fast eaters: corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and tomatoes.
  • Keep feed out for at least a week before deer consume it.
  • Don’t feed deer foods outside their natural food sources.
  • Females with an oestrous cycle should not eat grain.

Deer as Pets

The deer cannot be domesticated. The species of the deer may be easy to catch. However, they are wild. You cannot domesticate them as they are too hard to tame. This is a wild animal, and you may end up hurting them if you try. To domesticate a deer, you have to have a hunter license in your state.

Why Cat food is Not Safe for Deer?

Can Deer Eat Cat Foods

Cat food is not good for deer in terms of the ingredients. The main ingredient in most cat food is protein, which can cause problems in the deer’s digestive system, and it also is not good for their whole body.

Why do deer eat cat food? The problem with feeding cat food to deer is that a cat’s diet is very different from that of a deer. Cats are carnivores, while deer are herbivores. The cat’s diet consists mainly of meat, which has higher protein levels than that found in vegetation or grains – something that most people would say all animals need to stay healthy and maintain muscle mass.

Please note that dog food and human food contain Omega 6 fatty acids that are toxic to deer.

Waste from other mammals can cause digestive upset and lesions in deer.

Deer Health

Deer are opportunistic feeders and are generally intolerant of any new food source. Unfortunately, most deer require management to get them to eat.

Prolonged, unsustainable nutrition that includes a carbohydrate diet can result in many health concerns. The composition of deer diets will vary with locality and seasonality, and some diets will consist of “rabbit pellets,” the first generation products of corn silage and alfalfa hay.

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Deer are naturally cursorial herbivores best suited to the short grass pasture.

Why Do Deer Eat Cat Food?

Deer eat cat food because it is a high-calorie, concentrated food that they can’t get anywhere else. Deer are herbivores, and their diet consists of plants to survive, and they need high levels of fat and protein to provide them with the energy they need. Cat food satisfies these requirements and is often an easy target for deer as it smells so much better than plants.

Why do deer eat cat food? One of the significant risks of this behaviour is that cats may not be kind to the deer eating their food as cats are predators and will defend themselves if necessary. Also, many cat foods contain unsafe ingredients such as chicken’s feet which can be dangerous for animals to eat.

because deer and dogs get into cat food

What not to feed deer: dog’s food, bread or wheat bread, maize or oats, peanut butter, vegetable oil, soy sauce, spices, and cat foods.

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What to Know Before Feeding Deer?

Make sure the deer are getting a healthy balanced diet of wild plants. Proper health and nourishment of the deer will help in appropriate hunting. Never overfeed deer. Also, make sure the deer is not stressed.

Eat yellow eggs

Yellow or egg-yolk vegetables like spinach, beets, carrots, onions, and sugar snap peas can be poisoned if the deer or dog swallows them.

Avoid pet food

A deer may also be attracted by food in your pet’s dish. Keep in mind that toxic foods could poison a deer.


While these measures may seem pointless, you could make your cat’s life a lot easier by getting them a food bowl that won’t harm them. However, if you want to go the extra mile to ensure your deer is healthy and happy, feed them a diet appropriate for their body type. 

Follow this article’s guide and make sure you feed your deer a healthy diet that will do them no harm. You may also want to consider using a pet food quality report.